Oh boy! We finally get to finish the idol arc! I’m so excited! Okay..well…not really THAT excited but.. I guess it had to be done. So…there’s that. I mean, it’s not Kotaro arc bad but…well..it sure does exist! Yep! Sure does. So…might as well talk about it? Sure why not.

So the episode picks up immediately where the last one left off with the idol being kidnapped having been mistaken for her sister. the gang sister shows up not knowing that the idol sister took her place in the contest. The gang sister then reveals she was at a meeting about how that guy they beat up two episodes ago’s gang was planning something. Seeing how the idol sister hadn’t come out for a while after changing, Kagami runs in to see her being carried away.

Guys seriously, don't let her scratch my mom's car!
Guys seriously, don’t let her scratch my mom’s car!

They basically smack him down and take her away.

However, Kagami has a plan.

So as they’re driving away with her, Kagami puts out an all points bulletin on his websites that the idol girl is driving with some guys in a car, and everyone who sees them posts it online, so he triangulates where they are based on the GPS of their phones.

Meanwhile I assume they’re going to….rape her and film it?


…yeah, looks like the beginning of a rape scene to me.

However that’s when Kagami and crew (Seijuro and face punch to be exact) wearing family ranger masks and the two people who aren’t Kagami start beating up the thugs.

See, if you don't wear the full costumes, you're never going to make it into masquerade like that.
See, if you don’t wear the full costumes, you’re never going to make it into masquerade like that.

So while this is going on, Kagami tells the thugs that he knows exactly who they all are as the idiot guy in charge actually DID use his mom’s car. That wasn’t just a joke I typed in. The guy actually used his mom’s car to kidnap someone. Good uh…good thinking ahead there.

Kagami then tells them all that there’s a gathering of people outside who are there thinking it’s an after party for the family ranger contest from earlier, drawing hundreds of people. Of course all of the other gang members are like “um…nah, fuck this shit we’re out.”


Pff.. I love if they could do this in other media. Like a bunch of the stormtroopers get killed by Ewoks and the rest are like “Pff. Fuck this emperor, we’re out.” and they all just leave and go home. That would be hilarious.

So the only person left is the angry main villain dude who tries to beat up Taki, but as soon as he touches her, the idol sister goes into crazy dragon mode and kicks him through a window and punches him knocking him out.

but i wanted to be a murdering kidnapping bully...in space. blegh
but i wanted to be a murdering kidnapping bully…in space. blegh

Everyone including the other gang members rock out and have a good time, everyone else ignoring that whole “kidnapping thing”. And even that blonde chick from way back in episode one shows up!


You know, THIS chick!

And the episode ends with Kagami telling Taki that she doesn’t HAVE to go back to school if she doesn’t want to, but she says she does, her secret reason being (surprise surprise) she and her sister now have a crush on Kagami.

PSSST! by that she means his dick!
PSSST! by that she means his dick!

Oh yeah, and Kagami is now trying to recruit people for her gang and irregular twin tails is not happy with that.

Looks more like Kagami is going to sell you some crack.
Looks more like Kagami is going to sell you some crack.

And…end of this arc.

Yeah, honestly, this arc ended about the only way it could have. Them rescuing the idol sister, both learning a lesson, and everyone laughing and having a good time. This isn’t one of those shows that’s going to go into “We got there too late to stop the rape” shows. In fact, not only would I be VERY surprised if they had THAT happen, I would be like “The fuck show?” and shift uncomfortably in my chair.

This show only goes exactly as far as it needs to to tell its story. And those stories always stop at the PG-13 mark.

For what it was, the episode was fine. There was nothing inherently wrong with it, it told us everything we needed to be told, but it did feel very by the numbers safe. Like I knew everything that was going to happen and there was no real twist to speak of. I’m not going to go run out and tell people “Holy crap this is the best arc ever!” because in fact, it’s not.

I can see why a lot of people don’t watch this show. It may not be love show #2584, but it IS very very safe. There are no chances taken with this show and can easily fall into the realm of genericness.

There doesn’t even seem to be a romance PERIOD in this show. And I understand where they’re going with that, but it does get a bit dull when you can tell he basically has NO sexual attraction to any girl he comes across (Tenchi in Tokyo is stupid and therefore doesn’t count). He’s like Tenchi…only a genius otaku.

Oh my.... What kind of lesson Kagami?
Oh my…. What kind of lesson Rape face Kagami?

Still, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy this show. The level of safe this show exudes really helps when this show rolls around every week. It’s the show I can come back to (minus the Kotaro arc) and go “Well, every other show may have had a shitty week, but at least this show will be nice and mediocre.” It’s like putting on white noise. Fun white noise that makes you laugh every now and then.

Hopefully the next (and possibly last arc as we only have 3 episodes to go) will begin to wrap this show up interestingly. I’m not sure if they’re going to wrap this up or just leave it on a “and his adventures are still going! Wackadackadoodle!” ending. I guess soon enough we’ll find out. Oh well, see you all next week.

Episode 6/10


Know what? To be completely honest, when blonde girl's not being a bitch she's actually pretty cute.
Know what? To be completely honest, when blonde girl’s not being a bitch she’s actually pretty cute. Besides, she only fucked with Face punch. I forgive her.