“They’re lewd, they’re all too lewd!”


A filler episode? Well… this is new. I thought it was going to escalate way past PG-13 when Mimi started wanting to ‘expel these dirty feelings’ in the middle of the night.


Herz 3 Img033

I suppose this isn’t strictly a filler episode in the sense that it was an adaptation of one of the ‘extra’ side-story chapters of the manga – it was in fact from 3rei!, which is both a pleasant surprise and a massive tease as usual. As proof, dear Kuro is in twintails – and thus, perfection got even more perfect. I felt like ticking off an entry on a bucket list I didn’t even know existed.

who is that semen demon on the right
who is that semen demon on the right

Herz 3 Img037I have to admit, this is actually the first time I’ve seen this – I skipped through all the side-stories in 3rei! because I couldn’t wait to carry on with the plot, so I had no idea there was actually a continuation to Mimi and her unfortunate encounters with same-sex relationships. I thought she was going to go down the right path, too – the one filled with sweet, sweet flowers and promises of more loli yuri twincest, at least by Prisma Illya’s standards.

And then Suzuka just had to convert her into a hardcore fujoshi. Damn you, Suzuka. Damn you.

Herz 3 Img032I loved the closet scene, though. I mean, it wasn’t exactly Shimoneta, but Illyas and Miyu were thrown onto a hell of a learning curve. And Illya even started freaking out whilst in a rather compromising position herself. I did kind of see why – Kakashi x Iruka is one thing, but Kiritsugu x Kirei?! Is that even a… thing? I’m not even sure of the difference between BL and yaoi, either. Kuro and her all-inclusive lewdness failed to clarify. All I know is that the yaoi fandom can be very… intense, whereas there’s more of a sliding scale in extremity for yuri stuff – although that might just be because of my limited exposure to the former and over-exposure to the latter. And while we’re on the subject, I happen to really like fluffy, vanilla-type yuri works, regardless if it has explicit content or not – in fact, some of my favourite ones are fully safe for work. For me it’s because they’re girls, Mimi! I lose interest if you reverse their genders!

From a sober standpoint, the exciting plot hinted at in the OP could not seem further away at the moment. And next week, we have another filler involving a theme park – and this time, I’m fairly sure there exists no side-story along those lines. It’s yet another reason why 2wei! should have been an unbroken run all the way through, because now they’re in need of extra content to pad out the remainder of the story. I’m not saying it’s bad, because all this really is quite funny, but as someone who’s really excited for the plot it’s suffering to have to wait this long. In fact, you could say it really… Herz. 

…Sorry. I’ll show myself out.

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  1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    Even though this episode let me down, I am grateful that it gave you the opportunity to make that joke. Seriously. applause

    Aside from that, only the preview made this worth sitting through. I mean, episode 3 and no magical girls yet 🙁 That’s such cruelty after all the signs of power-ups and new spells that the OP shows, plus the beginning of the digging to get to the next card. That and this was the first episode with no progression or solid character development.

    I was actually hoping we’d get close to Illya and Kuro’s mana-transfer being outed, but I guess it’s too soon for their friends to be in on even a bit of the overall secret. By the way, was that Caren’s voice at the end of the preview? She sounded like she was going up a rollercoaster and not bothered by the height until the drop came xD

    1. Vantage

      No progression is inevitable. This episode was originally an ‘extra’ chapter after all – an extended omake, for all intents and purposes. As frustrating as it is, this is the best place to put it, because getting started with the plot is akin to getting rid of the brakes and flooring the pedal.

      I can’t place my finger on who it is T_T I keep thinking Miyu as she’s the one on-screen. Caren sounds like a good guess, but she seems more like the type to sit and watch people being terrified by rollercoaster drops instead of being on one herself!

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