Dance with Devils Episode 4: [Bolero of Solitude and Melancholy]

♪ ♫ I am your exorcist. Yours alone ♪ ♫

I’ve been waiting for Rindo’s episode because he was my favorite character so far ( judgment based only on the looks of course). But, because he’s Ritsuka’s brother I had some apprehensions. I might have said it before but incest love stories aren’t my thing at all. So, will I still be able to like Rindo or at least feel compassion for him? Because, yes I don’t think Ritsuka is going to fell for her own brother… Yeah, sorry to crush your hopes before the start of the episode Rindo. No hard feelings ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

So this week’s episode begins with Ritsuka having a bad dream where she’s running from evil red eyes and where she sees her mother lying on the floor. Also, the most disturbing part was her visioning Urie crushing a white butterfly while saying “I’ll hold you until you fall apart”. Don’t worry Ritsuka, Urie gives me nightmares too. Such a creep ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ

When she wakes up she realizes that her brother has placed locks on the windows. “I’ll do whatever it takes to protect you” including acting like a kidnapper . Ritsuka decides to confront him and asks him if he’s really an exorcist. Rindo decides to tell her the whole truth:

Her grandfather actually died a year ago due to a magic curse because of his researches in the supernatural field. There seems to be a war between the vampires and the devils. In order to be the most powerful faction vampires and Devils are facing each other in a race to get the magic grimoire before the other faction. You have the grimoire, you control the world. Pretty simple so far. So the Dragqueen guy with green hair is actually a vampire and the members of the student council are devils. NO WAY ! NO WAY THAT Rem,  THE BLUE PRINCE OF DANCING FLAMES IS A DEVIL !

Ritsuka can’t believe it, Rem is not a Devil pffff. Stupid nii-san that doesn’t makes sense at all. So she decides to sneak outside the house and to go back to school to ask the Rem in person if he’s a devil or not. But Rems refuses to answer her. In the meantime we discover that the blue hair guy that I think might be Rem’s dog is a manipulator creep. Also, I don’t know if I’m the only one but he reaaaallly looks like Masato from Uta no Prince Sama.

Yes, another reverse harem anime…


Don’t look at me like that! I know that I need to watch other stuff okay ? ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

Alter ego
You shouldn’t be stealing other person’s hair cut ! Go buy yourself a personality god dammit  !

So the creepy version of Masato has enchanted people making them look like Rem in order to lure Ritsuka in a little dark room (nothing sexual I swear). But his main idea behind all this staging is to test Rindo’s limits and maybe his magic abilities. So thanks to Masato Number 2 we learnt what Rindo actually meant by protecting his sister which consists in being a human shield. When Rem’s clones were attacking him he just stood there, facing Ritsuka, letting blood run from his head like a dramatic hero in a bad story ʕ ◔ᴥ◔ ʔ

Blood again
Blood ? Such a pussy thing

Incestuous Nii-san: “ I will protect you Ritsuka”

Ritsuka: “ Oooh okay, maybe you should start doing magical stuff then, like your exorcist magic thing with circles and lights”

Incestious Nii-san: “ Hummmm…. No I’ll just stand right in front of you while they are beating me to death”

Ritsuka: “Oh I see, far more effective than magical powers …”

Incestious Nii-san: “ Yup. Oh look ! Blood is starting to run on my forehead. Aahahah, I’m such a good shoujo hero”

Yeah… Oh well.

While shouting “STOOOP ” in a poor attempt to stop the bad guys, Ritsuka breaks her pendant. That makes Rindo realize that SACREBLEU ! He’s actually an exorcist and he can use magic to stop them. After Rindo exorcism  on the  bad guys, Rems appears but leave without saying anything relevant. We all know that you want your time to shine Rem but just wait, plus you already had one episode just for you.

Back home, Risuka is taking care of her brother’s injuries. She explains him that she really wants to go to school again. I don’t really know why, since, you know it’s a bit dangerous there. It’s been 4 episodes and in every one of them you’ve been attacked by scary vampires. But OH WELL OH WELL looks like Rem’s booty call is stronger that the perspective of being killed. So because of Ritsuka fangirling over the main blond guy, Rindo decides that he will also go to her school in order to protect her. In the meantime he offers her a strange ring that’s supposed to protect her (again). I’m considering starting an “I will protect you” counting system for this series because there’s loads of them! “Ore ga mamoru”, ” Anata wo mamoru”OH JUST QUIT IT ALREADY ! We understood ! She understood ! Move on god dammit. Geeez, the “I will protect you ” thing tends to piss me off sometimes. But I guess it’s a shoujo thing.

Dramatic hero Rem
Look at me, I’m so deep

The last scene shows Rem singing that he wants the grimoire so much that he’s talking to himself and looking at the window like a cursed hero. But the main question remains: Does he want the grimoire more than Ritsuka booty ? Because by judging the last short song of the episode Ritsuka managed to make the frozen  kokoro of the Blue dancing prince of flames dokidoki ᶘ ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ

Rindo 6Regarding Rindo song, I liked the music but I won’t lie, I don’t like the whole incest thing in it. I know, he wants to protect her and it’s cute … but… it’s his sister. I’m really disturbed by hearing him saying that his feelings towards her had changed. Well, at least he doesn’t act like a sexual abuser (Take that Urie !). He might be the nicest guy in the whole show. So, yeah. I let it slide for now.  Also I really enjoy the fact that they don’t make him blush when he touches Ritsuka hands because, you know, there are brother and sister, they are supposed to be close. I hate the blushing thing.

As for Azuna, this episode almost proved that she knows about the whole Devil and vampire stuff. She’s worried when Fake Rem is looking for Ritsuka and she’s the one who called her brother to help find her. But well, Rindo didn’t use his magic right in front of her so yeaaah… there’s no concrete proof yet.

Next episode is dedicated to Mage, the guy who refers himself as “Ore-sama”, that should be fun . Wait ! What was that discerning reader ? You’re telling me that Ayato form Diabolik Lovers also used “Ore-sama” to describe himself ? GOD DAMMIT ! Oh well, if Nikolita gets to review the episode of Ayato’s alter ego that only means that in two weeks I will have Shiki’s episode … YAAASS! More Kanato creeper style, more creepy yandere, give them all to me I can’t get enough of them ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

Bonus: Because I’m such a fan girl and a talented paint artist I decided to make my personal fan art of Rindo and Urie.Took me loads of time to sublime their inner beauty and personality. Voilà ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

I should definitely get more recognition for my work


Senor Urie -Dulces sueños







I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be laughing so much at them (Especially Urie ahahaha)… Ok no more trolling around I swear. Here’s my actual drawing of Rindo.






4 thoughts on “Dance with Devils Episode 4: [Bolero of Solitude and Melancholy]

  1. Next week, it’s muscles’ turn to bully/seduce Ritsuka.

    FYI, the B-Boy in next week’s title refers to Breakdancing. Breakdance is the more mainstream term, B-Boy’s used by the purists.

    1. Oh ok, good to know thank you!

      Charibo’s reviews are the highlight of my week. 😀

      I don’t like the incestuous older brother thing this series seems to have going on either… and yet… argh damn hormones.

      1. When I was watching this episode’s song I unconsciously looked around me to check if no one was watching me. I felt so awkward when the part “She’s my beloved sister, only one year younger than me, I can’t contain some feelings” came out. I was like ” meeeeehhh, that’s creepy…”
        But after seeing Rindo half naked, my estrogen rate soared way too quickly ʕ◉ᴥ◉ʔ. He’s just so good looking . God Dammit ! Rindo why are you some awesome ?

  2. I really love the way you mix your own thoughts in your review. It’s fun to read, and it always succeeds in making me giggle XD

    I think I’m just looking too much and too deep, but seeing the screenshots of Rindo and Rem above side by side (you know, the one with Rem standing by the window and Rindo in the middle of singing) made me realize their faces look so…identical? Only the hair style and color differs them, and maybe their eyes color (Rem’s tend to look more greenish, while Rindo’s bluish). Other than that, they are so alike, from the shape of face, the shape of eyes, their height… Like when they stand together with Ritsuka in the opening song, in front of that door? To me it feels like seeing a pair of cousins or brothers or…twins. I wonder if it’s unintentional. If it is NOT intentional, then I really am just thinking too much (as I always do when I eat too much fried chicken. Darn it, fried chicken). But if it IS intentional, well, my brain is producing so many interesting hypotheses and possible plot twists right now…

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