Clowns always get the last laugh.

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…Wait, what the fuck? 

I can’t believe you just did that, Ishida. I think you’re brilliant, but sometimes you’re also one hell of a bastard. You were supposed to pick and choose between Matsumae, Hairu and Kijima! It was supposed to be a zero-sum game, where some of them surviving would have to come at the cost of the others dying! You weren’t supposed to kill them all! And not only that, Matsumae was killed by a fellow ghoul – or at least, I have a feeling Furuta is a ghoul of some sort. I know there’s that theory floating around the internet that Furuta is actually Souta, and thus one of the Clowns – because otherwise, there’s no way he would have known about the fact that Tsukiyama was MM from the now defunct Ghoul Restaurant. Furuta even has hair similar to Souta. Which would mean that this is the bastard who pushed the steel beams on poor Rize and started Kaneki’s life of suffering and torment. But at the same time, it’s really confusing – does this mean Furuta is a ghoul? I really doubt the ghouls at the Ghoul Restaurant would mistake a human for a ghoul, especially if they’re there to sample high-quality human food – which means Furuta or Souta must be a ghoul to have been able to blend into that crowd. At the same time, I know the CCG has those RC scanners used to prevent any ghouls from getting past their security, which Kaneki only survived an encounter with because he was a half-ghoul. I really don’t see how Furuta could have basically gotten a job there and risen all the way up to being on Kijima’s squad without exposing himself. I remember reading something about how he has a mole on his face, and thus it was foreshadowing that he would be the mole the CCG have been after for so long – fucking Ishida strikes again.

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Ah, shit. I can’t believe Matsumae died like that, to such a faggot. And she was so cool, too…

Matsumae ;_;

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I think it’s got to be Kanae who has reached the rooftop. I know I’m writing this at a time when the next chapter’s already out (it’s been up for a few hours I think, which is insanely fast) but I haven’t read it yet – I wanted to write down my thoughts as they were without any bias or extra info I would get from reading the next chapter. Apologies for the lateness, by the way – I really did want to get this out earlier than I have, given how much of a mindfuck the chapter was. Kanae having a showdown with Haise and his precious Master Shuu is basically guaranteed though, and if anyone gets to the rooftop and sees Haise at Tsukiyama’s mercy like that, it’s pretty obvious he’d act immediately to save his master. No idea how he’s managing to see though, if his eyes have been sewn shut. I do wish we’d gotten to see more of the fight between Haise and Tsukiyama, especially as Tsukiyama had the upper hand before the rest of the fight was omitted – I think the implication was that Haise ‘knew’ his fighting style due to his subconscious Kaneki’s help, and managed to overpower him despite not having any particular emotion fuelling his adrenaline like Tsukiyama did. I’d like to think he wouldn’t have killed him, even if his hand wasn’t prematurely cut off. Haise’s a good guy. I think.

Now, time to read Chapter 51!

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  1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    I just don’t even understand why she kept fighting…

    I swear when she stabbed Hairu she was about to run off to Shuu, until Hairu got cocky and had to be finished off. But I don’t understand why she stayed after Kijima went down, especially when the left over agents were clearly weaker and probably couldn’t keep up with her speed for a chase.

    Why Ishisda? WHY?!

    Even Mairo was telling her to go when he jumped into the beam to decapitate Hairu… I don’t get it. I just don’t get why Ishida made her stay… Unless she’ll survive this, get collected by Noro, reunite with Kanae and somehow manages to retain her sanity and bring his back, all before trying to reach Tsukiyama again


    Don’t let my dreams be dreams, Ishida

    1. Vantage


      I don’t understand, either. Maybe she thought they would be easily disposed of without much trouble – and from her point of view, it’s always a good thing to be able to kill a couple more doves in the long-run. I’m sorry to tell you that Matsumae really is dead, though. Ishida is regularly updating a chart of all the characters in this operation, and Matsumae, Hairu and Kijima all have their portraits crossed out with a big X. RIP based maid.


      1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

        At least… she didn’t die screaming? At least, I’m assuming the sound effect marks were for the chainsaw? And it’s possible that Furuta made her death quick with a decisive strike, in addition to her simply having a high pain tolerance? But why… WHY MUST I SETTLE FOR LESS?!

        slaps tape on mouth before ranting angrily any further

        1. Vantage

          I hope so too. I really hope she had a relatively painless death. But if I had to play devil’s advocate… chainsaws are pretty loud and painful, I’m not sure Furuta could even get to hear her screaming over the sound of the chainsaw. And it came down on her face, so she might not have gotten a chance to get a sound in edgeways. Sorry.

          At least we didn’t get a horrible gory few panels like we did with how Kijima died. The most noble way of dying by chainsaw is by dying off-screen.

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