“We know how to activate the barrier. But who told us that?”


I swear, this is the first time the phrase ‘did we get her?’ has marked the end of a battle.

Rokka 9 Img010

Rokka 9 Img006At any rate, Adlet and Hans did get her, and it’s good that they did – because they have better things to be doing than fighting Chamot. Looks like my question from last week about how all the puke gets back inside her was answered as well – it just sort of slinks back in of its own accord. Chamot doesn’t have the attitude of someone who’s seen a lot of defeat in battle, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the first time she’s lost – although really, the Fiends she produced didn’t seem as threatening as they should have been. It felt like Adlet and Hans were struggling more with the quantity of them all rather than anything else, as well as the fact that they’d immediately regenerate after being cut down. As they tied her up, Adlet could have killed her – and the fact that he didn’t adds yet another person to the list of Braves he could have killed but didn’t, in his never-ending quest to prove he’s not the seventh.

Rokka 9 Img013Adlet came up with an interesting theory. It’s not an explanation that relies on someone having gone inside the temple before him, like I’ve been suspecting in past posts – Adlet is now saying that he was indeed the first one to enter the temple, but that the barrier never activated then – that all that appeared at that very instant was normal fog, except so much of it that it covered the entire forest. This theory argues that one of the premises we’ve been relying on all this time is actually false – that the activation method for the barrier is to stick the sword into the dais and say the activation phrase. In other words, all this time they only think they know how the barrier is activated. I think it really is possible that the Braves were all lied to about this – and this now makes Nashetania super suspicious, as she was the only one to start ‘randomly’ trying out lots of different methods in a supposed attempt to deactivate it. Everyone wrote her off by saying she was just panicking, but if what Adlet is saying is true, that could have been the moment the barrier really activated.

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On the other hand, a lot of what he then said rests on a lot of assumptions, like how Hans was supposedly taken advantage of as he happened to bring up the locked room earlier than the seventh themselves did, or how there’s supposed to be a way for the forest to be completely covered with fog without the help of the Saint of Fog. And even before that, this theory assumes Adlet was a target from the very beginning, when he merely happened to be the one to reach the temple first.

Rokka 9 Img024I guess it’s something, though – and if Adlet really manages to explain how the fog appeared, then his theory will have a lot more credit to it. Maura seems to be out to kill him though. Isn’t she supposed to be the overseer of all the Saints or something? Doesn’t this require a rational and impartial mind? She didn’t even give a second thought to what Hans said, as if she’s intent on incriminating him. It’s because of Maura that Adlet has now lost Hans as an ally – Hans himself may still trust Adlet, but I don’t think Maura will actively allow him or Chamot out any more, which means they can’t be of much help. As for Fremy… well, she still has as many trust issues as ever. I know her reasons for this are well-founded, but I also thought that Fremy and Adlet were starting to get along after their little talk a couple of episodes ago. Now that his theory has been apparently debunked, and his allies are down to zero again with lots of people chasing after him in the forest, it feels like Adlet’s gone back to square one.

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  1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    I love how every time that I watch this I think “Yes, this is a true series”. No fillers, no just-for-fun events, all plot, all the time. Fillers, just-for-fun events and fillers that don’t really even have a plot are all fun approaches, but I enjoy watching this absolutely believing that it deserves a second season and has the plot for it.

    Shingeki no Bahamut was a great anime to me, but I really wished they would’ve saved defeating the main antagonist for another season. It didn’t feel rushed, I just felt as though there was so much more potential for world-building and character development.

    Rokka no Yuusha, I think, will always feel alive to me even if it doesn’t get a second season, because it focused on its characters and world before its seemingly ultimate goal.

    1. Vantage

      There are lots of other series that do that too! But yes, they don’t happen as often as one would hope. Rokka no Yuusha doesn’t even seem like it could get a beach or onsen OVA or something – it just doesn’t fit in with the setting at all. It knows what it’s here to do and is just going ahead with it.

      I haven’t seen Shingeki no Bahamut, but it sounds like it went down the path I thought we’d go down with this – an action-adventure through Demon Land as they hurtle towards defeating the Demon God.

  2. gorgonzola

    I remember going “well fuck adlet” but then realised this is such a chance to prove more selfless actions after all the blindess heroes suffer from.

    1. Vantage

      It’s okay, the strongest man in the world laughs in the face of despair! Also because plot armour.

  3. Shiki

    What I love the most about this show (and with it blogs like these) is the amount of speculation one can come up with which all seem logic and stuff only to get them crushed by plottwist which makes sense or by giving us more puzzle pieces to play with
    just do yourself a favor and dont spoiler yourself by reading info and the novel (unless you want to go through with it)

    1. Vantage

      As we’re discovering new info about the world along with Adlet, it’s definitely not a ‘fairplay’ mystery, where the puzzle is perfectly solvable by anyone observant enough before the actual reveal. Plot twists might be frustrating, but it’s also what keeps things fresh.

      I should cover more mystery shows, this is probably the most interesting thing I’m blogging this season.

      1. Gongonzola

        Do you cover past stuff too? I’m doing marathons and fell in love with stuff I wished I hadn’t ignore for years. Evangelion, spice and wolf, stuff. I particularly like how dark evangelion gets only to end like a dark love story in End of Evangelion, that’s an ironic bomb on its own.:D
        But yeah, marathons, ever felt curious about anything old?

        1. Vantage

          If we decide to blog about something we’ve recently marathoned, it’ll turn up under the Random Review category, which is usually a spoiler-free thing unless indicated otherwise.

  4. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    The… The Demon God. Has. Won. The barrier… it’s real this time. It’s holding back the reviews of two episodes. Tell my-
    No, I mean, tell Vantage that I was… dying… to know h..i..s.. thoughts blargh x_x

    1. Vantage

      I arrived home earlier today, so I can now begin catching up on posts – although I’ll do a few each day, as I don’t want to clog up the front page and probably won’t have time to do more than that anyway.

      I honestly wanted to do Rokka on holiday if I could, but :re and Prisma Illya ended up being all I could manage. Risky business by the way, doing Illya with other people around. Most of it this time was plot so it certainly could have been worse, but it’s just one of those things best watched alone, with headphones on and a closed door. You know, to avoid those awkward questions about why little girls are kissing on screen.

      1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

        o:) Thank you for your sacrifices, hehe. I was just a little worried it might’ve been dropped due to unforeseen circumstances, but with that fear aside, take all the time you need! I’m still very excited to know what you think, even if your impression has changed since initially watching the episode(s) due to time passing.

        1. Vantage

          Don’t worry, I haven’t dropped anything! I plan to finish everything I started this season at some point before the next one starts.

          And I haven’t watched the episodes at all – that’s why they’re delayed. After counting, I’ve got about 12 posts to do, and 35 episodes of stuff that I’m watching but not blogging. It’s not writing the post that’s an issue, it’s actually finding a time and place to watch the episode and take screencaps. If something’s late from me, it’s because I haven’t watched it – and right after I do, that’s the best time to write things up as my thoughts are still fresh in my mind.

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