This episode had a lot of combat in it, which led to a lot of awesome battle animation. Nabe fighting giant skeleton dragons, Momon playing around with Clementine. Who true to his word of last week, he did not fight seriously up to her very end. If anything, he was mocking her. Fighting her in his weakest form, using her as nothing more then a subject to study. Learning about martial arts and proper sword play, I mean, after all. He isn’t a warrior class at all.

Which is what he uses to throw her off at the end of the episode, once she believes she’s won. He reveals his true form to her. She calls him an ‘elder litch’ showing that his kind while uncommon. Does exist in this world.


Nabe and Momon play around with their targets for a good half of the episode before getting serious. As Ains tells her to show him the true glory of Nazarith, she reverts to her battle mage state and shows her opponent just what a battle maid can do. Teleport behind him and getting a shot in nearly through his heart, though it would be easy for her to kill him just like that. She instead shows him the absolute despair of seeing his skeleton dragons, apparently magic proof, be taken down by a seventh level spell.

They are only resistant to spells up to he 6th level. So she reduces the dragons, and him, to dust. They save Nphi, and are set to return him to his Grandmother. Who, did agree to give them everything. So he intends to have them move to that city that is under his protection, to make potions for Nazarith. Overall a fairly satisfying ending for this arc.


By far, the best line of the episode. Following up the huge speech that Momon gives Clementine on how he would be a hypocrite if he was angry at her for what she had done to his comrades.  Upon beating her, he turns his back and says “I am a large hypocrite.”
YES, YES, YES AND YES. Beautiful, you are absolutely beautiful!

With all of this said and done, he returns a call to Nararith that he had received earlier in the episode and speaks with Albedo. Who promptly tells him that Shelltear has revolted against them…wait, what?


Okay, slow down here for a second. We knew this was going to happen, the opening told us as much when it showed her and Ainz fighting at the ending of it however, what in the world is with it being so sudden? It was information that was tucked away after the credits, sort of hidden away as a side note to the episode. I mean, this is kind of important. Not only does it move us into the next arc, it raises a ton of questions as well.
Like, Why?
What changed while he was gone? Can NPC’s programmed to be loyal to a place, merely change their programming like that? I mean, they all have free will now that they’ve moved out of the game but like, what is it that caused this?


Also, isn’t this a little sudden? Like, maybe it’s just me but there is no rhyme or reason for it at all. Was it like this in the light novels, were there any hints or build up that the anime had to skip due to it’s short running time?
I can’t imagine it being so sudden, maybe it is that way. I don’t know, if and when the light novels are translated we’ll know for sure. Until then, i can only count on the anime to answer my multitude of questions and boy, do I have a lot.



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  1. Skurai

    The light novels are translated all the way to vol 6 and part of 7, and still going, don’t worry they will explain everything in the next 1 or 2 episodes, and yes it was like that in the light novels.

  2. vergiltfs

    Hi, just to answer your questions, yes, it was the same way in the novels. After the battle in the cementery Ainz calls Albedo and she tell him that Shalltear has rebelled against them.

    [spoiler]Although they have skipped little scenes here and there, like where Nabe calls Albedo and they talk about how all the “Girls” in Nazarick are divided in teams supporting Albedo and Shaltear, that’s why Narberal thinks of giving Entoma the corpse of Khajiit since Albedo ask her if they can bring Entoma to their side. Or the backstory of Khajiit. Other details about the Sword of Darkness members or how in the battle on the cementery Ainz summoned some flying undeads to keep other adventurers away. [/spoiler]

    I think that in the next episode they will try to rush the 2 or 3 chapters of what happend to Shalltear since she left Nazarick, remember that some episodes ago, Shalltear, Sebas, Cocytus and Demiurge where dispatched to different missions around the lands surrounding Nazarick.

  3. Shiki

    Don’t worry, it is like this in the LN as well and with the beginning we get to see what happens while momon is out.. kind of like a sidestory so we can see how cruel they are and how it came up to this point. As if those servants woult revolt against someone like momon.. think of todays episode nphi.. 😉

    Btw there are LN translations up to around vol.6

  4. Nawdir

    novel reader here. The anime is pretty faithful to the LN beside some minor harmless cut. The event that led to shalltear’s betrayal isn’t depicted at all in vol 1 & 2, which is what the anime adapted so far, and is described in detail in vol 3 in Shalltear’s perspective.

  5. joswerleman

    from my research there is a reason, but it will be covered as we see the guardians of nazerick on their missions

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