“Aside from the one run by the Einzberns… another Holy Grail War exists.”


Now Illya can’t be a bride any more!

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 07.24.40

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 07.19.17…I was hoping she’d say something like that, but alas, I think her innocence has already been tainted by the ever-sinful Kuro and a whole host of other unfortunate incidents, like how she spent an entire scene taking glances at Caren’s stripper outfit and making uncomfortable sounds before finally speaking up. I’m actually surprised they had the audacity to insert an entirely anime-original twincest kiss scene, especially with things as tense as they currently are – it seems like the whole point behind ‘taking a break’, which was also not in the manga, was to set things up for that one scene. I mean, it doesn’t make sense otherwise – Gil might not be doing anything, but he’s still there in the sky and able to do bad things to the real world like blow up mountains and try to activate ancient magic rituals. Having a cup of tea just because he’s not moving is a little incredulous. For a moment, I was terrified that they would continue to drag things out and replace the rest of the episode with filler – if this was an adaptation of a long-running shounen anime, I bet they’d have completed an entire filler arc, with Gilgamesh just nonchalantly waiting in the sky while they kiss, have campfires and moonlit walks on the beach. At least we did learn one thing – that several seconds is all the time Kuro really needs to fill up on mana, which means the rest of it is her drawing things out and enjoying herself. Stupid sexy Kuro.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 07.21.54If all their strongest magical attacks and three Fragarach fired off at the same time didn’t manage to kill Gilgamesh, I doubt simple bedrock will do him in for good, even if there were several tonnes of it. Of course, I’m saying that whilst knowing he has Vimana, and they must have thought he couldn’t fly at all – and that if they crushed the underground entrance, that would be that. But really, if the enemy can break through the very fabric of time and space itself, is it really that surprising that he can fly? As a Class Card, their current enemy is already full of anomalies – having extra mana is just the start of it. He can talk. He’s after the Holy Grail. When attacked a certain way, a sentient part of his spirit separates from his mindless Heroic Spirit self and appears as a little boy. For those of you who are shotacons, this is your lucky day! The sad thing is that there are probably none of you guys left, after this show has spent three seasons catering for lolicons.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 07.14.56As for the Holy Grail stuff, a huge part of the mystery has been uncovered. What Caren said is vital. The Einzberns never used Cards to summon their Heroic Spirits. You can glean two things from that: first, that the Einzberns used the method we’re all familiar with to summon their Heroic Spirits, i.e. this may be a spin-off, but not one in the sense that the rules of the Holy Grail War as we know it belong to an alternate universe. And second, that if the Einzberns didn’t use Cards, somebody else did, i.e. there is another Holy Grail War, run by someone else, that uses Cards as a method of summoning Heroic Spirits to fill the Grail. Note that all the characters started referring to Heaven’s Feel as the Einzbern Holy Grail War, too. All this is heavily tied in to Miyu, which is clear as day by now – it all fits into place. Like Illya, Miyu can Install the Class Cards, instead of just Including them. She happens to have unlimited mana to the point that she can summon Excalibur. The moment she heard the words ‘Holy Grail’, she rushed off after Gilgamesh. The concept of a second Archer made her terrified, and she even recognised the magic circle that made up the ritual. All throughout the first season, she was devoted to collecting all the Cards, almost as if it was her responsibility to. If Illya and Kuro are the keys to the Heaven’s Feel ritual of the Einzberns, then the key to the existence of this strange second ritual is…?

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  1. zztop

    Eh, little Gilgamesh deserves getting touched liked that, after he touched and stole Ilya’s heart in UBW. Pity Ilya couldn’t steal his thingie in revenge…

    1. Vantage

      Illya stole my heart a long time ago 😀

      But yeah, this is basically the second coming of Gil-kun vs Illya, except with a lot better odds for Illya now that she’s not essentially just waiting to get herself killed.

      1. Wanderer

        This Illya has better tools to protect herself with, including a universe that isn’t designed around maximum cruelty.

  2. exof954

    squeals and begins marathoning Fate/Kaleid

    No seriously, almost done with Fate Zero and saw UBW so why the hell not? This just cinches it for me.

    1. Vantage

      I hear a shotacon! 😀

      Yeah, as the Class Cards are based on the Servants in the Fifth War, having watched UBW is good. Zero is useful for background information and explaining all the stuff between Illya and Kuro in the first half of 2wei. Enjoy!

    1. Vantage

      I thought it’d be that Doctor Gil gif with a speechless Illya’s head, but an embarrassed Miyu is fine too!

      1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

        How dare you. How DARE you! HOW DARE YOU!!! You… we all came here, to this new world, just to forget that… and you bring it all back up?!

        narrator’s voice But despite his appearance like that of a (keyboard) warrior, it was no more than a facade… behind which lay a sobbing man.

        ;_; No, but being serious right now I believe I’m going to feel similarly saddened by what will occur to Miyu soon – though I have no expectations of death.

        I was laughing away, but then I heard her voice in the preview and it slowly and gently killed my laughter. No, rather, in an instant it transformed my amusement into anguish and so gradually my joyful laughter was distorted and became one of crazed despair.

        1. Vantage

          If you knew it was coming, it wasn’t really that shocking – but wince-inducing, definitely. Prisma Illya is often branded as the true Illya route, precisely because things ultimately end badly for her by default in all three main routes of Fate. Even if she isn’t killed like she was in UBW, her nature as a homunculus designed to fight the Fifth War for the Einzberns leaves her with a lifespan of only a year beyond the end of the story. In Prisma Illya, she’s a human and can thus live a (relatively) happier life.

          If you ask Carnival Phantasm, Illya doesn’t need a route because everyone already loves her!

  3. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    Uh… I cancelled the shorter comment :s I guess it didn’t go through. Hunh, well, there goes any attempt at using overly dramatic wording to any effect :v

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