I don’t know how ridiculous I can make titles when I start a series, but thanks to Inori from Chaos Dragon I can safely say that every week since her appearance has been a joy to title. It’s very hard not to call attention to every detail about this characters life or what she’s doing, and of course I don’t want to spoil: but damn lady, you get more crazy and more evil and you level up every damn game. For fucks sake where is the power curve and who fed you in lane? Inori is very established this episode to be the one and only villain of the show. There is essentially no saving her it’s pretty clear she’s batshit. Not to mention I have never seen a sibling so capable of just outright owning their brother and I mean owning. And by owning I mean literally getting your crazy pet dragon to grab your brother and force him to come along on your whacky insane bullshit.

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Everything is finally coming to a head. You know, this story is supposed to be based off of an RPG and I can absolutely tell. There are so many scenes I don’t expect to happen or think will occur, but it’s like a character got their turn and chose to interact with another player and it caused a scene to happen right before a much bigger scene. I feel like this is an RPG adventure because everyone in this cast of characters is literally existing in their own way. There isn’t one narrative each follows: Sweallow wants to be rid of his curse, Lou wants to feed everyone to her sword, Ibuki wants to not have his sister be a batshit insane necromancy dragon tamer, Eyhka wants to protect Ibuki: everyone in this show has their own desire and actively follows it in this story. This is probably the greatest strength of Chaos Dragon: if a character has a goal they will follow it even if following it means going off the beaten path and away from the main plot.

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That being said, it all meets up today as the target of the expedition, Red Dragon, appears. Where? Well, inside inori. Inori’s madness actually drove Red Dragon insane! Despite that Ibuki’s parents were likely Children of Contracts, Inori is special. When she is mortally wounded she literally is protected by Red Dragon: who she drove insane the first time she was fatally wounded. So there is a conundrum: Red Dragon cannot die until Inori is defeated, but he divinely protects her. Eyhka is now eager to die to stop her, Ibuki is finally determined to kill Inori, Lou is insatiably hungry for Red Dragon, and Sweallow just wants to put an end to it all.

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This show has its ups and downs, but it’s about to reach its peak: and I’m beyond excited. I don’t even know who to root for, just against. Man that allies and enemies chart is getting small. . .


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    1. Oki

      Wow that is pretty different! Thanks for the insight!

    2. Shiki

      Way to get in more fanservice and follow the stereotypical (moe) look i guess besides that it must be annoying as hell for sweallow to move with so many weapons hanging around

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