It’s a space bird! No, it’s the enemy! No wait it’s Barbados!

I suppose you could say this episode gave me a bit of a heartache. My heart was aching so much when Masahiro had recognized his brother’s voice and wanted a visual confirmation if the one he was fighting was in fact him. Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 11 Img 0010When the two of them realized they were looking at each other for the first time after being separated, it was such a tense moment because of the outsiders’ interference. I was growing worried of someone wiping Masahiro out because he had Takaki held hostage, and in critical condition at that because the cockpit he was in was crumpled, with him inside it. With Takaki’s life on the line (he’s fine by the way) and the pirates calling for a retreat, the encounter ended there. Both are now conflicted of what they can do.
But without a doubt, it is Masahiro who is being burdened by the most difficult situation. He couldn’t tell his comrades that he found his brother, and Barbados who had intervened killing one of their own comrades ended up actually saving his brother. He can’t tell them that, and I can’t imagine him wanting to because it puts him in a very awkward situation. He has to mourn for his friend, and breathe in relief that his brother was able to get out safely.

While the children grieve, Orga and Mika learn about Masahiro from Akihiro. Instantaneously, the two of them already made up their minds and decided they were going to rescue not only his brother, but if possible, probably the other kids who are being used as Human Debris as well. And I can’t say I am surprised because both Mika and Orga have very strong feelings about Human Debris and now having established their own family and humane environment, it permits them to take a step further to make a difference in someone else’ life if they desire to so. However with that one kid desperate for revenge, I’m not sure what is going to happen to be honest.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 11 Img 0012This mission they will undergo will be a rough one, but regardless of their side mission to rescue Masahiro and possibly some others, their main mission is to take out the Pirate organization the Brewers. Turbine were quick to notice that the Brewers were getting some rich support from a third party, none other than Gjallarhorn. The answer is obvious when the Brewers have demanded they hand over Kudelia. It appears Gjallarhorn may have been the ones to have supplied them the mobile suits simply because of how dense the armor is. There is an indication that one of the suits which the squad leader was in may be one with a Gundam Frame, where as the others are confirmed to have Rodi Frames. Mika was particularly careful this time round, experimenting what Barbados can now do since it has been finally tuned up by an experienced mechanic. It was a good and appropriate approach considering how Barbados was having a difficult time against the pirate he was up against.

Orga learned another lesson today: Find a doctor to recruit onto this ship ASAP.
Had Merribit not been there, Takaki would have died from his injuries. Frankly speaking, it’s a good thing he is learning all these things before they get caught up in the war against Gjallarhorn, because they need all the experience and knowledge they can get before they do.
Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 11 Img 0028On that note, Gjallarhorn is already preparing for a war. Fareed was the one who decided to hire or bribe the Brewers to do the dirty work in the space they cannot reach (or rather what he describes as: the sewers where the rats live). At the same time he is already planning to use Kudelia’s mission as the tipping point, which McMurdo had precisely warned Kudelia about earlier on. He will use Kudelia’s to begin their regime once more. But the scariest thing about Fareed at the moment, is that cold-blooded killer look in his eyes. In fact, we learned a bit more about his character and his relationship with others. He despises his father, and would prefer to never have to see him. I also don’t trust him around Almiria. He was forced into this marriage with this child, without a doubt initiated by his father, but I can hardly imagine him complying with it till the very end. He has this ominous energy around him- not to mention that dark look we saw in his reflection, so it makes me wary of how dangerous he is, and how he is going to brew the conflict to his advantage in order to shake up the regime.
Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 11 Img 0022But let us not forget that one character who has been lurking in the shadows, or rather, maybe it would be best to identify him as the quiet storm. I am talking about Ein of course. He is in fact a fellow Martian as well, but despite that, all because Crank had died (and regardless of Crank’s uttermost wish to not kill any child, be it child-soldier or not)  he wants to kill them all. Talk about messed up. What surprised me even more his how his hatred against Tekkadan is far greater than whatever hatred he may have towards the Earthlings who actually talk down to him and treat him like garbage. And because he is so set on his goal, he is willing to follow anyone who will help him make it happen.
Next week should be a lot more intense and potentiality a nail-biter. Looking forward to it!


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  1. TheVoid

    It was Todo who hired the pirates to do their dirty work. You know the guy with the HItler stache.

    1. Eva

      LOL, I thought he was a goner. xD He was the furthest from my mind.

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