For a show that began on the premise of killing your friends to obtain power there’s been a whole lot less killing your friends for power in these recent episodes. You know though? That doesn’t really denigrate it as a show because this episode actually picks that theme up again: while also expanding on what it means. Basically if your friend is completely sniped after becoming a zombie they can’t really be used as a sacrifice. I’m calling bullshit since Kai basically died before becoming a tribute but I like the thought put into it.

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Lou almost gets killed today in response for her killing of Gakusho. The way it’s done is very interesting because it reveals the zombies are really related to the Red Dragon and something to do with his insanity. I love the more I learn that I’m seeing Red Dragon was once something completely different, he fit into the image that Nil Kamui has created and revered him for. Who would so willingly throw away their lives for a power that was unmistakably evil? To the people in Nil Kamui he is a sign of freedom and strength and so they are willing to throw their lives away for this concept.

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I find myself growing to love Sweallow and hate him at the same time. You find out he’s not actually a prodigy and is the lowest ranked member of his organization and it feels kind of refreshing. This whole wedge thing might not even be about just blindly following orders but because he genuinely believes it might help and be something even he of all people can do to prove his worth. At the same time, the stuff he does feels selfish and I love his servant way more than him. If he appreciates and loves her in the end I forgive him, but for now I’m sure she’s going to sacrifice herself at some point for him.

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Ibuki is growing but in an awkward way. He doesn’t have the heart to tell people that he can’t just let them die because he legitimately doesn’t care about them enough. How much would it have hurt Hien’s pride to know the one reason he can’t die for his country is that Ibuki has to actually love him to do it and he doesn’t? I once brought up this concept and it seems it must be something genuinely personal to really be a sacrifice. Sucks for Ibuki, but to a degree he is ruthless in his desire for vengeance. What happens when he finally snaps and loses something he can’t live without?

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For the whole show, Ibuki has functioned on ‘people’ but the more people die that are close to him that didn’t die solely because of him? The more he is willing to say ‘Oh, I’ll use this power!’ and that’s growth. . in a scary direction. Underneath the child is a monster ready to roar. I feel like the show will conclude with a final battle with Lou, or she might actually become an ally. . .but if Sweallow really destroys Nil Kamui I see more and more he won’t hesitate to feel betrayed…and Lou might happily capitalize on that.


The show gets better even if it’s not amazing, this was the first episode I did not pause every few minutes on. Let’s hope this upward trend continues and hope for Ibuki’s sanity not too much betrayal occurs. Man, he’s screwed.