Congratulations Bones, we are only into week two, and you already made me cry. I knew this would happen sooner or later. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHEN I ALREADY KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN, IT STILL HURTS LIKE HELL!
Last season, I criticized BONES for softening the darkness of the series, but they made it crystal clear there is going to be none of that this season. They are now embracing the darkness of this story and it is going to be a lot more intense and gruesome to watch. I was so caught off-guard by how graphic Suzuha’s death was, the minute I saw blood I covered my eyes. And if you didn’t guess already, it was Suzuha’s death which caused me to cry. It was absolutely gruesome. Kugaha had phantom wolves mauled the kid to death after exploiting his vulnerability, he making it so he didn’t even have a chance to defend himself.
Noragami Aragoto Ep 2 Img 0031But Kugaha has much grander plans. He is on a mission to kill Bishamon, and he intends to do so by using her beloved family. In order to accomplish his plans, he is targeting Kazuma, knowing he is always by Bishamon’s side. Kazuma is not an idiot, and he did see the blight and knows something is amiss, but Kugaha done something to make it vanish. By doing so, he is making so everyone would lose confidence in Kazuma, including Bishamon. He needs him out of the way in order to increase his chances of accomplishing his plot. And another thing we saw today was how Kugahaalso has connections with Nora. This informs us how he isn’t doing this on his own and has a backer assisting him with this mission. Kugaha also plans to use Yato due to how hostile Bishamon is towards him.
What made Suzuha’s death hurt the most was not simply because Suzuha was a sweet child, but the fact he was Yukine’s first friend to be around his age who was a fellow regalia. Suzuha was a friend who Yukine didn’t have to worry about being forgotten by. It gave him something else to look forward to and engage in besides working alongside Yato as his regalia and hanging out with Hiyori. As of right now, Yukine still has no idea his new friend is dead…
But along with their short but earnest friendship, Suzuha also gave Yukine a sad reminder about how their lives aren’t the same as they used to be. In the past, Suzuha was friends with a girl named Tomoko. She was a living human who was able to see him. She would come around every summer to visit her grandmother, and although she would have forgotten him by the following summer, they would be re-introduced to each other and restart their relationship from there. But one year they decided to make a promise on the cherry blossom tree. Pledging they would meet again to see the blossoms bloom.
Unfortunately, it has been thirty years since… and Suzuha acknowledged she most likely has forgotten him and his promise.
This really struck Yukine and he became devastated at the idea of Hiyori forgetting them when she gets older as she moves on with her life. And it is a tragic thought. Hiyori is the heart of their little group. The support and friendship she is for both of them is a precious gift. For Yukine, if the day ever comes where she forgets them, he will treat his homework as a poof of their friendship, his own version of Suzuha’s pledge on the cherry blossom tree.
The storm is looming overhead and is just waiting to unleash its fury. Kugaha made himself known to Yato that he is trouble (and reeked death), especially when he tried to mess with Yato while he was unarmed. He also deliberately jabbed Yato psychologically, reminding him of how he will surely disappear since he is a nobody. Remember, a God would disappear if no one remembers them, and this is why it upsets Yato so much and he is cherishes Hiyori being close to him.
Next week, Yukine and Yato will be confronting Bishamon. It will most certainly be an intense encounter, but something tells me we are in store for a potentially dramatic cliffhanger next week with the was the pace has been doing.

Noragami Aragoto Ep 2 Img 0021
RIP Suzuha 🙁


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  1. Charibo

    Tears, tears all over my eyes. I actually started crying when Yukine was talking about the possibility of Hiyori forgetting them. I can’t help it, it was so sad. And then, the next scene T-T
    WHY ? Suzuha was SO NICE. His background story is so sad, he just die before realizing his dream and as you said, he was yukine first friend. THIS IS SO PAINFUL. KUREHA I HATE YOU SO MUCH! I HOPE YATO WILL KICK UR ASS!

    1. Eva

      Why not just rip my heart out?! Q_____Q

  2. Berry

    I haven’t read the manga in awhile but I don’t remember Suzuha’s death being THAT graphic. I mean jesus christ even I had to look away for a second which is weird because I’ve seen worse things. Aha, but I was prepared dammit and it was worse than I imagined. :’)))))))))

    1. Eva

      X__X Agree, it was definitely more graphic than the manga. I am actually a bit worried about how graphic its going to get when it gets REALLY ugly. If BONES doesn’t tone it down just SLIGHTLY, then I am definitely going to be covering my eyes during the majority of that episode.

  3. zztop

    The problem is there’s no mutual honesty between Bishamon and her Regalia.
    Neither side wants to look like the bad guy who’s putting pressure on the other, so they all just sweep their personal issues under the carpet and pretend everything’s OK.

    1. Eva

      Yes you are right about that, but it is also because they don’t want to burden her with what is sometimes the ugly truth.

  4. lilgamergal

    I cried like a lil bum. Just…it was so sad. Suzu died while crying and Yukine was his first friend and Bish knew who died and waaaaaah ;_; im too sad for words rn omfg

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