And so, here we go. Two episodes to go. We’re finally beginning to wind down this show. Am I sad it’s ending soon? Kind of. The issue is the series hasn’t really GONE anywhere .It’s kind of just…episodic stories of Kagami teaching lessons and that’s really about it. That being said, how was this episode? Well I shall tell thee. Here we go.

So the episode starts out immediately where the last one ended. Kagami gets fired and decides to join the girl and her corporation to location the higgs particle and make the anywhere door. After everyone is super excited to hear he’s joining the project the next day a small girl shows up and they say that she’s a one day training intern who is a first year high school student.

And apparently like.... 3 foot.
And apparently like…. 3 foot.

(ah one of those 10 year old looking high school students. gotcha)

Starting off she really has no personality. She kind of just listens and replies with very soulless answers, until Kagami finds out that she doesn’t know what the anywhere door is because she’s never read the manga he’s based on

(yeah obviously it’s Doraemon but they can’t SAY it’s Doraemon so….it’s another cat robot. I shall dub it Dontemon)

oh Dobatmon
oh Dontemon

Enraged that she’s never read Dontemon he forces her to read the entire run of the manga. (which….is pretty impressive considering how long Dontemon has been running).

While working on the particle, Kagami falls asleep and wakes up two hours later seeing that not only has the small girl read all the manga, her disposition has changed and she now shows a lot more emotion. Also, she found the particle too.

Ah, so it was really that easy all along.
Ah, so it was really that easy all along.

Apparently she has the super power that Boring Mcnoemotion has from World Trigger where she can do anything someone shows her once.

Now that she’s interested in things that are amusing Kagami shows her the underground Animate (oh sorry, Anumate) store and the ways of buying anime stuff. He then figures out that the girl is actually options sister and tells her to go back to her room.

Returning back, they find out that CERM is hacking into their mainframe and Kagami by himself is unable to stop it. Luckily the girl didn’t follow his instruction of staying in the room and helps Kagami fend off the attack.

We then find out that CERM was being lead to do this by options and Tim.

Okay. okay. Look. I am all for the obviousness of teaching Kagami a lesson, but you literally just performed cyber crimes on a rival corporation. That’s jail worthy. That is not a “tee hee, Kagami will learn something”. Not only do they KNOW CERM was in charge of this whole operation, they have VIDEO of her telling them they were WHILE they were doing it. This is not cool. Sorry to break it to you show. Options, you are insane.

What i'm doing is totally not illegal right now
What i’m doing is totally not illegal right now

Anyway the episode ends with Kagami being grateful to the girl for helping him and… that’s about it.

So yeah, we have one episode to go to wrap this up, and like I said before I know exactly where they’re going with this story. It’s not a BAD moral, it’s just obvious and overdone (Most noticeably from Doc Hollywood and Cars).

This episode was okay as the little girl could be cute at times, but at other times seemed like a Mary Sue with her BS super powers. I do get annoyed that all the other characters throughout the show kind of got thrown out the window in the final three episodes, but, I guess that’s to be expected from this show by now. Characters will be introduced and then promptly forgotten. Remember that arc with the girl whose parents owned the gaming company? Yeah, what happened to her?

Yeah, remember her?
Yeah, remember her?

Episodic is one thing, but come on, stop ignoring everyone. And I still ask, what was the point of the first school? Couldn’t they have just started him off in the second school? That way face punch could actually have BEEN in that school instead of just finding ways to shoehorn her into other episodes.

That being said, this episode wasn’t one of the best ones, but it was…okay. I’m not going to be pissed at it, but i’m also not going to throw it a parade. So…let’s give it a 6 and call it a day.

Episode 6/10

Will he make the anywhere door? pfff…probably not.