I am surprised actually by how detailed Bikini Warriors is getting with its development. I feel like despite the fact that it is still a booby grabbing hentai face show they go out of their way to show these bikinis are on top of characters with at least more than one dimension. Namely today we learn about how the paladin is actually the type to sacrifice herself constantly in battle- this could be an allusion to many things. There are some characters and animals in games who can literally self-destruct in order to win the game for team mates or give team mates their health back. There are also those really somber moments in games where characters sacrifice themselves for the party.

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I don’t know how well this episode was placed thanks to the things that the Mage already did. While the mage episode was made better not knowing if she would live or die, this episode is also devalued by the concept of death. I don’t think any of us were really worried paladin would die because we already knew the mage didn’t die. It’s also true that sometimes these heroic sacrifices aren’t legitimate and they usually die.

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We also got the pervy old man and the innocent maiden sacrificing herself to them trope! Oh that’s fun. It plays right into paladin’s love to sacrifice herself. It was funny but ultimately she was saved by her party as tends to be the trope. While they lampshaded the heroic sacrifice I don’t feel they really did with the perverted old man trope, I think for the sake of their boob grabbing they kept it the same. Whaddya gonna do amirite? Gotta keep them boobies in tact. I’m disappointed in that regard but I like it all the same.

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I feel like this show might be wrapping up with all the character development we’re getting, but I’m really just enjoying the ride. Gimme dat trope inversion.

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