“You do not deserve to serve Erina-sama.”

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Shokugeki 21 Img004Megumi! It’s finally her time to shine at last! She also had that moment during the training camp with the Shokugeki against Shinomiya, but here she’s flying solo in an important competition, and she’s pulled off something big! Or at least, she’s gone through her first few steps. It was a bit disappointing that they never got round to having Megumi present her dish this episode, but that’s how it went down in the manga as well – at least the judges now have a far better impression of her than they did previously with such a flashy display, especially that Sendawara lady. Like what happened with Shinomiya, it’s not that Tadokoro-chan is bad. It’s that she has no confidence in herself and her cooking, and it’s not like the people around her are helping either – mistakes, pressure and anxiety will snowball, and her classmates badmouthing her klutziness isn’t going to do her any favours. But she has the talent, and this episode proved that – it feels like she’ll end up like Hinako or something once she builds up her confidence. I teared up a little during that monkfish scene.

Shokugeki 21 Img003I felt sorry for the scrubs who got pitifully low points from the judges. All of them said that the first guy’s dish was delicious, but I guess they’re looking for something beyond that – their has to go beyond what they expect of a student, and a reaction of ‘delicious’ is way less indicative of success compared to a full-blown foodgasm. I wonder how they can eat 30 dishes without getting full or biased though? The stuff with Sadatsuka Nao was fun – her rivalry with Hishoko is basically an argument over who gets to serve Erina-sama, except Sadatsuka wants to be her secretary so she can be verbally abused on a daily basis. Hishoko is seriously strong though – someone in the audience mentioned it at the end too, but she works for Erina. And there’s no way she’ll be allowed to be around her or provide her with cooking if her dishes weren’t accepted by God’s Tongue, which is a huge feat when you think about it – Hisako onee-sama is a really good cook, and a strong contender in the Autumn Election. There’s a reason she’s in the end frame of the OP, after all!

Sadatsuka Nao (White) was hilarious though. Onee-sama just gained her own stalker!

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