Kono sekai wa hakanaki ashinmetorii

This world exists in ephemeral asymmetry

Man, I love the music in this show. I can’t get enough of the opening theme, “Asymmetry” by Yui Horie. *dances*   If that name is familiar, it’s because she is also the seiyuu for Anna Kushina (Red King). Which makes sense when one watches the opening song and Anna is singing along to some of the lyrics. #SeiyuuCeption?

Episode four quickly rehashes the last couple minutes of the previous episode, reminding us that Fushimi and Yata were facing off against Sukuna, while Kuroh and Neko were fighting against Yukari. Then Shiro smashes into the bridge, all suave and charming, and the latter fight ends abruptly. This scene is also when we get to see the Green King talk through his parrot clansman (there’s something a little odd about seeing human speech come out of a bird’s mouth), and Yukari and Sukuna are ordered to retreat. Cue the happy-sappy-shrieky reunion scene (seriously, Neko’s getting on my nerves) between Shiro and his comrades.

I thought the coffee-table conference scene was amusing. (Anyone else spot the helicopter panties?)  All the peons were provoking each other, and then once Reisi (the Blue King) tried to get the meeting started…. he was no better than the rest of them. ≧◡≦  And I think I will never get over how pretty the moving wallpaper in Shiro’s dorm room looks. Can I get me some of that, pretty please?   。(✿‿✿)。

Shiro informs the assembled group that Daikaku Kokujoji the Gold King, the Second King, has passed away. This information is relevant to the current situation because the Gold King was the one who kept the power of the Dresden Slates in check. Now that he is gone, the Green King is stepping up and causing trouble because he no longer has anyone to fear. Shiro himself is not a direct threat to the Green Clan, but he is still a target because he possesses knowledge about the Dresden Slates that Nagare Hisui wants. That was why the Gold King had kept Adolf K. Weismann (the Silver King) hidden for so long. The end result is that now the Blue, Red and Silver Kings have agreed to become allies against JUNGLE.

However, it appears that Reisi still has some distrust towards our dear Silver King. When Shiro asks if he can help the Blue King guard the Dresden Slates, Reisi politely smacks down Shiro’s request. Kuroh and Neko are there to cheer him up afterwards though, and they retire back to Shiro’s dorm for a yummy dinner.

More than anything, this episode struck me as a review of sorts. The conference scene took up much of the episode, and for viewers like myself who are sometimes a bit slow picking up on all the details, it was a simple yet effective way to sum up the relevant plot thus far. It felt like not a lot happened this episode, and I think that’s because there was so much talk and not a ton of action. There were really only three major scenes – Shiro’s return, the coffee table conference, and Shiro’s talk with Reisi at the end. This is not a bad thing, it just feels a little unusual after having three episodes full of bright lights and loud fights. So, I’m looking forward to seeing our newfound allies kicking some JUNGLE butt in the next episode.


Highlights: Shiro’s back! Also, Yata returning Fushimi’s favor from last season by saving his butt during the battle with Sukuna. And those new pink trash robots – seeing one cheering on the other trash robots racing around the school’s track was pretty cute.

Lowlights: The up close view of Neko’s bare ass when she’s all over Shiro.  (︶︹︺)   Actually almost everything about Neko in this episode.