Talk about a wasted opportunity. By no means am I saying the episode was bad, in fact it was great one, but I can’t help but feel a little bitter about how they could have done something even more extraordinary. I believe, and I know the fans too believe, that Go! Princess Precure Episode 41 Img 0011Yui is a very strong character. Even though she has no powers of her own, she steps up to the plate to protect others, and willingly put herself on the line in order to buy time and protect the targeted victims. On top of that, this will be the second or third time she actually managed to even resist and cling to her dream. It frustrates me to see her extraordinary ability to do this just by her own raw power, and not be rewarded or/and have the chance to set a very powerful example to the young audience, of her breaking free on her own. Not only it would have had such a strong impact, I feel like it would have set an even better role model because Yui’s character is supposed to be an ordinary human, just like us the audience. The kind of statement of her being able to break out with her own strength, would have embodied and convey a message to the targeted audience that if she can overcome it, they can do too. I don’t need Yui to become a precure, yes it would be fun, but her being able break free on her own would have been the best thing to ever happen. But they didn’t do it, they had the precures deal the final blow. And the thing is, with the given circumstances of this episode, they didn’t need to make the precures deliver the final strike, it has already been established Yui is strong. Being able to hear and open her eyes see the girls fighting for her, re-enforcing and evolving her dream even further should be considered a major part which the precure had a part in- and that itself would have been sufficient.

Go! Princess Precure Episode 41 Img 0002Yui’s struggle this week was forgetting to have fun. She was thinking too hard, she was putting an incredibly amount of pressure on herself by feeling the need to win the art contest, and as result she lost sight of what she wanted to draw and why she wanted to draw. It had gotten so bad, she even questioned why she was even at Noble Academy, feeling as if she was falling behind everyone else. Yui was experiencing one of those low moments we all go through. And again, this was an episode that spoke to me and I know will speak to many others as well. When you have all this pressure on you, not necessarily pressure from others, but stress formed by yourself because of the expectations you feel you need to meet, it’s because of being so focused on perfection, so focused on trying to make sure it’s the best of your ability, we forget what motivated us to begin with. Yui came to terms of this on her own after watching and talking to a child drawing. It made her reflect on the way she has been approaching things, and came to terms that she forgot to simply have fun with it. With that she was able to find her motivation and inspiration again to pursue her dream of sharing the story of the Princess Precures!

Overall this was a good episode and one to enjoy since Yui finally got a episode solely dedicated to her (one that was long overdue). It could have been so much more, but it certainly didn’t take away the important message.
Next week, it appears the character central episodes will continue with Kirara in the spotlight! As you know, it does concern me because the series is so close to the end now, and the villains aren’t quite showing up like they have in the past.


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  1. Marcos Pinheiro

    To me, Eva… Dragon’s caramba AGAIN! Another surprising, beautiful and awesome episode this turned into! 😀
    I expected and hoped to be a good filler, but it revealed to be a lot better than I’ve imagined like the episode 37, and is truly all centered to Yui! I’m so happy that this happened to her! She deserved! ^^
    I liked the whole story of this episode, the difficulties that Yui was encountering and the question of having fun and not perfection. I’m so glad that she realized thanks to one happy child. 🙂
    I was afraid that she would be the victim again, and for a THIRD TIME NO KIDDING! But amazingly, she tried to prevent the same result and grabbed her “dream keyhole” this time! That really amused me again and, of course, she surprised Stop and Freeze! She’s more than meets the eye! XD
    But when those doors closed her dream I was like “Oh no…” <:(
    But then, Oh My God! She faced and overcome the despair! And realized what she wants to draw! It's wonderful! ^^
    Hahahahahhaahhahahah, Yui sure never fail to amuse and amaze us! She’s not just a wonderful girl, but also brave and strong in the heart! And she got stronger that's for sure! I describe her as the "presence of bright hope".
    And I must write that her expression when she says “… naranai”, when she resists against Stop and Freeze, has given me the chills. I think it's the first time that she makes such fierce (I don't know if that's the word I was looking for) expressions and acts with pure strength like you mentioned, Eva. In other words, I never thought that she can be scary, but was great. 😀
    This episode is very good and I like your writing of it, Eva.
    And you, just like Yui, never fail to impress me of what you do in here. I'm loving this amazing series and your incredible and honest writings of each episode. Keep it up with your awesome work for the next coming episodes, Eva! 😀
    Love Yui's beautiful picture she made for the contest. And we all fans and her wonderful friends are proud of her. 🙂
    I like to say “Omedetōgozaimasu, Yui.” ^^
    Honestly, this is another episode to be listed as one of my favorites of the series.
    I wonder how it will be the next episode focusing on Kirara. And I am thinking about what the villains are planning now or if they have hidden ideas. Hum… I wonder.

    1. Eva

      Thank you very much, it makes me happy to have readers like you who enjoy my honesty and my discussions on how the subject relates to reality. I have always had appreciation for stories and characters which allows us to draw connections, allowing us be able to relate to the experiences, and how we as individuals, can learn from them regardless of the character being fictional or non-fictional.

      1. Marcos Pinheiro

        I sure do, Eva. ^^
        And as much as the “other readers” do. 🙂
        Oh yeah! Silly me that I forgot to put in my first comment that the scene when Yui’s dream is saved/opened is beautiful and kawaii. Ganbate, Yui! 😀

  2. Wanderer

    I would like to hope that the writers of this series know what they’re doing with Yui and will have her strength serve as the catalyst to win the final battle, or something similarly awesome. I’m not confident that that will happen, because the writting in Precure series tends to be inconsistent, but I’d like to hope.

  3. littleshogun

    I think it’s been quite a while to commenting here, so I will try to comment for episode 39-41.
    Royal Lovely Straight Comment
    For the title, don’t mind too much eva since I just borrowed kokoda’s title(Sorry I borrow your title again if you come here, okay?) when she(Yes, she) was reviewed episode 39-41 of DokiDoki PreCure back at Live Journal. And Royal Lovely Straight was finisher back at DokiDoki. Anyway, here goes. Note: It’s just my opinion here, okay eva?
    Episode 39
    [spoiler]Hmmm…. this episode is epic I must said. And poor Shut kicked twice by Scarlet, which in the past was your beloved Twilight-sama. Scarlet dragged Flora using Scarlet Illusion(not fireball, otherwise Close attack will go through) was very nice to see and managed to throw Close to the sky. Of course Kanata’s apology is important, but I think if Haruka didn’t managed to find the dream herself it will be pointless, because even if Kanata apologize several times it will not reaching Haruka, just as when Kirara called HaruHaru when Haruka was in despair. Condition Being a Princess or Princess no Jouken was very good song too. About lost dream, according to kokoda she was already lost it back in episode 38, and apparently the writer use this episode to convey what they want to said back in episode 38 in clearer form, so I think it was good that actually the writer thinking about how to explain Haruka’s despair.
    Cheesy? I think it is. But then again I might have much better tolerance to cheesiness than you, so it’s not bother me much I think. Speaking about cheesiness, did you ever watch Earl and Fairy? If not I think you better watch it to train your cheesiness tolerance lol, because there was many cheesy line that surely will make your laugh. For example the line like “Your eyes will surely unravel the mystery of the world” or something like that. Sorry. By the way about Forest of Despair it didn’t disappoint me much, only looks like Close quite impatient to execute it earlier because the timing should be around episode 45 imo. One more thing, but may I join Haruka x Kanata shipping? I like canon shipping if possible.[/spoiler]
    Episode 40
    [spoiler]We had much information about Hope Kingdom. The highlight for beginning episode was of course Towa act very cute in front of her brother and let her brother see how hardworking she was in Haruka’s world. Then they go to Hope kingdom and separated because of Kuroro. The most informative flashback would be how very cute Kuroro(with his 2 friends which kokoda suspect it was Close and Shut) saw 2 of his friends got locked in cages and he suddenly saw Lock ready to possess him after asking to borrow Kuroro’s body(What a polite villain). To saw 3 friends running to the rainbow with gloomy soundtrack and suddenly the situation is getting worse it’s quite unsettling if I said to myself. Oh of course 2 other flashbacks is quite nice to see. The first one was Towa confused and her family remind her to be herself and don’t forget to smile to encourage citizen. The second one is how Hope kingdom tried to overcome Towa’s disappearance (We knew that Dyspear educated her how to spread the despair around the world as Twilight), but of course in the end they failed, otherwise the series couldn’t start. Looks like Dyspear gather the despair from the ruler since Towa’s disappearance and since the ruler worried, of course the people would also be worried, since looks like Hope king was a nice and wise king.
    For violin scene, it was nice to see that finally Kanata and Towa have duet. And I think Dyspear objective just want to say hello to these sibling, not the most polite one though. For pacing, I think it’s normal pacing in PreCure series actually. The villain(and staff) probably prepare something big for the finale, which started around end of December. Actually, HaCha PreCure is special one, if only because that PreCure need to deal with 2 villain(Mirage and Red) instead of one. And I think for now it’s subtle way of Toei said that we would not have another villain. Although the origin of Dyspear still a mystery though, but I’m fine if Toei didn’t reveal her origin(Although of course it’s better if they reveal it). Let’s see for now. One more thing, I think this is the first time a lackey possessed a fairy for the body. Because back in previous PreCure series, only DokiDoki main villain one that caught by possession. Another reason is that almost all lackey which turn good in previous PreCure turn out to be possessed. Of course I must praise Kaida Yuki for Lock’s voice again and frightening Kuroro’s voice(By the way I like to repeat the scene that Kuroro’s possessed, not because I’m sadistic, but because it reveal the answer that to me quite satisfying).
    Almost forget, what I remember was when I woke up at Monday morning in my time zone searching PreCure Live Journal and saw there was information of this episode already translated and your review already up, I was though “So fast”(Usually it around Tuesday afternoon for PreCure sub).[/spoiler]
    Episode 41
    I think I could see the problem if Yui managed to break the cage. I mean it also make PreCure like useless, although it will be very epic moment for Yui’s fan though(Of course she had many fans. I kind of like her though). But for now that’s enough, although I kind of wonder what role she will playing in final battle though(Or maybe not will happen). Although Yui’s moment quite nice to see, it was more interesting to see if Mochizuki and all of the Noble Academy students will knowing the truth behind legend of Princess PreCure, since looks like there are much more spectator inside of Noble Academy when PreCure fighting zetsuborg. For now, Yui’s already almost have same appearance as Seiji in term of voiced line(35 episodes vs 36 episodes), and I think she already beat Seiji in term of appearance. For this kind of character, I think Toei should do that more in future, because back in DokiDoki normal people who knew PreCure identity was old butler, while I prefer the people who had same age as cure.
    Oh yes, I think for now the villain would like to lay low, although if I’m Dyspear I would like to let PreCure recover the castle and waiting until final castle, and when the Cure about to recover final castle then Dyspear ambushed Cures and fighting them very seriously. But it may not happened though. For a little spoiler, I[spoiler] think episode 42 and 43 will be about Kirara and episode 44 and 45(I think) will about Minami. Each of them will probably rethinking about their dream, and for Kirara I think it’s finally the time that she choose between PreCure and model(Of course according to kragito she will choose PreCure, but looks like there’s more than that according to episode 43).[/spoiler] Either way I think once again it’s normal pacing for PreCure to have character central episodes before final battle, so just wait patiently okay? I’m fine with this pacing, but I think the lesson from these episode should not diminished by pacing, I think. Sorry if you didn’t agree with me.
    Finally done with triple comment, and that’s all from me for now.

    1. littleshogun

      Sorry a little mistake. I mean that almost all lackey which turn good in previous PreCure turn out to be brainwashed, not possessed. My bad.

    2. Eva

      In the future, please post the comments you wish to share on the specific post. I added the spoiler tags to your thoughts on Ep 39 & 40 reduce the length of the comment since it does not involve this week’s episode.
      The spoiler tag after that is because of potential spoilers.
      I actually have watched Hakushaku to Yousei (Earl & Fairy), it’s actually one of my favorites. I also have the manga (ENDED TOO SOON THOUGH, only covers one extra arc after the anime TT___TT) and have the light novels on my wish list to be licensed but it’s 33 volumes sooooooo. I have read a bit of the fan-translations, so if it ever gets licensed, they will have my money.

      It actually wouldn’t make the Precure useless, because they have many others to save, and we know they would most certainly be delighted and proud of Yui had she managed to pull it off.
      Yui definitely has more screentime in comparison to Seiji. Their roles are similar, but Seiji’s involvement in group activities would vary from time to time.

      1. littleshogun

        Sorry. Guess I’m a little fired up there. Next time I’ll do as you suggest there.
        Earl and Fairy, didn’t know you watched that too. I just knew from kokoda’s post and she said that there was many sweet line that will make boys sick or something like that. Well, from what I knew it’s love story between Lydia as fairy doctor and the noble name Edgar. About the seiyuu, Lydia was Fate in Nanoha franchise and Tsubasa in Symphogear, while Edgar was Kyousuke in Little Busters and Lancer in Fate/Zero. I watched it a little while ago and indeed, Edgar voice remind me of Little Buster’s Kyousuke voice. I think it’s get quite good reception in MAL.
        Oh, sorry for OOT. Okay, back to topic. Actually what I want to said is that for now Yui’s ability for now will make PreCure useless, considering that for now they will need to deal with only one zetsuborg. But of course there will be situation that Yui’s ability and PreCure ability will be very useful for both of them(Hopefully, but I think it would be too awesome to come true). Of course PreCure should be proud that their friend managed to break the zetsuborg by themselves, and I’m kinda curious what happened if the people inside cage managed to break it though for the zetsuborg. I think we’ll see in these 2 months.
        That’s all from me.

  4. Kamil

    Watched episode subbed, and its actually pretty funny, few months ago i had lessons about logic, where we disagreed about opinion, that when you write a poem or paint, your emotions are not important, or shouldn’t be important. Most of us thought, that emtions do matter when you create something.
    Very cute episode, make me really root for Yui, and felt sorry for her, when she couldn’t find inspiration, being turned into Zetsuborg three Times in a row make her really experienced, and i wouldn’t be surprised, if she end up breaking free on her own.

    1. Eva

      That’s a really interesting subject, it must have been a fun to discuss! 😀

  5. Keiko

    WOW FANTASTIC BABY! That was my personal thought for this episode regarding Yui-Yui and I intend to agree on Kragito-kun that it doesn’t matter she’ll remain a faithful helper to the Princess Cures, but the willpower possessed within her is enough to battle the despair and never ever let her own dream and the dreams of the peeps go with that. Though almost manage to break the despair cage, at least Yui-Yui has got a try to do so and yet this was her third Zetsuborg possession (You see that, my bro Seiji?! I think you might be envied about your dear successor’s hidden ability and it looks like your record-breaking stuff will be soon overshadowed! :p). But it’s also the first time that a Cure helper is having a internal fight against the darkness with her willpower, in which for a quite longtime fandom supporter like me got a first taste. And oh yeah, kudos to the lovely Haruka Yoshimura for giving us her amazing voice and bringing Yui-Yui into existence!
    The first part was full inspiration when Yui-Yui has drawn the Fire Palace and its majestic beacon rainbow back in the Dys Dark-controlled Hope Kingdom, but turns into a big challenge when Minamin brought a poster of the art contest with the theme of “Everyone’s Smiles.” Surely that our brave artsy Cure helper wants to compete and win that contest. Whenever I see Yui-Yui comes up for ideas, then I began to learn that she really reminds me of myself (although I’m into the journalistic field) who is very stressful and thinking too much about the right one for a certain theme. And the cake made by Haru-Haru, it’s so sweet, plus the box with Ms. Shamour as the design! Mochizuki-sensei was there (phew, at last!) and got curious a little about our Cure helper. And even though Yui-Yui’s looking around the peeps in Noble (Yuuki-kun, Hirano-kun, etc), still never come up any ideas although I laughed about Kokoda’s review in PCLJ that Kanata should be her model for the art contest (dang it, look at dat bodeh!). XD Speaking of him, he can actually ported back to the Hope Kingdom with the Royal Key (and I STILL love his prince outfit!).
    Boy, oh boy! Looks like Stop and Freeze wanna have give some more despair, eh? But one of the best things in the episode is when these two twin generals are about to attack some random kids at the garden, then it’s time for Yui-Yui to step in because of course she’s the helper of the Princess Cures, so her job is also to protect everybody’s dreams from Dys Dark, by taking up the hit for the kids. I was so grinned about Yui-Yui trying to keep that keyhole before it took for a closure. I think this was the toughest moment for Yui-Yui so far in the season. The part when she was almost losing hope while trapped in the dark, I was totally like “Dang it! Don’t give up, Yui-Yui! You can do it!!!” And all of the sudden, Yui-Yui was called by her Cure partners, stood up and attempted to break the cage using her willpower. But like I mentioned that the Cure helper herself has an internal fight against the despair and darkness within, in which the five past Cure helpers from Earth didn’t have (I’m still looking at you, Seiji and even Kaoruko-obachan aka Cure Flower!).
    I love what Yui-Yui has said, “What I want to draw… Only I can draw it!” Meaning, she wants to make something that only her can do and that is about the story about the Princess Cures and their heroics with the power of dreams. And I was so happy for Yui-Yui that she managed to resist the darkness with her own will and of course, Flora and her team… Her Cure partners, became her strength in times of distress in which, like I mentioned in this comment: this has never been done with Miyuki Chinen, Kaoru-kun, Flower, Sebastian or Seiji before, only Yui-Yui has this and that my gosh! Anyways, after saving for the third time seems that Mermaid cited Yui-Yui for having that internal fight and Twinkle was wowed at her too. And so do I being a huge fan of the youngest Pretty Cure helper from Earth in this amazing mahou shoujo anime franchise in which I can proud of.
    Wow, the obra maestra at the episode’s end! Such a beautiful painting and very colorful… the Rainbow of Dreams, emphasizes about the fighting for everyone’s dreams no matter what. I must say “omedeto gozaimasu” to Yui-Yui and again, praised to Yoshimura for her cute voice (both the actual and the singing) plus those two anime directors from my home country the Philippines, Francis Caneda and Alice Nario, for making this episode into another breath-taking and mind-blowing one in GPPC! *sighs* My gosh, it looks like Yui-Yui will now break Seiji’s record of 36 episodes in a Cure season because judging from the episode 42 preview, she’s STILL there and kicking, making a tie between the two Cure helpers for now! And from episode 43 to the finale, welp, Yui-Yui will have been with 40 or more episodes! Dammit, I’m started to miss her so much! :/ But I think if Mahou Girls would have a Cure helper from Earth, maybe he/she would exceed Seiji’s and Yui-Yui’s record of episode appearances if ever.
    Something tells me that Yui-Yui and Dyspear have in common, which made me shock. And something also tells me that these two had possible connections (only time will tell if these stuff are wrong) because for me, Yui-Yui’s existence was just a mystery and so as Dyspear. I’d be surprised if the witch would have a “Luke, I’m your father” moment. Meanwhile for Mochizuki-sensei and Shirogane-san, something tells me that they’d have a lot questions to Haru-Haru and co about the so-called “rumored Princess” within the finale arc (oh crap, it’s like Fresh and Doki Doki all over again! 😮 ). Of course, they’d affect their final all-out war vs Dys Dark as well as Yui-Yui’s Cure helper duty.

    1. Kamil

      In episode about dresses, Yui said that mom prepared dress for her, so Dyspearcould only be aunt/grandma 🙂 It would be pretty funny to hear “Yui, im your aunt/grandma” from Dyspear 🙂

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