Well guys, here we are. This is the last episode before the final round of Dance Road. So you know that what means, let’s do a filler one more time. Who are we focusing on this week? Ah, it’s been a while since we did a Haneru episode, so let’s focus on him this week.

The episode starts up with Haneru’s dad all excited about an annual festival that he and Haneru always play the drums together on. However, Haneru’s too busy being wrapped up in Dance Road and tells his dad that he doesn’t have time this year. His dad doesn’t like that at all and basically tells him that dancing is stupid, which of course, causes the two of them to yell at each other.

Shut up dad! You just don't understand! (you couldn't tell, but i was doing a stupid voice in my head while saying that)
Shut up dad! You just don’t understand! (you couldn’t tell, but i was doing a stupid voice in my head while saying that)

Because they get in this fight, it ends up throwing off both of their grooves. The father ends up zoning out and burning a bunch of crisps while Haneru messes up at dancing.

The rest the of the group talks to Haneru about how they all had their “rebellious phases” and how everyone did. (Pfff.. I didn’t.)

Eventually everyone around them basically says that what they’re doing is stupid and they should just make up.

Haneru thinks back to all the fun times they had in the past doing this festival together and decides to combine dancing and the drums so that they both can have what they want.

Um....(shifts eyes) (Thumbs up)...yay?
Um….(shifts eyes) (Thumbs up)…yay?

So they make up and enjoy the festival together. The end.

This was an INCREDIBLY short recap, only because…well…nothing happened. I really told you every important thing that happened in this episode. They’re mad at each other over something stupid, and then they’re not. That’s really all there is to it. That dance they do at the end is only about 7 seconds, but they repeat it over 20 times. That seven second dance takes up 3 minutes of the episode. No joke.

reusing animation is fun!
reusing animation is fun!

I’ve never really been a big fan of these episode premises in GENERAL of really ANY show real or fiction. Yeah, i’m sure there are people in the world that have rebellious phases and get into arguments with their parents but…I never really had that. I never went “Man, I’m going to be a badass and tell my parents to go fuck themselves!” (shrug) I just never did that. So that’s probably one of the reasons I don’t really enjoy plotlines like this. They get mad over stupid shit and fight about it with their parents for days. That’s not really a premise for a good episode. That’s just 20 minutes of  “Ugh, we really doing this?”

OH yeah, there was an old west dream sequence at some point....it was boring.
Oh yeah, there was an old west dream sequence at some point….it was boring.

Once again, this episode delves into the realm of. “Wow…I don’t need to see this one.” Nothing essential, or even interesting really happens. Haneru and his dad get mad at each other. They get over it. The end. I feel like this review doesn’t need to be any longer because….there’s really nothing much else to say. There you go. Skip this one.

Episode 3/10