Owarimonogatari Episode 4: Sodachi Lost, Part One

Thank you, Hanekawa (‘s breasts). 

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I’m so glad that Araragi is a pervert.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 22.22.39I mean, putting aside the fact that Hanekawa is clearly the better girl in any scenario, I had a feeling that something really, really bad would happen if he decided to have Ougi accompany him. I’m actually terrified of her at times, most of all because Araragi himself doesn’t seem to be aware of how unnaturally creepy she is. I’m not sure why Hanekawa is saying that there’s nothing more dangerous than Ougi, but I agree with her in that she’s right to be scared. And that she’s right to expect her to be tailing them.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 22.02.05Ougi does weird things to Araragi, and I don’t mean that in a perverted context at all. All throughout the series, Araragi is usually a confident speaker – he’s witty, says clever things, and is generally able to keep up the banter with heavy hitters like Shinobu or Senjougahara. He drives conversations forward. He’s the main character. But with Ougi, all he does is just sit there and listen – it’s so weird watching someone else walk all over him. And on top of that, it’s like he’s in a trance with Ougi – she makes up random promises for them to meet after appearing out of nowhere, to the point where Araragi himself is really starting to doubt it. But even then, she manages to wheedle him into doing something along her terms. It’s creepy. Most of all, Araragi doesn’t seem to be aware of the influence she has over him – he tells Hanekawa that he was the one who remembered everything about How Much-chan, and Ougi just tagged along. Which isn’t it at all, because Ougi was the one who coaxed him into the locked room, and made his memories resurface.

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Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 22.13.19So I think Hanekawa is definitely along the right lines, in that Araragi needs to be protected from something. I was so happy when she came to rescue him and started a verbal showdown with Ougi. Ougi really limited herself in transferring into the school as a kouhai – she may have thought Araragi would be all weak to her as he is with Kanbaru at times, but it means she has to play by the rules of social hierarchy, and that puts her at a disadvantage compared to Hanekawa. I’m now operating on the assumption that she definitely isn’t what she says she is – I doubt she’s even human, let alone Oshino’s niece. A ‘spirit possessing him’? I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually was. And she’s rapidly filling up the list of things she knows even though she shouldn’t, and Hanekawa has her ‘how does this bitch know that?’ face on – how does she know Gahara-san’s house is further away than Oikura’s? And even before that, how does she know they were going to visit her at all? What is this spooky girl’s endgame? Is she even a girl?

Bad, bad things would have happened if Araragi had grasped those comfy sleeves. Thank god Hanekawa has boobs. Bless her. Now we can safely continue on to the Oikura pyjama party!

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8 thoughts on “Owarimonogatari Episode 4: Sodachi Lost, Part One

  1. I’ve only been following this through blogs since after the first season, but that… creature is still creepy to me.

    An artist whose stuff I keep track of on Danbooru drew a picture of her. That doesn’t sound like much, but this artist generally draws pictures of creepy cyborg or monster girls, usually with extra limbs or limbs replaced with inhuman limbs or with weapons. Poisons are often involved and such. Disturbing in nature, but the artwork is good, so I follow it. ANYway, he just drew Ougi looking just like normal. No changes to her, nothing to make her visually match his usual girls. And yet she somehow does not feel at all out of place in their company.

    1. I’m not surprised. I’m 99% sure Ougi isn’t human, and every episode just confirms my suspicions even more. If they suddenly reveal that Araragi has been bewitched by her (or it?) all this time I wouldn’t really be fazed.

      1. I’d planned to watch the latest episodes once I noticed their coverage on the blog, but unfortunately I can’t seem to stream them properly with the internet as it is 🙁

        However~! I simply must ask: this Danbooru/Safebooru artist, who is it, Wanderer?

        By “creepy cyborg or monster girls, usually with extra limbs or limbs replaced with inhuman limbs or with weapons” are you referring to Shinkaisei-kan? Are you referring to THE Kei-Suwabe?!

        1. No one that interesting, so far as I know. He’s listed on Danbooru as “Gia.” He has drawn a few of the abyssal fleet from Kancolle, but he mostly seems to stick to his own original creations.

          Although I note, after looking up Kei Suwabe on Danbooru, that his latest picture is ALSO of Ougi.

          1. I had to look up Gia’s name, but I’ve actually seen most of his artwork before, but that was before I really started to memorize names on the site.

            It’s a little fascinating to me how when I looked for “Ougi looking just like normal” I didn’t lock on to Gia’s artwork at all and not because of remembering the associated style or name. My strong memories of Kei-Suwabe aside, apparently I interpreted Ougi standing upright with desks and chairs flying all around her… as more normal than Ougi floating at an angle with her rump rather exposed.

            Anyway, thanks for bringing me back to an artist whose works I’ve been fond of and still am fond of.

            1. All I really meant by “normal” was that she hadn’t been transformed physically in any way to fit the monstrous appearance that is more common for the girls Gia tends to draw. She looks… well… I suppose I could say “human,” but I feel really hesitant to use that term with her.

              Glad I could help you find Gia again. His artwork is strange, but good.

          2. Gia’s usual creations certainly look interesting, but my favourite (as you may be able to guess) is this one: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2018624?tags=gia

            That drawing reminded me of Yama no Susume, which I thought was a wonderful show. I’m pretty neutral towards monster girls in general (still on-hold at the first episode of Monster Musume).

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