The episode begins with Momonga trying to figure out the nature of everything. He’s struggling to think that it could be mind control. Undead should be immune to that sort of status effect. While he’s thinking about this, he gets a call from Nabe telling him that the adventurers guild is calling him back to discuss the appearance of a Vampire. Of course, that vampire is Shalltear.
At the meeting, he claims to know the vampire and says that he has been hunting it for some time. Gotta say, that’s a really good cover for how really know someone. He says that he will go after her by himself, he meets small opposition and well….

He DID say that if the guy insisted on going along that he would die. He didn’t say it would be too the vampire…so he didn’t really lie.

Mind control is a horrible thing, mind control that can’t be broken by even a spell that surpasses level 10 and is only slightly below World level magic. That’s a whole new problem on a whole new level and that’s exactly the kind of mind control that Shalltear is under. So after his attempt to use supreme magic on it, Ains has no choice but to return to Nazarick.


He takes Albedo and one of the battle maids down to the treasury to go obtain some world level items for the impending fight with Shalltear. I believe I’ve said it before, but I’ve felt throughout the season that one of this series strengths is it’s ability to sprinkle comedy in where needed. As they reach the treasury they meet up with an NPC that Momonga himself created. An NPC known as Pandora’s actor.
Who is absolutely ridiculous. From his military outfit, to his manor of speaking. Ains is actually embarrassed by him. He eventually even pulls him off to the side and demands as his creator that he adjust his behavior.


From there, we move into a more serious section of the episode where Ains and Albedo discuss the upcoming conflict and how he would be fighting Shalltear, on with that. There is no promise that he will be returning. There are a multitude of reasons behind his decision. First off, he’s the only person in Nazarick that can take on Shalltear in battle.
He’s also unsure that he’s an adequate leader.

It’s interesting to see him think like that. Each person there would follow him to the very end, but he’s unsure of his ability to lead. Unsure he deserves their loyalty. Though you can see it from this point of view as well, these NPC’s who were programmed and taken care of by everyone in Nazarick, revere them as God’s for the most part. If you could see people like that each day, then see all of them but one slowly abandon you.
Well, wouldn’t you give everyone to the one that stayed with you?


That’s basically how all of these NPC’s feel. Thinking about it like that, and even seeing it in this episode. It makes me wonder, what would Albedo and Ains relationship be like if he hadn’t of made that change to her backstory right at the end of the game? She may still be just as loyal to him. Maybe without the sleeping with a body pillow thing, but would it really change anything else about her?

From now we have to look forward to the fight with Shalltear. Though that’s probably the last event that will we be able to cover in this season, so basically we’re looking to wrap up this story arc. If this is popular enough to warrant a second season remains to be seen. Though so far, I can say that this show has a really nice following. So I’d be willing to bet on it.


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  1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    Another question: if you’re extremely devoted to one of your masters now more than ever due to all the others leaving, but must also watch the pain he goes through due to being left behind, what does that do to a loyal servant? But we must ask this from the perspective of a servant who loves their now one and only master… one who borders on yandere-like tendencies. I can’t remember when it is, but something about Albedo’s eyes at one point during the Ainz’ talk of the other supreme beings was VERY dangerous looking.

    Of course, to see if any suspicion of that is true we’ll just have to place our hopes with Madhouse for a season 2 ;_; All the comments about them supposedly not doing second seasons of shows is unsettling.

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