Well every series needs some kind of water related episode, we’ve already had a hot springs episode in this series so now the question is do we go pool or beach? Beach, we go for beach. Along with other traditional summer activities including bug catching and the test of courage. The series throws us another main series reference when Yuki catches a Hercules Beetle. Which is something she does in Endless 8, it’s summer in a Haruhi series. We’re all having flashbacks to Endless 8, except you know.
This is better, because it’s one episode. Thank goodness.


A majority of the episode is focused around Kyon and Yuki and Kyon getting over the awkwardness he feels after the incident with the ‘other’ Yuki confessing her love to him. Which means a lot of awkward silences between the two of them and not a lot of focus on the other characters. The only other person who did much this episode was Tsuruya in setting up a majority of the days activities and picking the place they would go walking for the test of courage.

Which is LOVELY I have to say, I can’t blame her for wanting to take them there to see the fireflies over the lake. Even if she wasn’t being a giant troll to Mikuru scaring the poor girl half to death for the second year in a row. Well, I mean its mostly Mikuru’s fault. What kind of idiot mistakes fireflies for spirits two years in a row? I can get it once but it takes a special sort of person not to notice it on the second time there.


The real question we all have to ask ourselves now is will we get any kind of romantic fulfillment this time around? I mean, we’ve all wanted some kind of confirmation on a pairing in Haruhi for a long time and it would be nice to get it. Though, if Kyon/Yuki isn’t your ship you just have to remember that this is another time line. We have the main timeline for Kyon/Haruhi and perhaps in some other timelines he’s with Mikuru or perhaps he gives in to Itsuki’s creepy advancements. All i’m saying is that it’s silly to dedicate an entire series to one girl and not give us any kind of fulfillment on if they get together or not.


Not to say that it will discredit the series as a whole because it has been really good. The Disappearance arc in particular was handled really well and was an enjoyable watch. It was just long enough that it didn’t overstay it’s welcome, unlike another arc in this franchise. The character dynamics have been cute, I’ve REALLY enjoyed having Ryoko around the entire series without her trying to stab Kyon.
Well we’ll just have to find out if we’re going to get any fulfillment in the next episode, which will be the last one. Fireworks huh? So they’re going to go out with a bang?

eh, eh? Okay, that was bad and I feel bad.