this is the face of true despair
this is the face of true despair

Warning: This post is NSFW! It /is/ Prison School, but this week is a little more extreme.  

vlcsnap-2015-08-15-23h26m25s524Another week, another quality episode of Prison School. Seems like everyone who’s commented on my Prison School posts thus far have gave into temptation and picked up the manga. I was only 4 volumes into the manga when the anime started. but now yours truly has also succumbed to reading everything in one go and having one of the most incredible manga experiences in recent memory. This also means, however, that my suspense for future happenings in the series have…subsided, for the lack of a better word, so take these posts with consideration that I already know what’ll happen next 😛

vlcsnap-2015-08-15-23h26m41s786Anyways, lots of meticulous planning in the narrative this week! Once again it both amuses and amazes me how far Prison School is willing to go for just one joke, and how they always succeed at bringing the laughs. Kiyoshi’s still being shunned by the rest of the group, Gakuto is guilty but lacks the courage to start talking to Kiyoshi and admit he was Kiyoshi’s accomplice, and Shingo’s….Shingo’s completely under the control of the Underground Student Council. This week we learn what Operation DTO means (by the way that long running joke with Meiko the vice-president sweating a lot and worrying over nothing is both disgusting and hilarious) – the girls are plotting to have the boys turn against each other, pushing them harder than usual to provoke them so that they’ll have such awful conduct they’ll have to leave the school even if they don’t attempt 3 breakouts.

Shingo gets lured in to help the girls – lured in by good food. I’ve kind of realized how Prison School’s way of setting up smaller jokes that get repeated throughout the course of the series/episode always work because they’re always added in at the perfect, most random timings and actually add something to the characters. The boys like to play fucking tag (GOD I LOVE THIS JOKE), Meiko is always a nervous wreck around the Pres, can’t wear appropriate clothes ever, Kiyoshi always gets a stick up his ass….


But we get 3 big moments this week, in particular 2 that are just SO WELL PLANNED AND TIMED, this is how comedy is done people. Actually suspenseful and having bite to it, even if, in essence, 80% of the series’ jokes are all dirty jokes. It doesn’t even matter because it’s done perfectly, none of that usual anime setup of one loser doing something dumb while the other reacts ( I swear there’s a name to this style of comedy but I forget). Shingo unknowingly lures Joe away from his beloved ant farm, accidentally (or not) provoking him to attack the girls after he sees the girls’ crows seemingly attack his ants. Good ol’ Kiyoshi literally takes one for the team though, and his ass bleeds again (THE HEMORRHOIDS THING WAS PLANNED AHEAD WOW), meaning Hana gets to accompany him to the nurses’ office.

vlcsnap-2015-08-15-23h33m42s849The real suspense, in my opinion, comes from the second half of the episode though – Hana tries to get Kiyoshi to pee in the nurses’ office, and fails. She decides to ‘ignore the order of things’ (WHAT ORDER IS SHE TALKING ABOUT) and just pee on him instead. This begs the question: Is Hana okay? Why is she so obsessed with mushrooms and peeing?  Chiyo comes in while the 2 are naked from the bottom down! The horror! They end up hiding below the bed, but Kiyoshi’s dick ends up on Hana’s thighs and all hell breaks lose. I’m smiling while typing this, and still can’t believe how funny that was

While all that was happening though the episode switched between Hana/Kiyoshi and Chairman/Pres Mari – the father and daughter are in an equally sticky situation – the chairman tries to hide his butt mousepad from Mari but fails, and pathetically tries to excuse his way out of the predicament even! My favorite part about this whole thing was how well-done the cutting between situations it was since it made things that much funnier. It’s the little things, guys!

Man, Prison School is really what ecchi/comedy anime should strive to be. Not a joke!


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    1. sidekick

      Oh god, I opened that link and thought the whole page was about peeing and I was literally floored thinking someone could write this much about peeing.

      Damn though, that was a pretty interesting read, the writer picks up a lot of points I didn’t and articulated them super well. I like the mention of Hana’s perversity as something she eventually comes to a point of “ownership of her shame” – the whole pee thing is stupid, sure (the entire premise is), but Hiramoto’s art and perfect pacing essentially forces us to take everything seriously, and in turn we see how these seemingly dumb developments all constitute parts of his characters. Heh, everyone’s a massive perv 😛

      Also this post kind of makes this obvious to me – but the manga is really superior to the anime IMO. There’s so much life and detail to his art, good paneling and use of contrast that just elevates the material further. Thanks for the link! 😀

  1. gorgonzola


    Not safe for work:p but in case there’s some frosting of cakes with butts (know what I mean, know what I mean winkwink) I might start watching (I don’t know what it means I just thought it was funneh;0 AH).

    1. sidekick

      Perhaps the manga’s a better option for you! There’s way more content covered (us manga readers have a pretty good idea of how much content the anime will cover), and Prison School is something that only gets better and better. Of course, do read it in private, yeah? ;D

  2. gorgonzola

    I’ m a casual who sticks to a few things at a time but sure why not.
    Dorohedoro, knights of sidonia and onepunch man are taking ages.

  3. gorgonzola

    Ok, I’ ll be honest, I had low expectations but it’s actually pretty crazy.
    [spoiler] My favourite moment is (SPOILERS) when kyoshi takes his pants off in front of hana and goes “let’s do this” and “bring me the bottle”, like he means serious business, then hana takes off hers and he goes “WHAT” like a dramatic darth vader. [/spoiler]

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