Shokugeki no Soma Episode 18: The Karaage of Youth

“I’ll make you pay for staining my career.”

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Look! There are now dakimakuras for Erina-sama and Nikumi!

There’s also one for Hana from Prison School (which pleases me) and two from Non Non Biyori (which really saddens me).

Shokugeki 18 Img004Anyway. As usual, the food in this show looks amazing – I actually make it a point to eat before or during an episode of Shokugeki no Soma, just so I’m not tempted by all the delicious-looking food. Here’s the recipe for the karaage wrap. In the end, the shopping district decided to use what they could as best as they could – the Mozuya karaage was essentially take-home food sealed inside a box, and wasn’t really something you could eat on the go. I’m not sure if that makes it suited to a more substantial meal instead of a snack like the Sumire karaage wrap, but at any rate that turned out to be their downfall – Soma and Nikumi made effective use of both the aroma and its convenience to bring in lots of customers. And once the first food orgy started, that must have set off chain reactions – to the point that people turned up at the station looking for karaage, with Mozuya reluctantly pointing them in the right direction. With customers now in the vicinity, the other shopping district stalls can start raking in the cash again.

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Shokugeki 18 Img003Soma was the one who engineered it, but it was Mozuya’s fault too – she wanted to prematurely get rid of Eizan, and didn’t tell him when things started turning sour even when she was paying the supposedly high consulting fees. As a member of the Elite Ten, I’m sure he would have been resourceful enough to come up with a counter-measure at least, but he was never told about what was happening – the expansion failure wasn’t all due to Soma, but I get why he’s decided to take his frustration out on him. I find a strange irony in the lower-ranking members of the Elite Ten showing more arrogance than those above them – from what we have to go on, both Eizan and Erina-sama are convinced of their superiority but are #9 and #10 respectively. Meanwhile, Isshiki is #7 but is almost always cheerful and parades around in a naked apron. He’s also the only revealed Elite Ten member whom Soma hasn’t made an enemy out of. It’s also not exactly true that Eizan will be the one taking revenge on Soma – not directly at least. He’s a second-year, and the election is a first-year event, so he’ll have to get someone else to do the dirty work for him.

Autumn Election hype!

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