I find myself actually enjoying these “filler” episodes now that I finally caught onto the key message within them. Like Minami’s episode, this week it was Kirara’s turn to showcase her character development. We are given opportunities to do a before and after comparison, and the development is quite something. Although Kirara is still as always in a hurry with a crammed schedule and doesn’t have time for BS, her patience has definitely improved, and her ability to be able to be more social to those around her has grown as well. Thirty episodes ago, Kirara would not take time to provide auto-graphs to her fans, and now she does.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 34 Img 8The fun part about this episode was to see Kirara in her element while mentoring Haruka of everything she needs to know about the life of the runway. Kirara was also the one who encouraged Haruka to be the one to run in the contest after they have received a clue from the stars about Kanata’s whereabouts. To be honest, when I saw Kirara run past Stop and Freeze and then whirl around after realizing who they were, I was expecting her to solo them out because she doesn’t have time for this crap. Unfortunately that didn’t happen (which is more realistic), and thanks to Pafu and Aroma detecting the Zetsuborg attack from the distance, the others soon arrived to back her up. Once again, I thought with the three of them, they might just manage to defeat the Zetsuborg- but alas no, they needed Haruka in order to use the Princess Palace.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 34 Img 23Haruka being alone at the contest where nothing was going right, managed to follow through with Kirara’s wise words of advice and figured her way around things. Her dress didn’t fit and was the smallest size available, so she needed to make it work to be presentable. But due to that, she ran out of time to put on make-up, and quite frankly I think we all agree that was in her best interest. Minami and Kirara have more hours of experience than she does, and for a beginner, it’s freaking hard to get right when you’re running short on time. But her struggles paid off, as while she did not win the grand prize, she was the audience’s choice.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 34 Img 26Earlier in the episode, the girls were trying to determine how they can search for Kanata and Miss Shamour told them to ask the stars. The stars told them “Chocolate” and “Prince”. While the keywords had nothing to do with Kanata himself, the chocolate Kirara had brought back for them had a Princess Contest announcement, where there the brand’s mascot is a Chocolate Prince. The contest however was a point in the right direction as just as they were departing, they all saw a figure who reminded them of Kanata in the distance.

Next week the girls will be jumping on him, but unfortunately for us- this isn’t dark!Kanata like some of us were hoping, it’s “Amnesia Kanata”. Oh well… But I suppose I will still hold out hope for dark!Kanata just because it’s one of my favourite tropes.


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  1. Marcos Pinheiro

    This filler episode is very good and enjoyable to watch in my opinion. It has surprises and a good plot. 🙂
    First things first, I had to write this, Eva. When Kirara arrived at the beginning of this episode, she brought a sack, right? I said “doughnuts?”, but NO, Kirara brought chocolate! And I was like two things: One, the same as the group were (SURPRISED),
    and two, I was like “speaking of which” or “that’s no coincidence”!
    And Kirara was “N-Nani?” XD
    I agree completely about Kirara’s change, Eva (like her patience and being social). Haruka did change her friends (their ways and their hearts) forever. And I loved to see Kirara being Haruka’s model teacher in this episode. She taught many good tips and things for her pupil too. It’s fun to watch Haruka training with her (both the walk and the makeup).
    Gosh, I didn’t expect the rain and a Zetsuborg appear at such bad timing for Kirara to assist Haruka at the contest!
    And you’re right, Eva. Despite Haruka didn’t had the time to put her makeup, it was for the best that she didn’t (since she’s still a beginner) and I liked her cute face and smile without makeup as well. I’m so glad that she managed to fix her dress and walk successfully and beautifully at that contest. 🙂
    And Yui had such a great idea! Again she saved Haruka from falling into despair with that very cute sign with messages from everyone (in the team, of course). 🙂
    Even though Haruka didn’t win the main prize, she still won a good one. 🙂
    Pity that Shut didn’t make a Zetsuborg in this episode, but at least I was glad to see him happy with his “makeup song”. 🙂
    Glad that Haruka saw a familiar person right before this episode ended, can’t wait for the next one! What happened to Kanata’s memories? 😮
    The plot thickens as ever!

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