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It took about three series, but finally… it feels like the Gundam that made me fall in love with the franchise in the first place is making a comeback. This premiere was incredibly fast-paced, solid and had a convincing introduction.
First off, our main characters are no strangers to the battlefield. They grew up as child soldiers who work through harsh labor while on stand-by. The main cast who are identified as the Third Group have such a fine dynamic, and just within this episode, they were able to establish their bonds and how much the value and care for each other. They all share a sentimental dream of going to the place they truly belong, and it’s that sentimental value that instantly makes this show way more promising than the last few previous successors. For a while now, the Gundam has been quite a hit or miss for me, so that’s why this series and this premiere makes me so excited. This type of storyline is right down my alley.

It is an understatement to say the pace of the episode was almost overwhelming due to the amount of information and how the trigger to set off the series of events to follow happened instantaneously. Not for once second, within this episode was there lacking intensity. Even when Kudelia was talking with her mother, the mood’s grim intensity remained overhead simply because we already know she is a target, and the moment she brought up how she was surprised her father was suddenly supporting her, raised a lot of flags. We knew just from the opening of the episode, this was going to get ugly real fast.

Right off the bat we learn the conflict is taking place on Mars. It involves a major movement striving for Mars’ independence, and Gjallarhorn, however wants none of that.
Now If I understood correctly, Gjallarhorn are the ones who are reigning control over Mars, but the only thing I presently need clarification on is, whether or not Earth Sphere and Gjallarhorn are part of the same fraction. Right now it sounds like they are due to the fact we have heard the Earth Sphere’s economy depends on Mars. So if Mars were to become independent, then the Earth Sphere will lose out on their economic resources. This would explain further why they absolutely want to suppress and dismantle this movement in any way they can, and the first step would be to assassinate Kudelia Aina Bernstein, who is considered as the leader of the movement. It certainly doesn’t help how her father had already sold out. Had she not handpicked the Third Group to be her escorts, her fate may have been very different.

Kudelia is perceived as a threat due to her family’s deep involvement/connections with Earth. In fact, that’s exactly where she was planning to go, to be an advocate for Mars. For her journey, she made the decision to handpick the Third Group to be her escorts. Her purpose for doing was so she could have the opportunity to get know them more and hope to gain understanding of their struggles and share their pain. You know right then and there with that mindset Kudelia is indeed naive and innocent. It was highlighted when she was trying to establish an equal relationship with her escorts. It was her naivety and her word choice that back-fired when she had requested to exchange a handshake with Mikazuki in order to “be on equal terms”. She was stung quite bad when Mikazuki called her out on her reasoning to make it so they are on equal terms. With that slap in the face, I am fairly certain she realized realized he was right. It is too bad because we know she had good intentions behind the gesture, but her reasoning spoiled it.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 1 Img 0038Within this episode, we are introduced to many characters, making it difficult to remember all of their names spitting out like rapid-fire, at least our two most important characters (other than Kudelia) were able stand-out in their own way. What made me instantly fall in love with our main cast is how they are no strangers to the battlefield. They are a band of brothers who grew up as child soldiers who work through harsh labor while on stand-by. The Third Group have such a fine dynamic (especially Orega and Mikazuki), and just within this episode, they were able to establish their bonds and how much the value and care for each other. They all share a sentimental dream of going to the place they truly belong, and it’s that sentimental value that instantly makes this show way more promising than the last few previous successors. It is also encouraging to have a relatively quiet character Mikazuki who is shown to be humane.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 1 Img 0033Orega is awesome, I am already a huge fan of his. He is a total badass, willingly to defy orders to protect his squad, and is such an awesome leader. I was actually quite worried about him being killed, but thankfully Mikazuki showed up with the Gundam in epic fashion. And speaking of which, it appears our Third Group squad are the ones who built the Gundam we see them take into battle today. I actually love that because this isn’t about some genius who designed and built it. This is clearly something this group has done altogether, and it embodies their hopes and dreams for a better future.

Overall yes, I am really impressed with this first episode. I haven’t even touched up on the character designs and animation quality- both top notch, and it truly speaks for itself. We have characters who grew up in a gritty and abusive environment, they are resilient, they have no armor, they have these injections in their backs to ‘hook’ them up to the mobile suits they use, and I really look forward to getting to know the rest of the squad (especially Biscuit). The oppositions is also very interesting, has their share of crazy characters, but also some interesting ones where I am very curious to see where they will go. We had one pilot who was disgusted at the commander who was leading the mission to assassinate Kudelia for causing unnecessary causalities, a trainee who (is very handsome by the way) appears to be very new and inexperienced to the battlefield. I am eager to find out what type of character he will become, a part of me hope he becomes more of a friend than foe because of reasons. Final Verdict: I hope this series will be good and all I can hope it that it will deliver!

PS: Have I told you how much I LOVE this Gundam Mobile Suit design, hands down, definitely my favorite to date!

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  1. Chris Marshall

    man, looking at their backs was brutal. I don’t mean this in an insensitive way, but when I saw their backs the first thought that came in my head was “do they sleep on their sides all the time because what happens if they lie down on their back?” Like its not that big of an issue but I hope that sometime by the end of the series they’re able to pilot mech’s without the spires coming out of their spines and get it surgically fixed, because the opposition appears to not being using methods like that (for obvious reasons)

    1. Eva

      Agree, the spire sticking out of their spine startled me real good when I first saw it. I was trying to figure out- but before i could they delivered the explanation in a timely manner! XD I hope there will be a shift for the better for them, but it would be an interesting change though if they continue to use it- especially within the gundam since we haven’t seen the inside of the pilot cockpit yet.
      But for now, prayer circle for all of them to get treatment for their spines in the future ; v ;||||

  2. exof954

    GUNDAM IS BAAACK!! My god, these characters just took my heart and ran with it. I am loving this show, loving the characters and their interactions are SO GOOD….
    Although I think you’re mistaken about the Barbatos, though. Pretty sure that it’s a leftover relic from previous wars that they patched up, not an actual Gundam built from scratch. Although it still does pretty much represent their hopes and dreams. Really curious about Orega and Mika’s past together, and the princess is really intriguing- she’s one of the most realistic Gundam girls I think I’ve ever seen, to be honest- she’s headstrong, but not an empty, idiotic haremette, idealistic but quick to learn from her mistakes. I think I like this one! Now if only the other girl could learn from her… sigh.
    And there’s a TON of callbacks to Gundam 00 with this show. The whole war-torn orphans theme, just like Setsuna’s past in that terrorist organization with Ali Al Sarchez, the specially modified mecha-wielding humans (Innovators), the rebellions in poor, war-torn territories… Like you said, it feels like the Gundams of old are alive and well with this series. But it’s not a real copy either, but new and fresh like Build Fighters was. WOO!
    (I do wanna know who our Prince Ali is gonna be, though… in a setting like this it’s too good an opportunity to pass up! XD)

    1. Eva

      😉 Still close enough.
      I thought about Gundam 00 too, but what stood out to me the most was Mikazuki being the similar but noticably different compared to Gundam 00 season 1 Setsuna, which is why his humane quality stood out to me the most unlike…. “Gundam… Gundam… Gundam…” LOL.
      I adore their names- especially Biscuit, he has a special place in my heart.

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