So yes, after the atrocity that is last week, i’m back with another episode of Osomatsu-san. And thank god, I can say that this episode was not nearly as terrible as the last one. I’m not saying it was FANTASTIC, but hey, I made it through this episode relatively unscathed. So I guess we take our victories where we can get them right?

So the episode starts out with the six brothers being really bored and have nothing to do. It’s then that they get a birthday invitation from an old acquaintance of theirs named Hatabou. They wonder for a bit what he’s up to and then arrive at the address only to find that the guy is a ridiculously loaded billionaire.


They’re a little concerned though when his assistants blow themselves up with rocket launchers when they make a mistake. Of course…I would be too.

When they finally meet up with him though they ask how he got so much money. It’s at that moment that Obama shows up on the TV screen and asks Hatabou for advice and he tells Obama “American Hot Dogs” to which Obama responds with thinking it’s the greatest idea ever.

Huh...when did Obama grow a mustache? And yes. they have him speak in Engrish.
Huh…when did Obama grow a mustache? And yes. they have him speak in Engrish.

They all then go to his party which includes pole dancers, Hatabou riding on a horse, and even more pole dancers. After the party is over, one of the brothers asks if they could have some money, to which Hatabou responds with “of course” and offers to give them however much they want.

Then something happened I wasn’t expecting. One of the brothers actually stopped them and said that this wasn’t right and they shouldn’t just be given free money.

wow. A serious moral moment? I'm impressed
wow. A serious moral moment? I’m impressed

The brothers fight, but the one brother finally comes up with the idea that they could have jobs and work for him. That way they could have money but also keep their dignity.

So the episode ends with them getting large flags shoved up their butts as they take their new job. And no, I don’t want to scroll through the episode to find that image again.

The second story in the episode isn’t as good, but it has its moments even though you know what’s going to happen in the end.

It starts of with Iyami (the bucktooth guy who goes “SHEEEHH!!”) at a horse race. His first horse is going to win, but it exceeds space and time and goes through time.

Damn horses always time traveling
Damn horses always time traveling

The second one just flat out explodes, and the third one turns out to be a centaur.

Where the fuck were YOU in Monster Musume?
Where the fuck were YOU in Monster Musume?

Iyami tries to find ways to make money including trying to be the mascot of the town, but fails until the point that he has no place to live, no money, and is hungry. While trying to bite into an egg that turns out be to a rock, his tooth chips and it’s discovered that his tooth is made of a rare metal that has miraculous properties.

here's where suspension of disbelief really kicks in
here’s where suspension of disbelief really kicks in

Iyami then proceeds to whore out his teeth and make a crap ton of money off of them until he’s only left with one tooth. The president of France says he’ll grant him permanent residence if he can give him some of his teeth. However, his last tooth gets knocked out and dropped into lava (like i said, suspend disbelief) so he has nothing and is sent back from France.

One of the brothers shows up and Iyami’s still a dick so the brother punches him, causing his teeth to grow back.

Dude. if teeth worked like that, hit ME in the damn head
Dude. if teeth worked like that, hit ME in the damn head

Learning this is a thing, they decide to keep doing it to be able to sell a ridiculous amount of the rare alloy.

And that’s where the episode ends.

Part one of this episode was actually pretty decent. It had some funny moments and I liked the fact that one of the brothers actually stood up and had some pride, which is nice as it defines the characters and separates them from each other show that they’re not all the same person.

Of course, not having seen the earlier series, I have to just assume what Hatabou’s schtick is as I have no form of nostalgia to take from with this show. Still, it was weird as this series tends to be on a whole, but it was a fun episode with a cool message at the end. Also, they FINALLY got a job. Thank god.

Still though...probably bad for the HR department if people keep blowing themselves up with rocket launchers.
Still though…probably bad for the HR department if people keep blowing themselves up with rocket launchers.

The second half was a little more annoying as I knew what was going to happen in terms of the arc of the story so it wasn’t really original or good, but…it wasn’t TOO mean spirited and he was a jerk so……I guess it balances out? It really didn’t end like I would have liked it too. I was fine with the direction the story went with about halfway through, but it wasn’t anything special.

The reason I’m having a hard time with this one is because I’m not angry at it, nor do I love it. It’s just….there. It’s a story i’ve seen a lot and i’m really not too too impressed. So…yeah.

Yeah...sorry. saw this before a million times
Yeah…sorry. saw this before a million times

1st story: 7/10
2nd Story: 5/10