Now I know what you’re all thinking. I bet a bunch of you said to yourself, Man. I really think this filler arc is going too fast. How about we halt it to a dead stop and have an episode based on those members of Border that attacked Duckface back in like episode 10 as they have to stop other neighbors in a large mall.

Wait. What’s that? NONE of you wanted that? Oh…well too bad because they did it anyway.

So the episode starts out with Chika seeing Lillith and Xeno doing a weird…vampire thing and then in a flash, Lillith is gone.

Ah! it's 50 shades of filler!
Ah! it’s 50 shades of filler!

So. here’s my guess. I’m going to guess from the little I saw here that he’s so protective over Lillith because she is actually a new type of trion soldier and the bad guys want her because she’s like an AI or something. If that’s the twist I get a cookie.

Meanwhile, that’s enough from the main cast as we don’t see them again for the rest of the episode. And no, i’m not joking. I think this episode marks the first time that neither Duckface nor Wet Blanket gets a line. (no, the ending “World trigger facts thing” doesn’t count)

We cut to those guys from that episode way back when and they’re in a pair of high rise towers where there’s a mall. They’re supposed to be doing something but one of the guys is being lazy. However as they’re about to use the elevator to go down, it turns out that a bunch of spider trion soldiers have taken it over.

And because this is Baby's first shonen, even this guy, the janitor who discovers the awful secret, ends up being okay
And because this is Baby’s first shonen, even this guy, the janitor who discovers the awful secret, ends up being okay

A big spider variant shows up, and it seems it can heal itself, but they manage to cut it off from its source and defeat it. The other two leave sniper guy to help the people and the other two go to rescue the rest that were kidnapped by the spiders.

This has obviously attracted the attention of the rest of Border as the spider webs…aren’t exactly subtle.

Spider splooge EVERYWHERE
Spider splooge EVERYWHERE

The two eventually make their way to the other side, but as they get surrounded, one of them opts to stay there and fight, while angry mckillalltheneighbors goes to rescue the people.

When he gets there he comes across a giant neighbor which respawns as quickly as he can cut off one of the limbs. However, since Jin has his future thing, he realized what was going to happen and had the head honcho guy authorize them sending angry gay Fujin (aka the black trigger) and he’s able to easily defeat the neighbor.

he always seems to have that red scarf with fujin. Maybe he thinks it's a nice accessory?
he always seems to have that red scarf with fujin. Maybe he thinks it’s a nice accessory?

And with that, it uses final boss syndrome where all the minor ones evaporate and they saved everyone and the episode ends. hoorays!

Oh yeah. and blondie mcbadguy’s like “Good…good….we have more energy”


Wait! shit! wrong blonde bad guy collecting energy.


Ah. there we go. Totally different.

This episode…….was completely pointless. I mean…even though LAST episode was pointless, at least it featured the main cast. This one just kind of had…..the C grade people doing stuff. And it wasn’t even like……character developing stuff. I like it when minor characters get development but….there was no development. We learned that angry guy hates neighbors, we learned that snarky guy is still snarky, and that the bad guy is collecting energy.

There’s really no substance in this episode. It’s a lot of “oh no! what should we do?!” “Do this!” “Okay!” and the characters that are being presented in this episode aren’t even the most fun ones. WHERE’S MY KONAMI EPISODE?!

Seriously! Who the fuck are you two?!
Seriously! Who the fuck are you two?!

There are so many characters in this show it’s hard to keep track of everyone. I know i’ve said this in the past, but when you’re not even developing the characters you HAVE, maybe you should cut back a smidge.

This episode wasn’t OFFENSIVE but it also wasn’t really…..well…..anything. It was just kind of……there. I mean… was..okay if you weren’t expecting anything, or if you were marathoning this show, but if you’re like me and you’re waiting every week for this show to come out and THIS is your weekly dose of World Trigger? Weak entry.

Whatever. Bleh. 5/10

Seriously though DO SOMETHING SHOW