Before I even start with the review, if you’re going to come in here and go “omg the engrish lol XD”, kindly get the fuck out of here right now. First off, calling it Engrish is racist and disrespectful, just because they have accents doesn’t mean you call it “engrish” and not English. Do you just go up to a foreigner, who’s trying really hard to speak English, and call them out on their accent? You don’t, do you? So don’t do the same here. Don’t be fucking rude. Now, if you want to comment on the acting, as this is a show, then you can. Because it’s acting, it’s not a person genuinely trying to speak with someone.

Unfortunately the acting wasn’t the best. The scene with Saikawa and Miki was extremely well-written and so great I loved it. I loved hearing Miki because we’re a ways into the show and we’ve never heard Miki talk until now, about Shiki. Though I did found it weird that they did speak in English as I would think that Miki would know Japanese, or maybe not? Did she live in America all her life? Well, this was the best English pronunciation I’ve heard in an anime, also for a long time. It was great, but I think the actors wanted to sound so close to perfect that they read their lines super slow and mechanic like robots. So while they got the pronunciation down, the acting was affected. But speaking in another language is one thing, while acting in another language is another thing. So I commend the team for their effort in this scene. Great job!

[HorribleSubs] Subete ga F ni Naru - 07 [1080p].mkv0039I don’t know what it is with the Magata family, but they’re a little…strange. I found Miki a little odd, near the end. Even though she’s only met Shiki a few times in her life it sounds like she at least respects her. She was rather calm in this scene, smiling and having a nice conversation with Saikawa, as Saikawa is taking the time to do his own investigation, asking people that have known the doctor long enough to know something like if anyone had ill-intentions towards her that would warrant her killing. Miki knows none of the sort, and then we learn Miki’s view on her own mysterious sister. That she was different, but we always knew that.When Saikawa tells her that her bag from the helicopter remains missing, we learn that the present she brought for Shiki was a doll. Hmm, more dolls. And this is where the conversation took a turn I loved. Saikawa goes on to say that he thought that Shiki might have seen dolls and the human body to be the same thing – empty husks. Because what was more important to her was the human mind. A memory of Shiki resurfaces to Miki as he says that, and she explains. Once when they were little girls, Miki fell off a swing and scraped her knee. She cried when blood came out, and then Shiki said this to her.

The human body is nothing but a simple container. That’s why, no matter how much your physical body may get my feelings for you will never change.

This idea comes up later, but after relaying this memory upon sensei she begins to cry and says things like human are foolish, why did things turn out this way, and oh how i want to leave this unjust world. But then she abruptly stops. Which…was weird. I thought this scene had the best dialogue, and I loved how Miki was able to see Saikawa for who he really is. She could see that he’s really hiding things within himself and that he’s actually a really emotional person. I wonder if we’ll see that emotional part of him.

While Saikawa is off investigating people and speaking with Miki, Moe is stuck playing with the programmer that was also questioned. I didn’t like her and thought she was weird so I didn’t even bother remembering her name. I only mention her because she brings Moe to these weird capsule things filled with water. Some sort of device that Shiki Magata herself invented. It’s a machine that shows the images in your mind. For what reason did she make this?

Well, Moe is pulled right in and at first everything is calm and…well, I wouldn’t say normal, but tame. It’s not normal because in her images, Moe sees Saikawa-sensei doing the moonwalk and running up buildings and laughing (which was really cute) with one of his usual shirts on but this shirt has Moe’s face on it. The images keep changing scenery and it’s pretty weird, and then Saikawa runs into a room to which Moe follows but when she enters the room it changes to the same room Moe was in when she interviewed Dr. Magata. A fuzzy picture of her appears on the walls, but who talks to her isn’t the doctor but Michiru. Again, she asks about Moe’s parents and we see flashbacks of Moe’s past.

[HorribleSubs] Subete ga F ni Naru - 07 [1080p].mkv0075As a young girl, she had black hair. She wore the purple dress she mentioned before. Her parents died in an explosion she was the one to identify them. She was left alone, she was depressed, but she actually wasn’t by herself. There really was someone next to her at that time. While crying and angrily hitting the police, a younger Saikawa-sensei comes up from behind her and grabs her arm to console her but she pushes him away and breaks his glasses, making him bleed and getting her dress stained with the blood. We then see Moe trying to wash the blood away, but no matter how many times she tried, the stain never left. And so she threw it away. After these flashbacks, Michiru says that in this world they were in, they could see the truth and the ones they want to talk to immediately right in front of them. That the original world was like this, and the world where Moe lives is too restrictive, where things are forgotten and lost. She asks Moe, would she like to join this place? Of course she declines and then wakes up from the pod.

And to end the episode, of course we see the remainder of the scene with the killing of Magata’s parents. We do see her cry and then laugh. We do see that the uncle seems to show some guilt and asks Shiki to kill him, but she says it’s okay. Because one day they’re just going to get killed too. NOW WHAT COULD THAT MEAN?

[HorribleSubs] Subete ga F ni Naru - 07 [1080p].mkv0071Well here’s another theory. Dr. Magata must have invented those pods for a good reason and I think we already found out. Michiru said the place Moe was in is a place where things you want to know are there. It’s not restrictive. It’s free. Magata always wanted her freedom, and she only cared about the human mind. She didn’t care about the human body, as Saikawa was able to pick up and so did Miki when Shiki said the quote above. Magata probably felt so restricted on Earth, that…here we go…she made her own world. A digital world, where she was able to somehow transfer her mind into. The fact that as a little girl she said that she would be killed someday probably means she already had this invention in the works since that time. In the messages she and her personalities left behind on her computer, it sounded like they knew there were going to die. After finding out how to transfer her mind and personalities into the invention, did she kill herself? What about her limbs being cut off? And the wedding dress? So with this theory, Dr. Magata is dead in body but not in mind. She’s probably there, but Michiru did all the talking.

Talk about plot device, huh. Man what a great episode. I want to see the next one already! There certainly a lot of parallels between the doctor and Moe. Black hair, dead parents, throwing out something that was covered in blood. It all just has to mean something. I wonder how all of this is going to end.


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  1. combatworthywombat

    Every piece of entertainment is aimed at an audience – and obviously this is aimed at a majority japan-o-phone audience
    as such the english acting part did detract from the dialogue for me – it was just too dijointed and a little distracting from the really interesting conversation that they had.
    That being said, they evidently put in a LOT of work into pronouncing each word perfectly, sensei’s actor in particular really hit it on the head.
    However i think they are being a little repetative with the whole doll thing; from about episode 5 i think we understood magata’s philosophy. No ned to repeat it
    I have no qualms with adding bits of info and clues to an essentially who-dunnit show, but when you try to weave into that the character development and philosophy stuff either gets really good or it falls short – lets hope its the first
    anyone else find that molestor lady creepy?
    anyone else find the coding guy a bit creepy?
    anyone NOT find magata bat-shit-insane/creepy?
    anyone else fine everyone a bit creepy?
    oh well…
    can we have some non creepy stuff next episode – mah brain cant keep up
    *think good thoughts* – picnics! ice cream! small dogs!
    I hope next episode has less taboo-intimacy/bloody-knives/creepy-magata-eyes stuff
    ps – awesome review

    1. Berry

      With this kind of show I doubt it’s going to get any happy. D:

      Everyone in this show is creepy in their own way, or just weird. I hope we get less taboo stuff but we’re in too deep. This whole mystery started with this taboo relationship and it’ll continue that way until we actually see/find out how Magata and the uncle were killed. I like how they’re developing the characters, but I feel like it can be a little too slow at times but I’m so captivated with everything that I don’t mind too much.

      1. combatworthywombat

        That’s whats great about this series; slow but not too slow and fast enough to not be boring
        definitely one of the better mystery ones out there – and the creepiness only adds to the mystery
        most mystery stuff ive seen tend to be episodic or focus on arcs; like hyoka (ooooh hyoka… i loved that show)
        its great to see one that maintains a strong and progressive story line – it just gets more mysterious each time
        (also i guess magata didn’t do ALL the murders – how could she have gotten the guy in the helicopter)

        1. Berry

          Ah yes, The Perfect Insider’s rival for mystery this season is Sakurako-san and that just so happens to be episodic. I don’t mind episodic mysteries, but the thing is that it can hurt itself. Because while some cases might be good, some might be boring. And with Sakurako-san I’ve felt both about it. That’s why I like this show more because it’s taking its time fleshing out this one mystery with all the characters involved. Also, it’s more serious.

          Nah Magata didn’t do all the murders. My theory is that she killed herself, but I have no idea about the director/her uncle. But really the deaths are still mysterious and I need more answers.

  2. combatworthywombat

    Hark gentlefolk! – is that the distinctive call of a mystery anime i have yet to watch?!
    thanks – i completley forgot about Sakurako-san, it slipped through my radar
    although its far enough aired that ill probably wait for the rest of the episodes to come out before watching it

    completley agree on the serious note – this anime has so little comedy and focuses so much on dialogue that im almost forgetting that im watching an animated series. Almost unique in that respect

    Another point to note is that the only reasonable motive for killing the director would be to hide the doctor’s death
    im trying to think of a person who would do that and i cant; i can only think that it wasn’t Magata, she had no need to hide the death (esspecially considering she came out of the room looking like some twisted wedding cake)
    maybe moe? – oh god the plot twist…

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