Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 4 Img 0002Tch, the rat Todo is stirring up some serious trouble and is threatening to jeopardize their mission. Only the blond is the only one who doesn’t trust Todo fully- and even questioned Orga for doing so. With choosing to trust Todo, it makes me wonder if this is one of Orda’s natural flaws. Being a tad naive when it comes to trusting that others share the same dream as he does, living as a free man in peace. He trusts the example he had set with the First Corps leader and others had set those who would potentially cause problems to keep their actions in check. Todo on the other hand doesn’t give a shit about that. He thinks they are all fools for openly and willingly to challenge Gjallarhorn, and thinks he can make use of Tekkadan himself. My guess since he intends to throw the entire organization under the bus, is being paid big money in exchange for his insider information. Of course it is he who is the fool since he won’t even be alive to get that cash- and there’s no guarantee that they would give it to him even if he managed to escape unscathed.

Gjallarhorn’s investigators Fareed and Galeio are looking for concrete evidence to prove what they do know, of Commander Coral’s attempted assassination against Kudelia. They decided to descend onto Mars to investigate more up and personal with the matter and ended up bumping into Mika and Biscuit after the little twins had accidentally ran in front of their vehicle. Luckily no one was hurt- except for Galeio who was temporarily being chocked by Mika who had thought Galeio had ran into the girls. On the other hand, we saw a bit more into their personalities- such as Galeio’s temper where as he refused to accept Mika’s apologize and instead tried to punch him in response (and missed). Galeio also can’t stomach stuff like the Alaya-Vijnana, makes him nauseous just thinking about it. And then there is Fareed.
Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 4 Img 0031This guys just oozes ominous and evil enemy- even Biscuit noticed- I bet behind the scenes he even took away the candy Fareed gave to his sisters, because taking candy from strangers is an absolute no, no! And no less from your enemy!But that was not the only thing that set me on the edge, seeing Galeio lash out the way he did was one thing, but Fareed was so calm throughout the entire situation yet- I know there is something about him that is off, and it is exactly why I can’t trust him. It certainly doesn’t help that he is aware about CGS’ name change to Tekkadan, and he is smirking at the possibility of being a rebel…
It is truly a troubling smirk…
On the other hand, his marriage life sucks because his fiance is Galeio’s nine years old sister.

We learned a bit about Kudelia’s sponsor, and frankly speaking- I am very concerned. It turns out to be this old rich geezer, and it certainly doesn’t help how he sounds like trouble too- everything he says is disgusting. Here’s to hoping she can find another sponsor because this guy is clearly not providing her of the funds for the reasons she would like it to be.

It was nice to see Mika being softer around Kudelia. He thanked for her the opportunity she has given them by hiring them for the job, and brought her out to Grandma Sakura farm to help her clear her mind. Kudelia had a lot of fun harvesting the crops, and you can tell Mika enjoys it too. Seeing how he likes to eat so much, I bet his dream would be living on a farm, having a peaceful life- far, far away from the chaos and wretched battlefields. But most noticeably, Mika was turned-off by Fareed ‘compliment’ about how he would be a great soldier. Being a soldier is not Mika’s dream, it’s something he would like to retire from- but he won’t until they accomplish their goal.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 4 Img 0007Orga had one of the boys paint a flower insignia for Tekkadan. The logo is beautiful, and you can see just how happy and proud Orga is of it. He has also been busy handing over the contracts, otherwise known as Human Debris to the individuals, allowing them to finally be a free man and no longer Maruba’s property. With this, their chance to pursue their dreams are now in motion, and Orga is ready to fight for it.For their mission the escort Kudelia to Earth, they need to take many detours and what would be the longest route possible in order to avoid Gjallarhorn’s surveillance and check-points. They will being using an armored assault ship, formerly known as the Will-O’-Wisp and now renamed as Isaribi as their source of transportation.

Overall this episode was a nice ‘break’ from the battles, providing us as the audience opportunities to learn a bit more about Fareed and Galeio. Next week, Tekkadan will be launching into space, and it looks like Fareed and Galeio might just show up to challenge them.

Random Note of the Week: Mobile Suit Gundam Barbados is over 100 years old, dating back to the Calamity War.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 4 Img 0032


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  1. zztop

    Not Sydney!! What did Australia do to deserve this?! D:
    Also, never trust a man who looks like Hitler.

  2. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    Greatness. Also…
    My goodness! Doesn’t Kudelia look great in a suit? Can we see the rest of them in suits sometime?! 😀

  3. exof954

    I don’t really think that Cynical Gold is just suspicious of Bald Hitler Froggie- he was pretty concerned about Orga’s actions last episode too, so I think it might just be his nature to be suspicious. But Bald Hitler Froggie needs to die, preferably as painful as possible!! >:(
    Laughed at Biscuit’s reaction to Sexy Gold, though if the preview voiceover was anything to go by he didn’t take their candy- I guess you take it where you can find it. Don’t really think Sexy Gold is suspicious, but maybe that’s because I’m calling him Sexy Gold, lol. If it wasn’t for Sexy Blue’s sister, I’m 100% sure they’d be sharing a bed already. XD

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