World Trigger Episode 52 [Take Me Shopping! Wait…What?]

You know what I said to myself when I first sat down to watch this episode of World Trigger? I said to myself, “I really hope that this episode would feature Lillith being whiny about not being able to shop”. Well thank god my prayers were answers. Because that’s what this episode is about. And no. I’m not joking.

The episode starts up with exactly that. Lillith being upset because she wants to go shopping. But the group tells her the obvious issue that, um no, you can’t go because we’re protecting you from being kidnapped/killed by evil guys from a different dimension and if you go into these shops you will be exposed as well as endangering innocent people. But of course she’s still upset over that because she’s an asshole and so Wet Blanket takes it upon himself to try to make her happy. (rubs temples) jesus christ.

Dude. There's a limit
Dude. There’s a limit

So Wet Blanket decides to use the trion room to recreate a mall and blindfolds her leading her in so she doesn’t realize. She tries on clothes and jewelry, but eventually the strain on the machine becomes too much and it fails so she discovers it was all an illusion.

Oh no...the humanity...
Oh no…the humanity…

Now, instead of just being incredibly moved by the fact that someone would do this for her, DESPITE HER PARTNER STRAPPING A BOMB TO THEIR FRIEND’S NECK, she internally mopes about not being able to have fun. (Really…I just….what?)
So in ANOTHER attempt to make her feel better, (Seriously dude?) he decides to take her to a pretty spot they could reach and wouldn’t be unsafe. However, as they head there, it turns out that it really WAS unsafe and the villain attacks (fan-fuckingtastic) With the help of bitch girl and midorikawa (is that his name? Maybe?) they beat the trion soldiers and take her to the pretty spot. and that seemingly satiates her. The end.

Tee Hee! This was totally worth everybody almost dying!
Tee Hee! This was totally worth everybody almost dying!

I just….this episode. I mean…There’s filler, And then there’s filler INSIDE of the filler. This episode is literally Fillerception. There was absolutely NO POINT to this episode. Lillith is sad because she can’t shop? Who the fuck cares? Why is it such a big deal? It isn’t like Lillith forced Xeon to take the bomb off of Chika. She’s a wishy washy annoying fuckwad who doesn’t deserve ANYTHING.

It's so sad that i, the fugitive can't go shopping!...It's times like this I wish I had a screenshot of someone slapping her...
It’s so sad that i, the fugitive can’t go shopping!…It’s times like this I wish I had a screenshot of someone slapping her…

Speaking of Xeon, he’s still an asshole. Nothing has changed with him. He’s not interesting, he’s not fun. He’s just there to be a douche. Him and Bitch girl would get along just fine. They could sit and glare at eachother for hours. It would be magical.
I can’t believe they wasted an ENTIRE EPISODE on this girl wanting to go shopping. It just….i like blows my mind. You couldn’t make ANYTHING interesting happen? I kept waiting in vain that they’d drop this stupid “girl wants to go shopping” storyline and get back to the actual problem.

Remember the problem? This one here?
Remember the problem? This one here?

Look. It’s very very simple. You are being chased by people who want to harm or kidnap you. You shouldn’t be worrying about being bored and being upset you can’t go shopping. I just….this is fugitive 101. It’s not like you’ve been stuck in this place for a year. It’s been like…. 5 days. Chill your fucking face. And these people who are helping you, one of them is your hostage in which you act like they’re your friends but you WILL NOT convince Xeon to remove the bomb. That is something I cannot tolerate. That’s insane. I just…. I cannot like these two filler characters. They’re so boring, such trite characters concepts. There’s nothing good, fun, or original about them. “oh! tee hee! Xeon obviously has a crush on Lillith!” What’s that? A filler has a crush on the OTHER filler character? Well  character? Nope, can’t do that, because that would have any kind of effect on ANYTHING. I swear..I just…this is getting stupid. I hope next episode isn’t the wacky adventures of shopping princess and her asshole wannabe boyfriend. Jesus.
Episode 3/10

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