Notice: Due to personal circumstances and commitments coverage of Prison School will be delayed. Episodes 11 and 12 will also be compressed into a single post next week.

We’re reaching the end of Prison School’s short 12 episode run, but the twists and turns don’t stop! Episode 9, by plot progression standards is pretty much a filler episode that brings the boys one day closer to their dread expulsion, and further away from their wet t-shirt dream. It’s tragic really.

Episode 9 is a last ditch (well, not really, given episode 10) attempt by the boys to try and escape, this time seeking means to get evidence of DTO and prevent their expulsion. The plan can’t go off without them buying some time for Gakuto to use the computer at the corrections office where the Vice President usually is, and so they decide to challenge her to a wrestling match. This episode may have been something to speed up the end of the story and fill up the remaining 2 weeks leading to the boys’ expulsion, but it’s still more than entertaining in its own right. Funny how Kiyoshi is significantly weakened (literally) by the Vice President’s nipslip, Andre is weakened by the Vice President’s abuse while the Vice President is…well…she’s….distracted by Andre’s nipple hair. Man, this episode was all about the nipples wasn’t it? The power they hold. Unimaginable, beyond human comprehension.

Yes, it was the power of the nipple that put the nail into their coffins. It was Meiko’s genius move of closing her eyes and freeing herself from the binds of the nipple (hair) that sealed the boys’ fate. Gakuto was unable to restore the evidence from the computer on tim, and this leaves the boys back at square one.



Episode 10 is where things get a little more interesting! The boys have basically given up entirely, and poor Gakuto (who always seems to get the shorter end of the stick) completely loses it. The boys get one final chance to strike back in the form of their final withdrawal forms, and Kiyoshi’s cunning sees him basically threatening the Chairman with his knowledge of the photos of the asses the Chairman once buried forever (until he dug them out like 5 minutes later). This is one of my favorite parts of the manga – its intense as fuck, but the boys and the Chairman are talking about the dumbest things, the eternal question of butts versus boobs. Kiyoshi knows its a test from the Chairman to determine whether he really saw what was buried in the back of the school, but it’s not enough.

We see the boys, or at least Kiyoshi, grow from becoming amateurs with shit-taste to ‘true ass men’ – men who can discern their own expert taste from that of the masses. Kiyoshi attains true enlightenment, and the boys get one more day of reprieve, but it looks like Hana will be chopping off Kiyoshi’s mushroom if she cannot be stopped….


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