Tears, tears of joy ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )



The last season of Haikyuu !! left us with the defeat of the Karasuno highschool volley ball club against Aoba Jousai in the Winter tournament. If you’re as excited as me to see what our lovely volley ball players have been doing since, let’s not waste anymore time and le’ts find it out !

This season premiere starts by showing Karasuno high losing against Aoba Jousai in the winter tournament as a reminder of how determined to win they are now. Then, we’re able to meet our lovely Karasuno boys again, training harder than ever. In addition of great volley ball plays this sequence works as a recap of each player special abilities: Asahi powerful attacks, Sugawara knowledge of his team (Sugawara I love you <3 ), Hinata speed and decoy’s abilities and Yamaguchi trying to be at the same level at the others (poor Yamaguchi, he’s so useless). They haven’t changed a bit, appart from Asahi (what’s up with the hair band Asahi, you want to start a new fashion trend ?) they still want to train until they vomit. That’s how it’s done in Sport anime, If you don’t die during training you’re not a good player. Then the clumsy Takeda sensei barge in to announce that the Karasuno team have been invited to practice matches with the Fukurodani Academy group in Tokyo. Our little volleyball crew is already embarking the hype train direction Tokyo, excited to see the Nekoma team again and to compare themselves to the other players.

Then, on the following day because as usual Kageyama and Hinata have began a race between instead of a normal jogging,  they happened to get lost in the Shiratorizawa prefecture when they encounter Ushiwaka, a volley ball player who is in the official junior japan team. You can tell his the new antagonist at a glance. As they follow him to spy on their rivalry  team, he explains them his narrow minded vision of volley ball and of Oikawa skills.  According to him, even if Oikawa is a great setter, the team won’t be able to get fare because the others players are basically shit. A nice tree won’t grow in an infertile soil. What a twat. Sorry for you Ushiwaka-kun but I think you’re wrong, if you don’t believe me watch the first season of the show which explains you by A+B why you can’t win if you’re only relaying one person abilities. You’re welcome.

Don’t look down on people like that !

Ooohh Ushiwaka you and you’re bitch resting face. I despise you (ಠ ∩ಠ)

Everything could have been working great so far but in order to go to Tokyo, our lovely players need to obtain a sufficient grade in the upcoming school exam.  When they first hear this dreadful news, the inspirational music that was playing in the background suddenly stops. Shit just gone real. Also, by seeing the reaction of  Takeda-sensei when he first discovers their previous grades, I think it’s not going to be a piece of cake for Kageyama, Tanaka,Hinata and Nishinoya. No good grades, no Tokyo.

Damn, we actually have to do school related stuff.
” They’re going to be fine if they work “. You’re not really believing it sensei aren’t you ?

Charibo’s first Impressions:

Yes!! I couldn’t contain my hype for Haikyuu !! anymore. It’s finally real ! Well, I might be biased on this one because the first season made it into my top. But we all have our favorites right ? I don’t usually like Sports anime (I tried Kuroko no basuke, Eyeshield 21 and Prince of tennis without any success) but Haikyuu !! is different. I can’t really tell why though. Let’s say it’s magic

-“ Urushai Charibo, talk about the episode and not about your personal experience “.

You’re so mean to me reader (´°ω°`)

Well, back to the episode then. I didn’t have the feeling that it was the first episode of a new season. Actually, we can easily tell that it’s the begging of a new arc but not really a season premiere. As for the opening, I don’t really know, I’m not really convinced, I like the music though (well, it’s Spyair so it’s great).“I am believer “, even the title of the song fits the show but I feel like something was lacking. Maybe there could have been more epic volley ball moves like in the first opening from the first season (This OP was ZE shit).The ending is nice though, very inspirational.

Of course, I cannot be happier  to see the Hinata-Kageyama duo back again, they are always funny (right now, I’m referring to the cliff running scene in this episode) and complete each other perfectly. It’s also interesting to see how the scene which cut the episode in two parts have changed. In the first season, all the players were playing alone to reverse the bottle, now Kageyama is passing the ball to Hinata. Team work I say, team work, that’s what I like about this show and Volley ball in general.

This season will introduce a blond girl that can be seen in the opening. I’m guessing she’s going to be a manager, well at least she can’t be a player, because she don’t have enough balls (If you know what I am saying). I’m hoping she will just be a substitute t or helping Shimuzu, I  like her and I don’t want her to leave the club.

I’m also looking forward to see how Yamaguchi is going to evolve, there will be some hard time for him, facing the reality of his own skills and maybe  experiencing jealousy towards the others players . Gambatte Yamaguchi !

Well, overall this should be a great season, I’m looking froward to it ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

Possibility of watching: OH Hell YEAH

Possibility of blogging: High as my expectations ୧ʕ•̀ᴥ•́ʔ୨

Berry’s First Impressions are coming -stay tuned-

Berry’s Impression


I’ll admit that I really missed that and I almost cried from laughter when Nishinoya did that again. Ahhh, I love him. But I love them all. Haikyuu is definitely a fun show. Compared to other sports anime, it doesn’t have as much flair as the others. Like the weird abilities like in Yowamushi Pedal (Midousuji is not human) and Kuroko no Basket (did you see that Space Jam shit in the last season? omg). And not to say that I didn’t like that because I absolutely loved Yowapeda and Kuroko. But with Haikyuu!! there’s no weird abilities the characters have, unless you want to include the Rolling Thunder. Kageyama and Hinata’s weird speed attack isn’t some sort of special power, it’s just them being extremely talented and trusting each other. So that’s just something that makes Haikyuu!! a little different. Just raw, hard work. And man did it hurt to see that scene of them losing to Aoba Johsai again. Thanks, I didn’t need reminding, show.

Like Charibo said, it didn’t totally feel like a first episode but just the start to a new arc. We opened up to something typical like seeing the boys training until they fell over. And then we get the announcement from sensei that they’ll be playing Nekoma again but probably not until the next month. So that means we’ll be seeing small Neko kid (I forgot his name), but from the opening it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of different schools. We’ll probably be seeing Aoba Johsai again too. So lots of new characters and in this episode we already met one, who was a total jerk that likes to look down on people, literally, but it’s not Hinata’s fault he’s short. BUT  WASN’T IT COOL THAT HE JUMPED TO GRAB THE VOLLEYBALL?! He basically said “Fuck off” to Ushiwaka, and ugh I love that crazed look Hinata gets sometimes. He and Kageyama are out to prove that they’re just as good as him and I can’t wait to see that, either through a match against his team (and that might be tough to do) or just Ushiwaka watching them play a match against another school.

But before they can have these matches and stuff, they need to pass their final exams. And let me tell you when the pretty violin music abruptly stopped with the boys frozen in place I busted out laughing. Though I am surprised to see Kageyama looking terrified, he looks like the type of character that wouldn’t have any problems with this. The serious characters usually have better grades, but whoops! You better pass those exams or no volleyball.

This was a fine episode. It was a set up to the season with new schools and rivals, more matches planned, new character met, and now conflict. throws up Exams…and also the other schools. So we have a lot to look forward to. Like Charibo, I also found the OP a little underwhelming. Even though it’s SPYAIR! It’s certainly missing something. It’s not like SPYAIR’s “Imagination” from the first season. Listening to that song, it made me want to run to the local high school and steal their volleyballs and throw shit around and do a Rolling Thunder. It was still a good OP though.

Anyway, I never covered Kuroko no Basket’s third and final season because I thought covering for a sports anime would be tough when matches would start. But when I watched it I realized that there were actually a lot of things I had to talk about. So dammit me, you screwed up. I’ll probably do a random review on the series anyway. Well! Since Charibo is interested in covering this too, that’ll make covering this easier! So I’m on board for the Haikyuu!! hype train.

Possibility of watching: Of course!

Possibility of blogging: Sharing with Charibo!

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  1. lilgamergal

    My squeals when watching this xD damn it i should be studying!
    I cant wait for moreee

  2. exof954


    And GODDAMN did I forget how much I loved gloriously animated Haikyu!. I’m currently caught up in the manga, which while good isn’t quite able to keep the pace as well as the show. It does pretty well, for what it’s got and all, but THIS IS WHERE IT’S AT YO!!

    This arc… is just gonna be fun. That’s really all I can say, along with the fact that the odds of them facing Ushiwatora this season are virtually none. The manga hasn’t even finished the match yet! 🙁 So we’ll be needing a season 3… BUT MORE HAIKYU IS ALWAYS GOOD SO LET’S ENNNNNJOYYYYY!

    1. Berry

      I swear I’ll make a Kuroko review! I was gonna make one after the third season finished…but…yeah. I can’t promise I’ll write it up soon as school is really busy for me, but I will! 😀

  3. I am SO HAPPY that Haikyuu!! is back!! Like Charibo, this is one of my top 5 anime!! And unlike Psycho Pass, I KNOW this one won’t fail me. Everything about this episode was so great to see (minus the feels reminder at the beginning, dammit). It’s been a long time since I laughed hysterically at an anime. And like both of you said, it’s refreshing to see a sports anime that doesn’t involve some kind of supernatural ability (looking at you, Yowapeda, KnB and Prince of Tennis). All the characters are as wonderful as I remember.

    I don’t read the manga (I decided to wait for the anime), but I know the blonde girl is really liked by people. There’s also a character named Bokuto (he’s in the OP, he has silver-ish hair) that everyone loves. I can’t wait to meet both of them. HYPEEEEEEEEE 😀

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