Just look at them, they are so cute

I wanted to watch this show in the first place because all the characters looked cute and because it was rated under the “detective” label. Even if the show promises me detective stories, ( SPOILER ALERT) I know that  this crew will not solve big murders nor dissolve big criminal organisations. Here we are talking about daily mysteries such as the mysterious disappearance  of a bike ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ.

Also this is a TV-short, it only lasts for 9 minutes, so I just want it to be refreshing and relaxing. Let’s do this !

 The main heroine of the show is Tachibana Aya. She’s a bit of a loner and doesn’t any friends in school mostly because she’s not even trying to talk to people. As for the boys they are the soccer Team Kz. Don’t ask me why a soccer team, I don’t know either. They are the classic popular boys, intelligent, pretty and good at sports. In other words: totemo kakoii and sugoii desu ne.

One day, on her way to school Aya meets the first three members of the Team KZ by almost getting hit by one of them on his bike. The boy’s name Wakatake and while he’s comparing her to a moving mailbox, Kuroki, the second member of the Kz team tries to hit on her. Finally Uesugi makes his entrance and tells Kuroki to chill and to control his horny hormones. If she was admiring them like all the other girls before, now she finds them weird and doesn’t want to have anything to do with them.

So, one day, she gets transferred to a special class because her math’s grades are catastrophic but she really good at Japanese. What a coincidence her new classmates are the Team KZ. I didn’t see that coming. Okay, I’m too picky on this one.  She also meets the last member of the Team KZ : Kozuka. A short time after, they all pissed Wakatake off by saying that he’s pretentious, snobby and show-off because trololol it’s fun to say bullshit about a friend. So Wakatake leave the room and Aya is left behind with the rest of the cool kids gang. They assure her that they all “love “ Wakatake even if he is arrogant and stuff. Well, they sure have strange ways to demonstrate their affection.

The next day because Wakatake’s bike was stolen, he wants Aya to write a statement. And that’s apparently how their little detective club started.

Will Wakatake-kun find his stolen bike? The suspense is unbearable ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ


Charibo first Impressions : 

Well, overall this is a cute show, the main heroine is lovable, maybe a bit naive and awkward but she has a certain talent for repartee. She seems to not be the kind of girl who is only a witness in her own show. Yes, I’m looking at you Yui from Diabolik Lovers. She has her own issues that she’s decided to solve when she finally realize that “What really matters is not getting along with everyone but also getting to like them”. There you go girl !

I have a little disclaimer on this sentence though. As I watched the show twice, once with the English subtitles on and the second time with the french subtitles, I noticed that the meaning of the sentence changes from one version to another. In the French version Aya says ” What matters is not to avoid problems but to create bounds”. And then she wonders how to make people like her. So basically in the French version Aya wants people to like her and in the English version she wants to like people. Oh and because I am curious I also checked the Spanish subtitles and I think the meaning of the sentence changes again XD. I think she says something like : “the most important thing is to care about everybody and not to fake friendship”. But my current Spanish level doesn’t allow me to give you a proper translation, so sorry if I’m wrong. Also no way that I can understand the full sentence in Japanese, I just now how to say the time and “how much is this watch please ? “. Well,since I don’t really know who to trust I will only look at the English subtitles.

Also, I hope they’re will be character development for the boys and not only for Aya. I’d really like to see how they can evolve to became something different than basic boys stereotypes. I can sum them up for you:

Wakatake: the rude and hot headed one

Uesugi: the stoic and smart guy with glasses aka: the nicer version of Tsukishima from Haikyuu!!

Kuroki: The lover who like to gets all the ladies They say his an expert of “personal relationship”. I wonder what does that means. His in sixth-grade and he has already troubles to contain his hormones, I wonder how he will turns at the age of fifteen ᶘ ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ

Kozuka: the cheerful and friendly one which places him automatically under the friend-zone curse.

What will be interesting is to see how their personal abilities will complete each other’s, well obviously this will be  a “team work” show where one protagonist can’t find the answer all by himself but has to trust his friends in order to succeed. A bit “déja- vu” but this recipe still works. I’m just hoping all of these aspects will be well developed but it might be difficult considering that each episode will only last 9 minutes.

As I said earlier, don’t expect those kids to solve big mysteries. Well, you never know, but if you want a great anime where kids are solving murders and riddles go look at Tantei Gakuen Q ( Detective Shcool Q) you won’t regret it.

Oh… Now that I think of it, this show is another reverse harem. A reverse kid harem. GOD DAMMIT! This season I will be covering mostly shows with a large amount of boys( fufufu ). My subconscious might be trying to tell me something ᶘ ᵒ㉨ᵒᶅ

Possibility of watching : Yes

Possibility of blogging : It’s also a Yes for me.