Nphirea is adorable, so adorable I almost take back my comment about not trusting him two episodes ago. His relationship with the girl from the village that Momonga saved is cute as hell. Of course, within the same scene that I think this to myself. He admits that he was sneaking closer to Momonga-san to learn the secrets of his potions.
Not exactly the kind of evil I was thinking but he did have an alternate motive. Which i guess could lead to the bad feeling I got off of him, well he did go and apologize and set things straight. He also thanked him for saving the town, no, for saving the girl he loved. So now, I think I generally like this character. Now if I could only spell his name without getting confused, what kind of name starts with Np!?


So they head into the Forrest to begin gathering things and Ains wants to fight with the Wise King of the Forrest so he can spread his name even further. So Aura, one of the elves from Nazarick comes and helps him get the Wise King to awaken and face him. However, it seems that the great king…is actually the great Hamster…he tames it with a simple level one spell and that’s the end of that. Though everyone else seems to think that he’s done something great.
Nphirea really admires him and actually asks to join his group, Momon turns him down for various reasons. Things that seem easy or almost silly to Momon seem like wonderful and impressive tasks to others.
Though at one point, they do bring up Dragons during the episode and mention that they were some of the strongest enemies in the game so Momon makes a note to avoid them here too. I’m kind of hoping to see him fight a Dragon now…or is that just me?


They head back to the city with the guild and Momon goes to register the wise Hamster while the rest of them return to Nphirea’s house. Where, of course they run into the crazy Necromancer lady. I honestly can’t tell you what I feel about her, it’s a strange feeling caught somewhere between love and hate. All i know for sure is, someone is going to die soon. Either people in the adventurer group or Nphirea, hopefully none of the above but the comments have told me this is not that forgiving of a series.


That’s one of the many beautiful things about this series is its’ ability to jungle comedy and serious moments. One moment, we have Ains riding a giant Hamster through town. Comparing himself to an old man riding on a Merry-Go-Round. The next we have Nphirea walking into his house with the possibility of his grandmother being dead and serious trouble looming for our protagonist.
Giant ride, Hamster.