Wow…this..this episode. I..i’m not really sure what to say about this episode. I mean i’m obviously going to TRY but um…yeah… this…this is going to be interesting as this is one of the WEIRDEST episodes of anything i’ve ever reviewed. So uh..let’s…let’s begin.

So this episode is a bunch of little vignettes with no real connection but i’ll do my best to recollect most of them.

The first one before the credits is about three of the brothers in space in spacesuits. They don’t realize they have limited air and then they run out of air and die. …yeah…yeah that’s about it. Not much more to say about that one.

The next few minutes is dedicated to jokes about the saw franchise. A discount Jigsaw kidnaps one of the brothers thinking it’s Osomatsu. However, it takes him to the fourth movie to get the right brother. Unfortunately he got them wrong and wanted revenge on the wrong brother, so it takes him another few movies to get it right. By the time the…I think it’s the 7th movie, just gives up and kills one of the brothers even though he’s not the right one.

Wanting revenge on a single one of sextuplets WOULD suck wouldn't it?
Wanting revenge on a single one of sextuplets WOULD suck wouldn’t it?

The next little story is actually broken up into three parts throughout the episode in a parody of Anpanman. For those of you who don’t know what Anpanman is, it’s an anime about a guy made out of bread who is a superhero. That’s….pretty much it. It’s actually extremely popular in Japan despite having never made it to America with OVER ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED EPISODES since 1988. vlcsnap-2015-10-21-19h45m11s857 anpanman

However, while Anpanman is cute and made of bread….this guy…is a little more disturbing. I..I can’t believe i’m typing this, but here’s what happens. There’s a little girl crying about being hungry so Dekapanman takes a dump and offers her what he calls a “karinto” but it..i think he’s offering her his crap unless he craps out karinto. I…i’m actually laughing while typing this. This is so stupid………

I..I don't even
I..I don’t even

He then gets shot in the head by a cop. Oh, but that’s not the end of his adventures. In part two, he’s in jail from the events of part 1 and some inmates lose their ball. So he decides to…….(sigh) rip his ball off and give it to them to play with..the fuck is with this episode?

Jesus christ it still has a hair on it
Jesus christ it still has a hair on it

And part three has the same girl from part 1 but this time is cold, so he offers her his underpants and gets shot again.

The sad thing is, that's the LEAST creepy of the three things.
The sad thing is, that’s the LEAST creepy of the three things.

Another short story involves one of the brothers winning money at pachinko and trying to hide it from his brothers, but they pose as cops and take it from him. I didn’t like this short as it was mean spirited and not really funny at all.

Yeah. this..this wasn't very funny
Yeah. this..this wasn’t very funny

Another story involves it being sleep time for the six brothers but through a bunch of wacky events, one of the brothers can’t get to sleep and tries a bunch of times in vain to get back to sleep.

Um...well..i guess it's not as mean spirited?
Um…well..i guess it’s not as mean spirited?

But enough of that, we’re on the move to ANOTHER short story which is about the brothers dressing up on Halloween and visiting the guy with the big teeth’s house and basically taking everything he owns while saying “Trick or Treat”

Huh..I had no idea we were allowed to do that on Halloween...
Huh..I had no idea we were allowed to do that on Halloween…

And the final story I..I don’t even know how to say this. So….I guess I just will. So… so… the brothers are at a hot spring and one of the brothers to play a game of…..(rubs temples) Jesus……. guess which dick belongs to which brother.

I have picard face palmed several times in reviewing this.
I have picard face palmed several times in reviewing this.

And…really that’s all you need to know about this episode.

My god. This episode. This episode. This was like the writers had a conference and said “Okay, go home and write 2 of the most fucked up ideas you can think of and bring them into work tomorrow”. And without any checks or balances went “Fantastic! let’s use them!” This episode was so all over the place..I..don’t even.

This episode was hard to review as there was no coherent story line and all it really accomplished was hurting my brain. A lot of the short stories felt very mean spirited and didn’t really leave you with a good feeling. It leaves you feeling kind of…..odd. I know i’m not being very specific but this really is one of those episodes you have to watch for yourself just to know what the hell i’m talking about. The short vignette idea works, but the stories themselves are…strange to say the least. Did I like this episode? It’s hard to tell…a lot of them I didn’t like…but…I didn’t HATE it if that’s what you’re wondering. It didn’t make me want to punch things like Vanadis did it just..made my head hurt a bit. So..there’s that? I did laugh at the saw parody so..that’s a plus. Other than that….it didn’t really save the whole episode though.

Episode 4/10


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  1. Berry

    Jesus christ this show is so FUCKING FUNNY. I don’t know which one was my favorite, but the very last one at the bathhouse had me laughing the most.

    I will explain this, though. I just recently found out that the director for this is also the same director for Gintama, which made so much sense to me as the weird humor is identical. And I’m certain the director was inspired for all the dick jokes in the last short from Gintama as it also has many dick jokes. So many that I haven’t seen them all yet. So if people watching this haven’t seen Gintama, just expect the same type of humor. It’s just so funny.

  2. higgsbosoff

    Hm, there’s not much to say, you gotta appreciate black humour to like this :D. I laughed my ass off but then again I’m not put off at all by mean jokes – and God were some of these mean! The police one though I suspect was mostly meant as a parody of the typical “cop shows” where the cameras follow the police in some action/pursuit. I don’t know if they have those in Japan as well or if it was a shot at the US ones.

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