I  never thought I’d say that every time I saw an episode of something related to Attack on Titan, it would make me smile…but goddamn it this show. I can’t help but love this show. It’s just fantastic. The biggest problem I have with the normal Attack on Titan is it takes itself so goddamn seriously and it’s supposed to be scary. Honestly, it’s a stupid premise. I know i’m going to get attacked for this, but honestly….it’s stupid. This show is basically playing off of the fact of how stupid it is. And that’s one of the reasons this show is amazing.

So, enough of that ego stroking for the show, what’s this episode about? If you were hoping for an episode parodying the episode where they train to become titan fighters then you are in luck. Because today we start off with the gang being forced to join the wall clean up club (because they joined the unofficial anti-titan club last episode) and it’s the only club left that’s non-titan.

That WOULD suck if clean up was the only club left...
That WOULD suck if clean up was the only club left…

So the leader of the club is a girl named Rico. Okay, before you all go crazy, I have absolutely no idea who Rico is….probably because the original show was losing my attention when I first watched it. Hang on. I will LITERALLY go wiki her right now.

(reads wiki)

Ohhh…okay. Now I kind of get it.

haha it's funny because all of her friends died in the other version. ...wait..that's amazingly dark actually
haha it’s funny because all of her friends died in the other version. …wait..that’s amazingly dark actually

So her schtick is that no one is left in the club because they all graduated, paralleling her “everyone died” backstory of the other show. So she’s basically telling them that the future of the club is up to them.

However, they have absolutely no interest in this club until they see her riding around on the omnidirectional device which she uses to clean the walls and get to hard to reach places. They all want to use the gear, however, she says they’re not worthy of it so they clean the school like crazy until it gleams and she agrees to let them use it after training.

Sparkle Sparkle!
Sparkle Sparkle!

Everyone learns how to use it pretty easily, except for Eren, who, like in the other show gets a faulty gear. However, Rico doesn’t want to admit this as she just finished saying that if it was the gear’s fault she’d eat spaghetti through her nose. Luckily for her, Hannes shows up and tries out the gear, and Rico blames him on breaking the gear saying he was drunk. Eren tries again and this time he does just fine.

is it weird that hannes was my second favorite character besides Jean in the other show?
is it weird that Hannes was my second favorite character besides Jean in the other show?

Now that they’re all part of the group, they see Titans spraying graffiti on the wall and Eren, too angry at what he sees to stop himself, tries to attack them, but fails and falls on the ground as he hasn’t anywhere near mastered the gear yet.

Cue the 'wah wah' music
Cue the ‘wah wah’ music

And that’s basically where the episode ends.

As I’ve said in the past, I really like this show and I think it’s a better fit for the silly premise than the other show. It’s interesting to see the switch from using the gear to attack titans to using it to clean up. The characters every episode act far more exaggerated, but it works for a comedy show and makes me like their characters even more. If I had been introduced into this concept with this being the original show I would probably have a better taste of the whole concept in my mouth then if I started with the other show.

to me, this is entertainment
to me, this is entertainment

Rico’s pretty funny as is Mr Hannes as usual, and while it’s silly, that’s the point. I myself don’t really see this series as a quick cash in as it’s, in my opinion, more of what the series SHOULD have been in the first place.

Eren still wants to hunt titans albeit the reason has totally changed, Mikasa still loves him, and Armin’s still a bit of a pansy. Everything stays basically the same, but it removes the overall feeling of dread and hopelessness that the other series portrays and honestly, that dystopian crap is not my cup of tea.

I like where this is going and the only problem I am having so far is that it’s not next week.

Episode 7.5/10