Finally ! I was looking forward to this one. I love musical shows, I love anime and of course pretty boys too. You too ? Oh, well we have a lot of things in common then. Let’s see if this first episode can meet all our criteria, just follow the guide ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ


This episode starts with a guy practicing his dance moves in the rain because it’s cooler to do it in the rain (dancing, I’m talking about dancing…) while the hero of the show,Yuta Hoshitani is watching him with envious eyes. Since we don’t know his name yet, let’s call him the rain dude. Apparently this guy makes Yuta’s kokoro dokiki because he can dance in the rain, make sparkles when he jumps and generate dark wings on his back. So our hero decides to go to the same school as the rain dude  in order  to stalk him. The school in question is the Ayanagi Academy which is basically a musical school full of pretty boys. Soon after his arrival at Ayanagi Academy Yuta meets Nayuki a pretty boy with depressing eyes and gets to see Kakeru Tengenji the read hot headed guy who besides being a part time Kabuki actor is also an ass to everyone (a full time douchebag so…).

You need to chill

We can randomly see the two other main characters of this show: Haruto and Shuu, but they aren’t properly introduced. Then, the Kao council arrives, they are the cool kids of the school and chiefs of the musical department. They start singing about being  the best and stuff with pink flowers petals in the background. While everyone is impressed by their dancing skills Yuta remarks that the emblem on the uniform  of the Kao council’s members is the same as the one that the rain dude had on his uniform. Since his idol might be in the musical Department, Yuta in order to become the best stalker of all time decides to pass the auditions to join it with Nayuki. The previous pretty boys that we randomly saw at the begging are also passing the audition but they all seemed to fail at different times.

Oh I’d love to

In the meantime we finally learn the name of the rain dude: Otori. He his also part of the Kao council but seems to don’t give a sh*it about it and likes to piss off Tsubasa (the guy with glasses), who is apparently the leader of the Kao Council. There’s a lot of going on between them…

Now, let’s go back with our young hero. In the interview that he had to pass, Yuta gets to meet his beloved Otori senpai and following his advice, he decides to show the judges (who happened to be the Kao Council) his dance skills. However Otori didn’t come down with yesterday rain (it’s funny because he was dancing in the rain before. You’re following me ? No ? ok ..Sorry, I’ll stop the rain jokes now) and sees himself dancing in Yuta‘s performance. Because yes, our little Yuta was copying Otori’s moves. So Otori decides to brutally put Yuta’s dance session to an end. After this failure Yuta returns to the place where he first saw Otori dancing (to cry because he’s not as good as senpai).Then begins a dance hallucination dream with clovers, stars where Yuta sings and makes funky moves. While our young hero is tripping thanks to the power of dancing (or other illegal substances), Otori-senpai is silently watching him.

Fist Bump Bro !

Also Nayuki and Yuta appear to share the same bedroom. What a coincidence. Because of Yuta asking his new friend how the audition went, Nayuki tells him that he has an extreme fear of the stage and therefore he thinks that he didn’t make it. He also counts him his childhood memories when he was playing Peter pan in elementary school. Nayuki ‘s revelation (either about his fear of stage or  about him being a short pants Peter Pan) really touches Yuta and now there are best bros for life.

 ♪ Charibo’s Impressions : 

I‘m sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing but I can’t stop. I found this show hilarious. I might have a strange humor but well, I’m not taking this show literally  though. How can you take seriously guys who are spinning around with flower petals singing : ♪ Sparkling, Fluttering, You’re dazzled because of us, Even our smiles charm, A moment of temptation ♪ 

They are singing this manly song in front of boys.

Just boys …

ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ

I-I-I just can’t. Don’t get me wrong, this moment was AMA-ZING. Amazingly funny.

Of course, It looked a bit like Uta no Prince Sama. But well, even if it’s only the first episode I really prefer this show to Utau. Mostly because there’s no girl with crazy dead eyes. Also, apparently girls aren’t an option in this dancing boy world. Boys, Boys, Boys (I’m looking for some fun) that’s all we we’ll see in the anime. Well besides the two sisters of Nayuki that we can see in the ending, I don’t think there will be any girls around this huge amount of testosterone, of boys (I don’t think testosterone is the right term here).

All the characters seem nice even if  Kakeru is a twat and has a huge potential for being a professional party pooper. Although Haruto Tskugami (the blue hair guy with the earning) and Kuga Shuu (the one with the motorcycle) didn’t have a big screen time in this episode. I’m excited to discover more about them (one episode will probably be dedicated to every boy to show their background). I also really want to see how Yuta will managed to hide his gay feelings for the rain dude/Otori (I’m joking here, this is a Bishounen, not a Shounen Ai or Yaoi).

The songs are really nice though. Yes even the ” We are the cool Kids” one. The animation is great and for maybe the first time in a musical anime show: NO FREAKING 3D ANIMATION WHEN THEY ARE DANCING ! Was it that complicated ? I’m sooo relieved. I don’t really like 3D animation so I missed all the Aikatsu, Love-Live, Tribe Cool Crew things ( Ok, Ok I watched Uta no prince sama but what did I just said about pretty boys :3 ). When Yuta first starts to dance in his weird hallucination I really thought it was the ending ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ

Overall, this episode was the breath of fresh air that I needed on this rainy monday.

But let’s be honest : 86% gay.

Probability of watching :  YES !

Probability of blogging : Let’s do this ୧ʕ•̀ᴥ•́ʔ୨

Midnight’s impressions

So I’m not usually one for music shows, however this one just had a certain something[gayness] that made me say ‘Sure, I’ll take a look at that.’…You know, for the comedy. Not the total shipping potential between Yuta and Nayuki, oh look at the super energetic kid and the cute dead eyed boy! They’ll make the cutest couple, but wait. What’s this!? Yuta has the hots for Otori!? OH HOW COULD THIS BE!?
Wait, what do you mean this isn’t a yaoi soap opera? You guys are no fun.

So what did I think of this in reality? It was cute. The animation was crisp and flowed nicely, the use of rose petals and feathers at certain parts was beautiful yet hilarious. The part at the beginning when Otori is dancing and the black wings reminded me a lot of Princess Tutu. I doubt that this show will take the kind of dark turn that, that show did…
But It did remind me of it, Which was something.

There isn’t a lot to say since Chari covered the episode pretty well. I don’t like the red haired tsun guy, so much so that I have promptly forgotten his name. I’m pretty interested in the two guys that were only briefly brought up this episode. In particular, Mr. “I’m not my brother” he has a complex, he’s going to be fun. Now what couples am I going to ship in…
OH wait, right, comedy…I’m here for the comedy…not the shipping material.

so now that Yuta and Nayuki are on a Star Team what comes next? Senpai has noticed you Yuta-chan, now prove him right! Prove to him that he was right to trust in you!

Possibility of watching: High
Possibility of reviewing: If Chari wants to share, i’d love too <3