“Sometimes you have to risk your own life in order to protect the things we hold dear.”

[HorribleSubs] Gatchaman Crowds Insight - 12 [1080p].mkv0054Most of what this episode did was go over what I had figured out; Hajime used Berg’s shape shift ability, turned into Gel, blah blah. But man, it was awful seeing Hajime scream out in pain, bleeding, and speaking through breaths. It sucked. There was a possibility that the plan would never work and Hajime knew that but they all went with it anyway, though they argued for a long time. Tsubasa was the one that was most against it and during the battle she even wanted them to stop, with Hajime wanting them to continue. While explaining all this to the people watching the show, some of the Kuu-sama were disappearing. In the end of her story, they asked the people what they wanted to do with Gel. This was something Hajime wanted because she believed the people would actually think it through. So on the show Sugayama asked what the people wanted to do with Gelsadra: A) Let him stay on Earth, B) Make him leave the Earth, or C) Let the Gatchaman decide. But this time this mobile voting would be different. This time the people would have a month to carefully think about what they wanted. It’s not a decision they can make hastily like all the other times they had votes. The point was to make them think for themselves.

During this time, Hajime is still unconcious with Utsusu healing her gradually. A month passes by and the people decide to let Gel stay on Earth, and people continued on with their lives. Things move on peacefully. Some Kuu-sama are still around but they don’t pose any harm and people play with them through CROWDS. And in the end, after who knows how long she was in her comatose state, Hajime finally wakes up. And acts like nothing happens, just like our normal Hajime-ssu! A very happy and expected ending.

And finally our story comes to a close.

[HorribleSubs] Gatchaman Crowds Insight - 12 [1080p].mkv0068This season of Gatchaman Crowds hardly feels any different from the first one. Of course, the first season had a lot of action in it and the team were fighting against a big evil that was on the brink of destroying the whole world. Well, the same happens this season except it’s not just one big bad that threatens to destroy humanity. It’s everyone. The point of this season was to show just how powerful people’s opinions can be. How trying to fit in the status quo can be damaging. Just because someone doesn’t share the same thoughts as you can lead to some dangerous things to happen. Gatchaman has always taken the more psychological approach with its show and it really did that with this season by making the action take a backseat. The point of this season was to show these things. It’s really important for people to really think of themselves and take time to think over something. Because someone can seem like a nice person doesn’t mean that they are. Don’t follow the crowd all the time. Just think for YOURSELF. YOU’RE AN INDIVIDUAL. You think things in a more rational manner when not influenced by other people. Basically that was the message this season. Gel, not even Rizumu, were the true villains of this season.

That said, I felt like Rizumu’s character was lacking because of this. He was in jail most of the time. I know he was the set up for what we got, but it just made his character a little disappointing. He wasn’t pointless, but I just wish he could have done more. His character probably would have been better if he really were the main villain, but instead he was just the foil to Rui. AND SPEAKING OF RUI…I felt like his character was lacking too. I felt like he wasn’t really part of the Gatcha team. He fought hard to voice out his views then later gave up and succumbed to the Kuu-sama aura of comfort. So that was disappointing too.

But I felt most of the characters were left on the side because most of the time this season focused on Tsubasa and Gel. I felt like Gel was a little one note, but Tsubasa did get her character development. She frustrated me but she learned from her mistakes in the end and that is what counts. So good for you Tsubasa. I just wish we could have had more Sugane, OD, and Utsusu. We learned a lot about Utsusu and I really love her so to just see her get about 15 minutes of screentime for the ENTIRE season is so sad. Basically the same with the others. So that’s always something that this series bothers me with.

Without the action the show could become a little stale what with all the talking. But I still liked what this season did and I had fun watching it. 7/10 for you, Gatcha. A 10/10 for you, Hajime. Because that selflessness of yours is something I admire. You rock.

[HorribleSubs] Gatchaman Crowds Insight - 12 [1080p].mkv0014
I restrained myself from gushing about Hajime in this final post, y’all should be grateful.


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  1. Wanderer

    “Gel, not even Rizumu, were the true villains of this season.”

    That sentence does not seem to fit with what you have been saying. Are you sure you’re not missing a word or two in there? I certainly wouldn’t say that Gel was the villain. Gel was simply innocent and naive. It may have been the catalyst that actualized the situation into something immediately dangerous, but there was no intent of ill-will there. The atmosphere that was the true enemy existed all along, and given the way people were behaving due to Rizumu’s antics, it was entirely capable of being dangerous on its own even before Gel accidentally introduced the Kuus into the situation.

    “I restrained myself from gushing about Hajime in this final post, y’all should be grateful.”

    Please gush about Hajime. I adore her. Thanks to her I have watched through both seasons of this in the last few days. Seeing the replay of the fight in this episode, but with the hidden dialogue revealed… I was crying. It was heart-rending watching Hajime dying in front of me and hearing her still telling the others to carry on the plan to try to save everyone once she was defeated.

    Seeing her cut down again was horrible. And it took more than a month of continuous healing before she finally woke up again.

    I’m glad that that, at last, was able to shock the people out fo their intellectual laziness, showing them why thinking for themselves was absolutely necessary. They chose to give up their right to choose before, and one of their most beloved heroes had to sacrifice herself in order to save them from the consequences of their inaction.

    Please don’t do anything like this again, Hajime-chan. I don’t think my heart can take it.

  2. zztop

    Do you think a Season 3 should be made?

    Crowds’ character artist, Kinako, is pretty good at putting androgyny in her male character designs.
    Here’s her designs for an upcoming otome game (PSVita 2016), Snow White of the Boundary/ Kyoukai no Shirayuki. Note one of the high-heels love interests!

    Also, check out the following blog. It contains detailed analyses on the themes of each Insight episode. Very insightful.

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