Kamisama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama Episode 5 [Laugh Damn You!]

Ah, so welcome back everyone to our subtitleless series about selling little girls toys….and…somehow being reviewed by Hideki…(cough) um…anyway it’s been another episode and you know what that means, that’s right, it’s time to introduce another god. As there’s 6 in the opening credits and we only have 3, which means we need #4. Who’s the lucky one this time? Well let’s start and i’ll tell you.

So the episode starts up with Kokoro watching a comedy show with her family and everyone is laughing and enjoying it. Unlike the previous episodes we don’t see this one being born…the new Cocotama kind of just shows up. He’s skulking behind the tv enjoying the fact that everyone is having a good time because, you guessed it, he’s the god of TV. Yes. There is a god of TV and it looks like a little dinosaur with a plug for a tail.

Because when I think Television..I think Dinosaurs
Because when I think Television..I think Dinosaurs

However, Kokoro excuses herself to go upstairs. Annoyed that she left, he goes to see what she’s up to and sees that she’s having fun with the other Cocotamas. He gets pissed off about this but the others eventually notice him and begin to talk to him. He tries to be funny but somehow Luckytama ends up getting more laughs. This pisses him off and he challenges Lucky to a joke off to see who can make the other laugh first.

He agrees and the contest is standing on top of a cd on top of a bottle without falling off and making the other laugh. Unfortunately due to circumstance he loses and Lucky makes him laugh.

Something else to do with those free AOL discs
Something else to do with those free AOL discs

Still pissed off he challenges Lucky to another contest and once again loses. (notice a pattern here)?

The third challenge is a draw and they decide to take a night’s break to have one more challenge the next day.

That night however Kokoro can’t sleep as she stays up drawing something for the new cocotama (his name is Geracho btw..which…this COULD be just a coincidence, but since his magic is laughter and his name is ‘Geracho’ that sounds a lot like ‘Groucho’ aka Groucho Marx from the Marx Brothers an old comedy team from the 30’s…of course, I could just be looking too deeply into this)

Kokoro wants to show him something and talk to him, but he doesn’t want to talk to anyone and says he needs to rest up for the big day tomorrow.

awwww.... is somebody Gwumpy?
awwww…. is somebody Gwumpy?

The final challenge is to walk along the clothing drying rack and not fall off while making the other laugh. It looks like Geracho might win, but then a freak wind blows that paper from the previous night out of Kokoro’s pocket and in a split second he sees what’s on it and sacrifices the challenge to save the paper from blowing away.

Another "Da Fuccckk?" Expression
Another “Da Fuccckk?” Expression

Seeing that it’s a design for items to make him feel at home he agrees to become part of the family and signs his contract. The end. D’aww.

Okay, this episode…here’s the thing. I like this new character, but I wasn’t too big of a fan of the episode. Why? Because it was one of THOSE episodes. You know, the one where there’s a bunch of contests and the one guy keeps losing and can’t get a break against the guy who’s not really trying? I know this seems specific, but think about it. It happens more often then you’d think.

I felt bad for Geracho a lot of the episode and wasn’t really ENJOYING watching him fail. I kinda wanted him to win but I guess it was for him to “learn a life lesson” or something like that.

It's funny because he thinks nobody wants or loves him?...I guess?
It’s funny because he thinks nobody wants or loves him?…I guess?

However, I do think that Geracho will be a nice addition to the team and I’m interested to see the dynamic he’s going to bring to the group.  I think what’s going to happen next if the past is any indication is that now that we’ve introduced two more characters we need to have another “tagging along” episode like we did in episode 3 which will be nice to see some character development. I want to see Oshaki and Geracho do some stuff as a 4 person dynamic with different personalities is better than just the first two who kind of have the same. All in all…episode wasn’t great, but I liked the character it brought in.

Episode 6/10


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