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Hands off Kuroki ! Can’t you see she’s in love with Wakatake ?

So, we were left last week, with the creation of the Detective KZ club by our favorite bunch of genius kids. I was really excited to see what mysteries they will solve but reality hit me like a bitch. The club went on an hiatus right after his creation. OH… Okay.. That’s strange, you know, for a “detective ” anime. Anyway, let’s hear Aya’s explanation. She had to study for the middle school entrance exams and right after that they all went to different schools.  Wait ? What ? Can’t you stay a little longer in primary school ? With your first friends ever ? Eh ! Not cool anime, splitting up the club right after his creation, NOT COOL ! ʕ; •`ᴥ•´ʔ

So Aya went to a third rate private middle school, Usugi, Kozuka and Kuroki and  to a elite private school. Wakatake was the only one going to a Public school. I’d say it’s the Karma Wakatake. You’ve been punished for being a egocentric ass during the previous episodes. You can only blame yourself on this one.

Since the beginning of her middle school life, she hasn’t  talked to them, and gives us the shittiest excuse ever : “I don’t have any mobile phone and I’m awkward on the phone”. If you really want to see them so bad, you ring them. You’ve talked to Wakatake on the phone before and you didn’t die, so JUST DO IT !

Anyway, Aya’s middle school life sucks, she doesn’t have any friends because she can’t relate to them. Apparently all the girls in her class are superficial bitches. Who like to talk about shampoo and beauty stuff. Those who give a fuck raise your hand please… At their age I was too busy trying to steal Pokemon and YUGI-OH cards from my too naive classmates to be the best badass pokemon trainer and YUGI-OH master of the playground EVER. Aaaahn I miss those days ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

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In an otome game I will definitely go after this guy. Just sayin’

Aya’s desk neighbor is Sunahara Kakeru, definitely the bad boy of the class but also, according to Aya’s mom, a delinquent who got arrested (even if his only 12 or something like that… Too much Pokemon card stealing I guess. I can teach how to be subtle and to pin everything on somebody else I you want).

But overall WOW… I’m impressed …Nice move Aya’s mom… Spreading rumors on kids like that… that’s what I called a grown-up women attitude.

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OH WELL OH WELL seems like somebody has a crush on the bad boy. A bit “déjà vu ” if you ask me

Bref…On the next day. Aya tries to announce something to the class because she’s the room leader. But the new bunch of young twats won’t listen. So Kakeru, the bad boy, had to raise his voice and act like a Tsundere otome game character to make everybody shut up. Fun fact, the popular barbie girl (Sorry I can’t remember her name) seems affected ᶘ ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ

After school, Aya gets to see Usuegi and Kuroki because they are still members of the Soccer team KZ and they practice on her school field. They are even more popular than before. Hummm… I thought the Soccer Team KZ was a elementary school thing. Guess I was wrong since they still are in the team KZ while being in middle school and they’re definitely not playing with elementary kids.

So Kuroki and Usugi tell Aya that Wakatake wants the Detective team to meet up the next day at his place. Aya is all excited about meeting her boyz again but the popular girl seems to be jealous and tries to scare Aya. It’s not because the Green Tsundere boy doesn’t care about you and your new shampoo that you have to be an ass to everybody.

But Aya goes all “YOLO I don’t care, I’m going to see my personal Harem and we’re going to solve mysteries Youhou.” So she goes to Wakatake ‘s house the next day. The house looked like a kind of upper-class house, huge and expansive. So Wakatake might actually be a rich spoiled brat. That could explain a lot of things … ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ

But the little brat is apparently sick. He’s in bed because was dumped by a girl according to Kozuha. LOL Karma  I said before, Karma I’m saying again. But actually, I bet it’s a misunderstanding. No way that Wakatake actually had a girlfriend.

This episode was a bit unexpected but overall really nice. The story and the characters where developed faster than I thought but it’s interesting. I like Kakeru,the green tsundere guy and new addition to Aya’s Harem. Even if he’s a basic Tsundere character he’s actually nicer than Wakatake because he’s not an egocentric, self concerned twat. So I’m in Kakeru’s Team for this one. Sorry, Wakatake ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

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  1. Ayal92

    Despite of how short the episodes are I’m enjoying this anime. It’s ok for when you want a simple and fun story and the characters are cute and relatable. I would like to know if they going to different schools it’s going to be plot relevant in the future, the author could have limited the detective stuff to the cram school or put them in different classes in the same school.

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