I had an internal debate with myself if I should call this episode ‘Stardust Revolution’ or ‘Sucks to suck’ because the rest of the school got OWNED by Team Ootori in this episode. Sure, they stumble a lot in this episode or really Hoshitani stumbles a lot in this episode.
In the end though, they show up everyone that had been doubting them in their own very special way and there is nothing that can be done about it because they didn’t break a single rule.


A quick re-cap of Hoshitani’s ‘stumbles’ during the episode include waiting so long to get the costumes that they got left with dirty, half beaten up costumes that were really a shame to wear. When Nayuki first speaks up about fixing them, I thought he was going to sew them himself and my response was ‘Nayuki’s gay powers activate.’ instead it was that Nayuki had sisters who were masters of sewing. Ah, those are the twin girls from the ending. Oh good, they’re a main characters siblings.
I thought they would be here to provide some kind of love interest to try to tell us that these boys weren’t actually gay as hell. [I HATE it when shows do that.]


His second stumble is literally tripping on stage, thank goodness that he has a reliable team to back him up and catch him. They actually managed to make it look like part of the act and pass it over. I don’t think anyone really noticed by that point anyway because of the different arrangement and costumes that they chose.
Completely changing up the schools ‘Ayanagi showtime’ performance. Though, they did do the steps to it and tell the story. They broke no rules in changing up the arrangement and making it their own.

As Ootori points out by the school’s handbook. They did nothing wrong, so no matter how much anyone might not like it. Well, it does suck to suck after all! That being said, do they pass? Well of course! We wouldn’t have much more of an anime if they didn’t.
They weren’t even directly in 10th place on the list like I was expecting them to be. They were the 8th team to be accepted.


Though I have to say the part of the episode that had the most intrigue for me personally was not the changed up Ayanagi showtime or anything really having to do with the team. It was the end scene of the episode with Ootori and Hiragi.

They discuss their part together, as members of Team Tsukigami [so they were both on Kaito’s older brothers team. Interesting.] but something happened where Ootori left the team. He’s pursuing a dream in which there is more creative freedom.
They have the same blood, but they are not similar people at all….WAIT A SECOND. THEY’RE BROTHERS? HOLD THE MOTHER F-ING PHONE. THEY DON’T EVEN LIKE, LOOK ALIKE OR ANYTHING. Kaito and his brother? Look alike. Nayuki and his sisters? Well, not really but whatever. They’re younger then him and girls and twins so I’ll forgive it….but…


WHAT? Hiragi and Ootori? Nope! Don’t believe it…well I guess I really have no choice in the matter. Huh, that does explain a lot about their relationship.

So with their first hurdle out of the way and the team closer then ever. We shall jut have to see where thing go from here. I would like to take some guesses at the content of next episode but I got distracted by the twins questioning Ootori on why their brother was not the center of the Ayanagi showtime.
I do know that it will have the boys going to a bath…FANSERVICE! ~