Every week I watch this show I think to myself “Oh no, this show is going too well. The next episode is going to be REALLY BAD because i’m enjoying myself too much.” And, to my surprise, that did not happen this episode. And I am very relieved. This show just keeps making me laugh, and considering the source material, that’s pretty amazing.
So the episode starts up with Annie about to tell everyone that her favorite food is Cheeseburgers, however, she can’t as Eren made a big deal of it from the previous episode and everyone acted like he was a little kid because of it. So now the Cheeseburger idea is tarnished. Because of this, now she hates Eren and wants to beat him bad in the dodgeball tournament the school is going to have.

to be fair...cheeseburger related anger is the leading cause of problems in Japanese schools
to be fair…cheeseburger related anger is the leading cause of problems in Japanese schools

Unfortunately, the next day when the tournament is being held, Eren doesn’t show up for school because he slept in. Because of this Mikasa doesn’t play at all and goes emo because she can’t do anything unless Eren is involved. (Considering the show this is based on, I find that REALLY REALLY funny.) They somehow manage to make it past the first round despite the fact that everyone is pretty terrible at the game.

oh Connie. you wacky wacky guy
oh Connie. you wacky wacky guy

Right before the final round Eren arrives at school and joins in the tournament and no matter how many times Eren gets hit, Mikasa catches the ball so he doesn’t get knocked out of the game. Eventually Eren asks Annie why he hates him so much and she tells him it’s because of the cheeseburger thing. However, Eren tells her how it’s not a big deal and since they both like Cheeseburgers they should be friends. She agrees and then Connie hits her in the head with a ball and they win.

Haha...damn it Connie
Haha…damn it Connie

The episode wraps up with Eren eating his cheeseburger lunch but drops it on the ground so Annie shares hers with him, but Mikasa tries to shove her food in his mouth, showing that there’s probably going to be a love triangle going on here.

oh baby
oh baby

This recap was short for the reason that most comedy show recaps are short. The reason why this show is great is all in the delivery. The scenes I describe aren’t really that funny unless you watch them. The nuances are great, like Potato girl unable to get hit as long as she’s eating, or Connie being a complete dumbass and not understanding the rules of Dodgeball.
I IMMENSELY enjoy this show. Way far more than I thought I would. It has gotten to the point that my head canon is that THIS is the real universe and that Eren had a bad nightmare of the other serious universe like it shows in the opening theme song.

Seriously...the more I watch this show..fuck the original
Seriously…the more I watch this show..fuck the original

Another thing this show did right was, even though several characters were already dead at this point in the other series, they don’t just ignore them, they actually have them still in the show, such as Marco and Thomas. I like this touch. It’s like somebody said “Huh..if we DIDN’T kill these guys…what would they be like?” And i’m a BIG BIG fan of that ideology.

Thomas is like "Being dead? Pff. Bitch please. I don't have time for that shit."
Thomas is like “Being dead? Pff. Bitch please. I don’t have time for that shit.”

Every time I watch this show I think “This is going to be the bad episode”. But I haven’t been disappointed yet. Not even because of the source material, but just because it is a genuinely funny show. Even if it wasn’t based on a damn thing, it would STILL be funny. If I showed this to a person that NEVER saw attack on titan I would still expect laughs out of them.
This show manages to not just have the main character stand out, but the side characters all get their moments even though it’s a parody show. And the word for that is amazing. I’m going to keep watching and enjoy every second of this show.
Episode 8.5/10