Oh my god.

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Oh Eto, you crazy troublemaker.

I wonder what she’s out to do? Clearly, it has something to do with getting involved in Kaneki’s life once again, if she’s revealing herself to Kanae – but who knows whether she’s there to stop him interfering with the Quinx or to offer her aid. If it’s the latter, then Haise is in for a whole lot of trouble in the near future.

Another ghoul looking to involve themselves with Kaneki again is Tsukiyama, who’s been met with a lot of disdain by a snarky-looking Touka. Good to know she’s still got the same personality inside despite having grown her hair out. Touka believes that Tsukiyama wanting Haise to turn back into Kaneki is just his own selfishness – and that Haise himself is currently happier as he is now. She’s definitely singing a whole different tune from the whole ‘I believe he’ll return to Anteiku’ line that ended the first manga – and back then, us as readers wanted to believe in the Touka who believed in Kaneki. But we’ve got to remember that she said that under the assumption that he was still living as a half-ghoul. Now, he’s living as a human, and what Anteiku seem to want to prioritise is his happiness and well-being above all else.

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Touka has a point. It may even be our selfishness as readers to want Haise to return to being Kaneki. We, too, want Haise to be happy – but here’s the thing. Is he happier now? He was miserable as a ghoul, but right now he’s suffering from lots of problems, from child Kaneki wanting to take over his body to stabbing pains in the back of his eyes. I guess he has friends now, and has moved from being the hunted to the hunter, but Touka is assuming trouble will stay away from him, which is simply not true from our viewpoint as readers. Touka probably thinks he can live a quiet life if he wants, and can defend himself from attacks as not many ghouls can harm him at this point – but that’s exactly the problem, because the few ghouls who can harm him are basically now after him. Like Eto, for example. And above all, Haise is treading a really thin line at all times, because as soon as he displays any sign of losing control, he’ll get his eyes gouged out by Ixa.

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Hairu is unlucky to have such a dick for a superior. At least Operation Mask means that Haise and the Quinx will likely end up running into Tsukiyama and Eto before they find him. If they’re trying to learn the total number of Aogiri involved… are they going to infiltrate Aogiri? Also, holy shit – Haru was Shirazu’s sister! It’s tragic, but I’m not sure what to make of this whole Ros thing. Looking at Haru with a kagune growing out of her eye reminded me of a one-eyed ghoul. If humans are so incompatible with RC cells, how does this make a half-ghoul like Kaneki or Takizawa different from those who suffer from Ros?

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  1. Plinfan

    Well the diffrence betwenn a half-ghoul and shirazu`s sister is easy to explain. Half-ghouls posses a Kagune, which allow them to give them controll over the Rc-cells, but Haru lacks this, so insted of beeing controlled it is essencelly ghoul-cancer. Their are some theorys flotting around that belive this might be a connected to the origin of the Ghouls. Other than that Eto is now intressted in Kanae, which has never work out well for the person of intresst.

    1. Vantage

      Do you mean kakuhou? Because as far as I know, a kagune is just a solid manifestation of RC cells, hence why everyone’s saying it looks like Haru has a kagune growing out of her eye. If it’s a kakuhou, which all half-ghouls have transplanted into them, then I guess it would control the production and flow of RC cells to prevent it being harmful to the body. Not having one must be like being an alcoholic without a liver, or a person without a pancreas.

      The ‘origin of ghouls’ thing is interesting. If a kakuhou was some sort of mutation from a normal human’s body, that could be the start to explaining lots of stuff, because excess RC cells could explain almost everything about how ghouls and humans are different, and why Kaneki’s body has operated as a ghoul’s ever since he had that excess – though the whole craving for human flesh aspect might need a better reason than that.

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