Shokugeki no Soma Episode 17: The Seductive Karaage

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I’ve come to really like the ED as well now! I think I acclimated to it faster than ‘Spice’ actually, despite it having a weird name of ‘Sacchan no Sexy Curry’.

Shokugeki 17 Img010But yeah, Kurase had her hopes mercilessly crushed. I know she never really got a chance, but as a childhood friend her route was already doomed from the beginning. Right, Slaine? Not that Nikumi is in any better a position than she is, being a character who was only in the spotlight for an episode or two during her small arc. Poor Kurase kept comparing herself to Nikumi – little did she know Nikumi felt just as insecure as she did! These two are the only characters who have shown blatant romantic interest in Soma – it’s not a vibe I’m getting from Megumi, and certainly not from Erina-sama. Not that this is supposed to be a romance at all.

Shokugeki 17 Img009So the main idea behind the Karaage arc is that there’s this shopping district (which Soma’s diner is a part of) and it’s currently dying, due to the fact that all its customers are being stolen by a new karaage place which has opened down at the station. It’s a short arc that breaks up the training camp from the Autumn Election, and is probably meant to showcase some more of Soma’s skills as well as to bring us back into the real world for a while – I actually laughed when Kurase and her friends talked about Soma going to a different high school, and it suddenly cuts to the OP and Soma’s there, at his high school, taking part in what looks like a dramatic war. If you thought this would be straightforward due to Soma’s hax skills as a capable Tootsuki student, you thought wrong – because that odd Mozuya lady has enlisted the support of Etsuya Eizan, a member of the Elite Ten.

Shokugeki 17 Img011Now that I’ve seen him animated, he kind of reminds me of a younger Shinomiya. He’s also especially similar in that he sounds arrogant and confident in his own skill, but as an Elite Ten member that’s probably not wrong to be confident – and if anything, Mozuya will suffer by virtue of not listening to his advice, and being less wary of Soma than they really should be. It’s also cool that you can kinda make out the features of the rest of the Elite Ten, which you couldn’t do in the manga – this must be because they’ve now revealed all the members in recent chapters, and so they’ve got proper designs to work with. Most importantly, though…


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  1. Where to start…

    I’m definitely happy to see Kurase back again, although, it saddens me to think that things probably won’t develop, or she’ll have to wait on Soma. At least for now we’ll get to see Soma applying more of his actual restaurant skills! It’s definitely a nice change of pace even if the threat is more real than most shokugekis at Tootsuki.

    “Isshiki. I know you’ve “got back”, but never go back,” is what I’d like to say. He’s refreshingly elite looking in proper clothes! Unlike the other Elite 10 we’ve seen thus far he’s not puffed up with pride and I enjoy that. Of course that means I only really need him dressed up when he’s among them, since it would be a shame to take away some of his (mostly harmless) individuality just because he looks good fully clothed xD

    Well, I certainly took the transition from the old OP and ED to the new better than most, partially thanks to not having had the appetite for this show for a few weeks and in no small part thanks to the lyrical translations available by the time I watched again. I REALLY adore the ED as a whole! I agree that the title and “sexy curry” element is odd, but not entirely out of place for this show.

    However, the lyrics are precious and seem to speak of or almost give insight into Erina, who I’m guessing we’ll be learning even more about now, huh? I guess the curry is supposed to be sinister in a sense and have a lot to do with that stalker, who may just humble or even dishearten Erina in due time. I’m ranting on now, but I very much enjoy how much the ED seems to set up!

    Looks like Zapp was a cook in his younger days, huh? 😛

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