Holy shit. This episode. The goddamn door.

This week’s episode is definitely a dramatic high for the series, and things are clearly approaching the end (as the episode count should also indicate to you!) – Andre is reaching the limit and is losing his grip on reality, while Shingo is starting to crumble under the guilt of betraying the guys. The girls’ cruelty are also reaching a new high as they get to the final part of DTO. Man, everyone in Prison School is mean. Except for Chiyo and Mayumi but they’re the tiniest minority. Why is Prison School so gross but so good? (By the way, this is a nice little article that explains the appeal of Prison School quite a bit)


Back on topic, we do see some real cruelty on the side of the girls this week, even if it may be partially justified by the fact that the boys are also massive perverts. Andre doesn’t shower, doesn’t it, and falls further and further into disarray at his lack of punishment. The situation itself is hilarious, but you can’t help getting invested with the solemn mood and feeling bad for our poor masochist boy. His mental state leaves him completely vulnerable to the attacks by the student council; and boy are they opportunists indeed. They lure him out with the promise of punishment and he ends up literally running through the (purposefully weakened) gates to receive his punishment…vlcsnap-2015-08-29-21h36m44s438

The boys find out that it’s not all the girls have in store for them – they’re going hard with a double whammy. Anzu’s chemistry with Shingo was purely an act on her part (on second thought, maybe it wasn’t :p) and she manages to distract him, almost preventing him from making it back on time. vlcsnap-2015-08-29-21h39m50s461The boys’ lives (well, expulsion means death basically) are on the line, and he literally rushes back….and as he tries to salvage the situation the love of wet T-shirts comes to Shingo’s mind from outside school. They had a fucking mental connection because of their shared love for girls in wet T-shirts. This fucking show.

Wait, I’m not done. This fucking show. Shingo makes it with the help of the cleaning man’s truck, but just as he’s about to enter the prison and join the boys he realizes that he’s locked out, or rather, that he can’t open the door. Turns out the girls did changes to it to ensure he’d be stuck outside even if he did make it back on time. It was a fucking push/pull door problem. What the fuck. The door. It was the goddamn door!! GOD!vlcsnap-2015-08-29-21h46m16s505

A side note: Meiko literally suspended herself in the air with her goddamn panties. Someone tell me why this show is so good.

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  1. gorgonzola

    I kind of thought of tension after a marathon of tarantino movies, you don’t get bored because you can tell something bad is going to happen, just not with prison school’s commitment…. Hopefully these guys will fear things forever.
    Also Shingo go home.

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