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Kanae’s a pretty good friend. Though at first I wasn’t liking what she was saying to Hotaru in the beginning on the roof, but seeing Hotaru so depressed changed all of that. So good for her. On an unrelated note, Kanae reminds me of Momoi from Kuroko no Basket, though it’s probably just the pink hair.

This episode was  a simple one. Hotaru is obviously depressed about Toy Gun Gun’s loss at the TGC. She’s dozing off in class and Kanae can easily see that she’s upset about something. So she drags Hotaru to the rooftop to talk, and Hotaru tells her everything. Though she leaves out the detail that she’s been hiding her gender from her friends. Hotaru is upset she wasn’t able to exact revenge on Midori and she feels a strong guilt for it. Also, she wasn’t able to do what she wanted, which was beat them so she could tell Masamune and Yukimura that she’s a girl. With this sheer amount of guilt overcoming her, she declares that she is going to officially quit survival games. Kanae looks up what survival games are and she doesn’t like how dangerous it is and doesn’t want Hotaru to be part of something so dangerous. But seeing Hotaru so depressed changed all of that and it triggered a memory from a year before.

In their PE class, Kanae’s team was losing to the other team in a game of dodgeball. The girls in the team want to give up, but Hotaru doesn’t want to. Not because winning would make her cool, but because giving up without even trying would just be way uncool. And in Kanae’s eyes, that made Hotaru cool.

[HorribleSubs] Aoharu x Kikanjuu - 09 [1080p].mkv0052So Kanae challenges Hotaru to a little race. Kanae knows she’ll lose to Hotaru since she’s freakishly athletic. Kanae boasts that she’ll be a challenge, but in reality she’s a terrible runner. Honestly it looked like slow motion when she was running, that’s how bad she was. Also, she kept tripping and hurting herself. She kept losing, and Hotaru just didn’t understand why she would keep on racing her. And that’s when Kanae wakes her up and tells her about that time in their PE class. And tells her that the reason why she’s feeling so much guilt is because she loves survival games and her friends so much. Just because she lost in one tournament doesn’t mean that she should just give up forever. And blah blah pep talk. I don’t think we needed a whole episode to get that point through, but then again it gave us a small side to Hotaru and Kanae’s friendship.

Hotaru agrees and decide that she’ll continue with Toy Gun Gun. But the most important thing is that she’s decided that she’ll tell Masamune and Yukimura she’s a girl. I don’t know how that’s going to go, but I’ve been waiting for it.

Also another segment of the episode was Fujimoto playing houeswife for Midori and really wanting to get into his pants. But idc.


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