One Punch Man Episode 8: The Deep Sea King

Correct me if I’m wrong, to the manga readers, the prison escape was a special side chapter, right? Because then I’d understand why they’d leave it out but man I really wish they didn’t because it was great and that was how we really got introduced to Pri-Pri Prisoner. I love this guy.

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Basically for those who haven’t read the manga, from what I remember the prison chapter I’m talking about is where Sonic gets sent to a prison and gets into a fight with everyone in the cell, and that’s where Pri-Pri Prisoner is too and he’s the boss of everyone. And in the end they just escape prison and then they appear here in the start of the Deep Sea King arc. I would have liked to have seen more with Prisoner, but oh well. There are only four more episodes left, I know they couldn’t add that scene in even though that would have been nice. I understand, just a tiny bit disappointed.

[HorribleSubs] One-Punch Man - 08 [1080p].mkv0025And I don’t know if I’m remembering this wrong, but I felt this episode to be rushed. I know Sea King pops out of the ocean and immediately causes havoc, but all of this stuff happening so fast…well I haven’t read this part of the manga in awhile, I really only remember the big fight. But here Spiker, a Class A hero fights off some of the Sea Folk but immediately gets defeated by Sea King. The threat level went from Tiger to Demon, so fellow C-class heroes tell Licenseless Rider to back off as he won’t be a match for him, but he sets off anyway. Ahhh a fantastic scene with Rider will be next episode and if Madhouse handles it right I’m going to be crying my eyes out.

People are being evacuated, and Genos and Saitama rush to J-City to help everyone out as they saw Spiker get defeated. Other heroes nearby come to fight but they end up getting defeated as well. That’s when Pri-Pri Prisoner and Sonic appear, and at first Sonic is about to leave but stays to watch a match between a Demon-level threat with an S-Class hero. At first Prisoner isn’t doing a thing to Sea King, but after beefing up, he accidentally rips the heart sweater he was wearing that his boyfriend made for him and so he gets extremely angry and goes into Angel Mode and…with a magical girl transformation and angel wings, he’s naked. But he’s a lot stronger now, and at first he was able to do some damage to King but not enough, and unfortunately he was easily defeated. But don’t worry, we’ll be seeing Prisoner again, and his Angel Mode, don’t you worry.

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ngl Sonic is really hot
Sonic then challenges King. Y’know, if Sonic had never taken hit jobs and instead became a hero he would easily be an S-class hero, right up there with Genos. He’s powerful and extremely fast, doing more damage to Sea King than Prisoner did. But then when it started to rain, and he underestimated him. When rising above sea level, Sea King’s size shrank. But with all this rain and moisture, he’s regaining his real form. He gets bigger, stronger, and faster. And Sonic knows he can’t win, so he retreats. He managed to not get himself killed and slipped out of his clothes, ironically being naked after giving Prisoner shit for being naked. He passed by Genos quickly and told him to back away (not without being called a pervert). Then Genos reads the area and heads to the evacuation center, where all the people of the city are.

During all this time, Saitama is separated from Genos and meets with Licenseless Rider, trying to find the monsters. But then Saitama leaves him to check out what’s with a guy he saw pass him butt-naked (Sonic) and Rider heads to the evacuation center.

We end the episode with some of the heroes from the evacuation center buying time for heroes to arrive, challenging the Sea King but being beaten quickly. Genos arrives in time before the Sea King kills anyone, and Saitama looks ready to fight after answering Rider’s phone.

Great episode with a cliffhanger, though I felt it was a little rushed. But of course the manga was probably like this and I just don’t remember it well. Things are jut getting good now and they’re just going to get even better next episode, with great scenes and an awesome fight! Wonderful animation as usual. With so few episodes left, I wonder how they’re going to handle the Boros fight that all the fans have been waiting for. AAAH THIS IS ALL JUST SO EXCITING.


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5 thoughts on “One Punch Man Episode 8: The Deep Sea King

  1. Is it me or Spiker’s Bamboo Shoot looked a lot different before and after the intro? (or rather, before and after he got beaten up)

    1. It was indeed different. However, the same thing happened in the manga version, so it’s not a mistake on the animation team. What I can assume is he had to ‘upgrade’ his weapon off-screen because these sea monsters were too strong for his current brown-bamboo-shoot weapon.

  2. This is definitely my favourite episode so far. I’ve not read the manga, but as I expected from the way events were playing out, a story about heroes is definitely at its best when directly protecting people from a threat is the issue at hand! Of course that means I also enjoyed the whole meteor incident, but this is simply on a whole other level!

    I’m wondering if Saitama actually thinks that the S-class hero who was defeated is Genos. That would really give a whole new level of soul to the determined look he donned at the end of the episode!

  3. I don’t remember a lot of Spiker from the manga, but upon watching this adaption he has become one of my favorite characters, easy. He’s practially a Lancer from Fate! (And you know what they say… Being a Lancer is suffering XD)
    I’d admittedly forgotten a bunch of the scenes from the Deep Sea King arc, so this is pretty satisfying to watch. Looking forward to Genos vs Deep Sea King… and Mumen Rider’s stand;

  4. Manga reader here, and yes, the prison chapter is indeed a side chapter (maybe this is the reason the episode felt rushed to us?). And like you, I’m also a bit disappointed when they didn’t include that prison chapter, but got calmed by the same reason as yours (ugh, this ‘quality over quantity’ thing seriously starts to kill me. Darn it, Madhouse, dangling pretty animation in front of us and expecting us not to wanting more are just… sigh…).

    My favorite part of this episode: Licenseless Rider stopped his bike at a red light. Seriously, the way they build him up in this episode, with those anime-only scenes… I have a feeling when this arc ends, I’ll respect him even more than I did him in the manga.

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