vlcsnap-2015-08-23-17h30m59s935The cards are falling into place, and the ever looming threat of the boys’ expulsion draws close! This week we get a clearer idea of what DTO actually is – a multi-faceted (lol) plan that takes advantage of the boys’ individual weaknesses, them falling out with each other, and of course, orchestrating plans of ~pure evil~ (which you’ll come to see!).

3 big things happen in this episode – namely Anzu’s introduction, Gakuto’s figure business and Andre slowly losing his sanity from lack of abuse. Man, everything that happens in Prison School seems so goddamn bizarre without context.

Anyways! Anzu is a wonderful addition to the cast, and an important one. She’s visibly more open-minded to interacting with the boys (Shingo, at least), and is the rebellious, cool older girl that pretty much presses all of Shingo’s buttons. They meet in the game center and she absolutely destroys him at the game, and Shingo is smitten. Upon his return from the outside world, he stumbles upon a little something dropped by Gakuto in the male restroom (oh boy)…a sword from Gakuto’s precious Guan Yu figurine, unknowingly passing it to the Vice-President!vlcsnap-2015-08-23-17h48m09s464

Of course, it doesn’t take long for the girls to figure out what the sword means – Gakuto’s an accomplice to Kiyoshi’s escape, and they’ve found something to further extend their prison sentence, one step closer to expulsion! The vice-president manages to locate the figure and confiscate it before revealing it to Gakuto (in the most dramatic fashion, I will never eat peanuts the same way again). The girls are pretty darn cruel, but their display of cruelty is nothing short of hilarious for me. The way vice-prez literally sits on a goddamn toy horse while going “whoa, whoa!”…there aren’t many anime that pushes the boundaries of fanservice and innuendo quite like Prison School does!

the face of a man who has experienced true loss and suffering

However, Gakuto’s been doing a lot of self-reflection, and ends up saving the boys’ asses by destroying the figure with his own hands, saying it isn’t his, and later breaking down in tears and endless apology. Gakuto, you’re a hero ;____;

Meanwhile, not only is Shingo being a massive hypocrite by trying to stir up even more conflict between the boys, Andre is also slowly losing his grip on reality, waiting for vice-prez to whip him once again…..


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  1. gorgonzola

    Those gakuto tears.

    1. sidekick

      prison school does have some phenomenal faces 😀

      1. gorgonzola

        Golden faces.

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