Hey, remember saying to yourself, “Boy, 4 episodes about Koutaro sure wasn’t enough. I want to see MORE awkwardness about him crossdressing and trying to fit in!” Wait..what’s that? No? No one EVER said that and that’s fucking stupid? Well how about having Kagami in hardly ANY of the episode and having it focus on the crossdressing awkwardness even MORE? What’s that? You’d rather cut your own face off? Well too fucking bad. Here’s episode 17 of Denpa Kyoushi.

So the episode starts up with Koutaro playing that online game however Kagami can’t play anymore because the publisher BANNED HIS ACCOUNT because of the last battle.


Wait….WHAT?! You’re telling me that this company BANNED Kagami from playing this game? You mean the guy who was pretty much THE MOST FAMOUS PLAYER of this game? You outright banned him for…..what..losing a duel? I…i..what? WHY?! Why would you ban him? Do you know how much… (covers face) okay…fine fine let’s just move on.

So Koutaro decides to go back to school to see everyone, including Kagami.

It seems that “Anime voice” is pretty much the most popular girl in school. Then of course Koutaro shows up…in a girl’s uniform. Because yeah, we all expected that.

Sure, that's a guy. Why not
Sure, that’s a guy. Why not

Ok. I’m going to break off for a minute to have a bit of a rant. This has happened a lot and it bothers me. Look anime. You cannot take a female character model, give the character a female voice actor, and then just SAY it’s a boy. I could throw up a picture of a table and say it’s a squid. It wouldn’t make it any less of a table, it would just make me look stupid.

That’s the problem I have with crossdressers in anime like this. There’s no rhyme or reason it’s a female voice actor, or why it has the same character design of the girls, they just kind of do. And that’s cheating. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, you can’t shoop on a penis.

Anyway, back from my rant, everyone immediately forgets about Anime voice and focuses on how cute Koutaro is, despite everyone knowing it’s a guy.

Showing up in class, no one seems to give a crap that he’s wearing that, except for Irregular twin tails who says that the rulebook says she can’t, but options gives it a special exception.

Thanks options for basically being here to do that for this episode. Bye!
Thanks options for basically being here to do that for this episode. Bye!

After class, all the boy surround Koutaro fawning over him to the point that Anime voice gets upset that no one’s paying attention to her, to the point that she tries to INJURE herself to get them to pay attention.


Okay. Look. I’m sorry I have to stop this again, but okay. Wait a second. Not caring about a guy crossdressing in school that’s fine. That’s great. Acceptance is a good thing. But no guy, I repeat, NO GUY is going to stop paying attention to the cute girl that up until this morning was the most popular girl in school to want to fawn over the guy crossdresser. NO GUY EVER. It’s cool you want to show that he”s popular, but let’s be realistic here. This is high school. Unless this school is filled with crossdressing enthusiasts, there is no way THIS


would happen. I’m sorry. I see what you’re trying to do. But no. There is no way in hell.

Anyway, back to this travesty of an episode.

Koutaro actually wants to hang out with Anime voice because he really likes her fashion sense. So they decide to go shopping together. She asks Koutaro to take pictures of things he thinks are cute and he comes across a picture of a shrine priestess. It turns out that they need part time Shrine prietesses for a local festival. However, due to the rules and regulations of the school, they’re not allowed part time jobs. (remember the maid episode?) However, they manage to circumvent this by having Koutaro give irregular twin tails the puppy dog eye look. Not even joking.

You know, they're already breaking the rule about dress code for him, so why the fuck shouldn't he get two rules broken?
You know, they’re already breaking the rule about dress code for him, so why the fuck shouldn’t he get two rules broken?

Because, you know, it’s super important that he get this job because…um… because…..(shifts eyes) he ….wants…to? Yeah. that’s not selfish.

Oh, and the other two have to do it because he doesn’t want to do it alone.

Wow, this character just keeps getting better and (blargle vomit)
Wow, this character just keeps getting better and (blargle vomit)

They get to selling stuff and of course more people buy from the dude dressed like a chick because…I don’t know and Anime voice is jealous.

Remember when anime voice just TALKING was a big deal? Yeah…I miss those days. I still like her better than most of the characters because you know..she’s interesting.

Anyway, Koutaro has to go to the bathroom and takes anime voice with him leaving irregular twin tails to man the booth. Then Kagami shows up. OH SHIT! THAT’S RIGHT! He’s IN this show! She hides her face though because she doesn’t want him to recognize her so he can make fun of her.


The rest of the night goes pretty smoothly and the next day Kagami goes off to play video games with Koutaro and Koutaro explains that the main reason he came out was to play games again with Kagami, and that’s basically the episode.

We really didn’t need this episode. It didn’t solve any problems, it didn’t DO anything, it was really just kind of….there. We already solved Koutaro’s problem through four laboring episodes. We could have just had him showing up at school in a 3 minute intro part of this episode. The ENTIRE EPISODE did not need to be devoted to him, considering he’s by far the weakest character Kagami’s met yet.

Not only was the this episode pointless, it by FAR has the least amount of Kagami screentime. He’s hardly in the episode at all as it focuses even MORE on the boring ass character I don’t give a crap about.


Whenever I see this character being the main character of the episode, I just know i’m in for a REALLY boring time. Getting kicked out of school? Interesting. Being forced to marry over a corporate merger? Interesting. Whether or not a guy will get to dress as a shrine priestess…NOT FUCKING INTERESTING.

There’s really not much to say about this episode. It was nice to see Anime voice get to do some stuff, but overall, I was completely bored off my ass. Honestly I recommend skipping this episode. It’s pointless and a waste of time.

Episode 3/10


Yep, no stinger jokes here. Too zoned out and bored from this episode.


Okay fine I lied. I’ll leave you with this.

The voice actor for Koutaro was also Yui from K-ON.


Have fun with the visual image of Yui having a penis. Peace out.