vlcsnap-2015-08-10-20h36m18s361As it turns out, bad things tend to come one after the other. Last week’s episode ends us on a…spectacular cliffhanger – Gakuto’s defecation sounds ended up not playing while Kiyoshi was absent from the restroom! Gasp! The shock! The horror! (I’m laughing as I type this, though that’s probably very obvious) Meiko decides to just cut the crap and kick the door open with her leather boots, and there Kiyoshi was, drowning in his own tears.

vlcsnap-2015-08-10-20h37m20s994Turns out the tears weren’t because he was shitting, but we knew that already. Chiyo misunderstood him to be a pervert (though that’s not entirely untrue, lol), and while he came back in time with Gakuto’s 3 Kingdom figure  he’s devastated that his only chance at a rose-coloured high school life was pretty much extinguished. However, that wasn’t enough punishment and cruel coincidences. Not only did he take Chiyo’s uniform, it turns out Chiyo is actually the younger sister of the student council president, Mari, and she sent the selfie they took together to both the Chairman and Mari herself! There is literally no escape, and this even angers Shingo so much he socks Kiyoshi in the face. After all, this means they’re getting an extended sentence for something only Kiyoshi did!

vlcsnap-2015-08-10-20h35m31s451The girls seem to get ahead of themselves however, and decide that an extended sentence isn’t enough, and wish to completely purge the boys from the school because they’re evil perverts. Also, the president probably just hates men in general. It’s a battle of the sexes as they announce Operation DTO (by the way, this is like one of the best jokes from the manga. Little moments like this are soooo crucial to helping us as the audience get to know Meiko’s sweaty, fidgety self better. It’s hilarious) – trying to break out the boys. DTO sound familiar? It’s the weird logo that appears at the end of the OP, so that’s a hint ;D

can we just talk about how good kana hanazawa is as hana, holy shit

However, before Mari and Meiko can even get Kiyoshi to voluntarily sign a withdrawal form, Chiyo comes in to the rescue! She demands that Kiyoshi not be expelled, or she would follow suit and leave the school, and Kiyoshi (god bless his soul) even gets a feel for her boobs. That fueled the fire of determination in him and he decides to stay in the school, for the sake of his…relationship with Chiyo! His return to prison is not a happy one though – the boys are still shunning him (Gakuto reluctantly so, fearing the other boys but at least he’s got a conscience considering he was in on the whole plan?), and now Hana returns, smug as ever. Is it Kiyoshi’s turn to go for his golden shower…?


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  1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    So, I’m on chapter 99 of the manga… I’m not entirely sure how to feel.

    Anyway, as for this episode, is it unfair that I feel let down when the boys go from being absolute “bros” and almost noble… to having single-minded thoughts like “Chiyo-chan’s boobs smelled so good”, or when Kiyoshi will get triggered almost too easily by another girl despite having his heart set on Chiyo? I guess prison stress makes you more primal and it’s just another way of showing that they’re not perfect.

    1. Vantage

      Kiyoshi IS a bro, though. Even when devastated he still gets the Three Kingdoms figurine, and when questioned he doesn’t sell out Gakuto. I don’t think Gakuto had any choice but to go along with Shingo, unless he wants to get ostracized too. The Chiyo-chan stuff is his way of telling himself that he’s still got a reason to stay at the school (I think he also has Hana, but I doubt he views that relationship as a positive one)

      [spoiler] If there’s anyone who just as easily violates ‘bros before hoes’, it’s Shingo, as you should know if you’ve reached that point in the manga. He’s even worse – he outright betrays the boys for Meiko’s bribes and Anzu.

      As for getting triggered by another girl, do you mean Hana? I don’t blame him, she is best girl after all… 😀 [/spoiler]

      1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

        [spoiler] I can actually forgive him for Hana since it’s so intense, besides it’s not as though he or any of them have gone out of their way to be perverts after that first peeping attempt. It just kills me how they can be true bros… and then the next moment they’re all looking at Anzu even though she and Shingo are getting close, or Mitsuko despite how she and Gakuto are getting close >< Like they get a glimpse and keep looking, but I'm sure that'll stop eventually as who's with who becomes more clear. At least, I hope the ships that are currently under construction aren't sabotaged D; [/spoiler]

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