Seriously, she’s dead? Already? I didn’t even expect Magata to die, but damn there she is. Dead. No wonder I thought she was too stiff, that’s because she’s dead and she’s been dead for days according to the doctor.  What’s worse, her arms and legs were amputated. Why? The characters are trying to figure that out, along with the whole murder mystery, like how she was killed, and who is the murderer.

[HorribleSubs] Subete ga F ni Naru - 03 [1080p].mkv0004

I actually didn’t notice her arms weren’t even there, and the fact that I didn’t see the outline of her legs on the cart. You’d see an outline if her legs were dangling off the cart or if she was kneeling. Amazing that her corpse was able to stay upright and not fall off when the cart was moving, then again the cart wasn’t moving very slowly. The wedding dress is another weird thing to question, there must be some significance to it.

But the main questions to this murder mystery is who, and how. The funny thing is that the doctor didn’t even tell everyone how she was murdered. He debunked suicide, but all he said was that it was a murder but what? When looking at her face, it’s very calm. From what we can see from the outside, she doesn’t have any wounds or blood on her face. And since she’s wearing a white dress we’d be able to see the blood but then again the murderer could have just cleaned her up, especially after the amputation. But why put Magata in this showy outfit?

[HorribleSubs] Subete ga F ni Naru - 03 [1080p].mkv0058But the big question is how the killer was able to kill her. The show has repeated this, Magata has never left her room in 15 years. They even have security footage for those 15 years which they checked and confirmed that Magata never left. She has that one door she came out of, and also a smaller door for smaller items to be given to her. The staff keep saying that there’s only one entrance to that room, and seeing as how no one went inside that room, well…what the heck. Even they all seem to think that the killer is still inside the room, so they haven’t even gotten inside to check for some clues because they want to wait for the police, but their system is down again and they can’t contact anyone on the outside. They’re waiting for the director to come back so he can contact police from the helicopter. Saikawa-sensei thinks the killer hid under the cart and was covered by the wedding dress, and in their confusion they could have escaped through the elevator, but the security footage proves otherwise. Also, the doctor lifted up the dress to see the amputated legs, so there’s that too. As to how the person got in? Who knows. Are they still in there?

Thanks to the ending, no I guess not. The director arrived to the lab with Magata’s little sister, Miki. They announce the death and the director contacts the outside. Miki goes to see the body along with the director’s wife and really she’s the only one in this episode who had a normal reaction to this death – tears and sadness, probably because Shiki was her sister, but I just found it weird that some scenes were a little lighthearted after, especially with Moe, like seeing a corpse had no effect on her. She did seem scared at the end when seeing the director’s dead body, but she’s just so calm and smiling most of the episode. So it’s just weird. She’s just so weird to me! And I know she’s significant, why else would they repeat the interview she had with Magata? These two are related somehow. They show some similarities with them, like how Magata was lucky that Moe was able to meet an adult smarter than her (Saikawa), unlike her, which is something she probably wanted.

I don’t want to go so far as to say that Moe was the one that killed Magata, as I don’t know when she killed her but we still have more episodes to figure this out. But there just seems to be some kind of connection with those two, but now the director was killed? Now it’s raising more questions.

Again, this was a slow episode full of exposition pertaining to these two questions, how and why? I found it hilarious when Saikawa said Moe didn’t need to say her thoughts out loud, but she wanted to because that’s what characters in mystery shows do. “Expository dialogue, right? I hate it.” WELL DAMN ME TOO AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING.

[HorribleSubs] Subete ga F ni Naru - 03 [1080p].mkv0098The more I learn about Magata’s past, the more fucked up it gets, and the more I don’t want to know anymore. So it’s confirmation that she was in a pedophilic-incestuous relationship with her uncle. And I hope the “losing something” he mentioned in the end meant her first kiss and not her virginity, because then we’d be entering rape and I don’t know if I could handle that. I don’t think I could. These are very sensitive and VERY SERIOUS topics. I’m sure these flashbacks of her past and her uncle narrating have to do with something with this mystery. To learn more about her. But seeing Magata as a child and her in the interview with Moe, she seemed like a very cunning and manipulative person, so I find it surprising she was killed. With the pacing this show is going at, we probably won’t figure things out until the very end. It’s very slow, and it can be boring, but there’s so many interesting ideas and theories and backstories and all these things that keep me glued in and thinking, which is what I like. It’s slow, but there’s a lot of info that keeps me intrigued.

This is the definition of a pure mystery.


Unfortunately still a weeb

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  1. nikolita

    Such an unusual show. I’ve been reading your reviews and I’m thinking of watching it.

    1. Berry

      Very unusual indeed, and disturbing. It’s been an interesting watch so far, and if you can handle slow shows then I’d say give it a try. But if you can’t but still want to, then it’d maybe be better to wait until it finishes and then marathon it.

      1. Nikolita

        I don’t mind some slow shows. (Saiunkoku Monogatari, Mushishi, etc) I think I’ll wait til it’s done and then marathon it, like you said. 🙂

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